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Saw the New Keurig Vue

Started 1333231491.25 in Kitchen & Food Talk | Last reply 1333283762.013 by MKR NY

I saw the new Keurig Vue brewer today at Bed Bath and Beyond for $249.00.

I opened the top where the K-Cups go and it seemed cheaply made and not as sturdy as what I have. Not for me.

I thought it was not as solid a machine as the Platinum Plus I received for Christmas from QVC. I love the Platimum Plus machine and it's quietness.

My opinion is not to buy this model and you can all make your own mind up on this. I just wanted to tell you I saw and touched it for you. The added features were not that exciting to me.

I also was looking at the Platinum Plus brewers regular K-Cups and they had an Island Coconut. Someone at this forum was looking for that. My daughter was so excited and bought two boxes as she has been on a wait list for 6 months for this.

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debc1333283227.5773632 PostsRegistered 10/27/2009

These guys said that was the only thing negative about it. Otherwise they got a glowing review. When my B70 craters I'll definately get one.


Cheese with that whine?

MKR NY1333283762.013631 PostsRegistered 4/28/2007

This model may have a great review and be great for others. I didn't like the feel of the main compartment versus what I have.

Hope you enjoy it if you buy it.

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