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Hi all you foodies,

I have a question??? I have been buying Sabatino's Sausage for years and

years from QVC. Well it is time to reorder and I cannot find it ;(

Can you tell me where it is on QVC? If it is not sold anymore, why not?

And if QVC was silly enough to let them go, where can I find it? It is a

staple in our house and I really do want to order some.

Please help if you can.

David, I know you must know :) Please let me know how to find it.

Thanks so much,

Linda in California.


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sunniegirl1330090117.3071080 PostsRegistered 8/21/2008So. Calfornia

Hi Linda, If you google Sabatino's - they are in Newport Beach. Maybe you can buy some there. Good Luck.Smile

AnneMary1330130125.917701 PostsRegistered 10/22/2008Anchorage, AK

Linda: I bought some about 6 weeks ago at one of our Costco stores here in Anchorage. It is too cold yet to grill outside, so I pan browned it. Don't remember what kind it was, but to be truthrul, I was just a little bit disappointed. Years ago they sold it on the Q all the time and they sold it like crazy! The reviews were incredible, so whatever they sold must have been delicious!! I don't think it was what I got at Costco, but it definitely was Sabatinos. I was surprised to see it there!

Laurel0131330134493.991429 PostsRegistered 6/16/2007Hill Country, TX

many years ago i bought a sabatino's sausage stuffing for my thanksgiving table that was out of this world, but of course it is no longer offered on the Q...:(

Linda in C­alifornia1330415129.2232 PostsRegistered 2/24/2012

Thanks Girls! :)

I tried emailing the company and I didn't hear back.

Went to Costco last week and they had all kinds of

sausage but not Sabatino's :(

The search is on. Hopefully QVC will bring it back.

If I see it I will stock up. I have two big freezers and

I have room :)

Are you listening QVC buyers :)

Have been shopping with QVC since the beginning.

Post if you get any ideas on where to find it :)


DaniM1330433392.043889 PostsRegistered 1/25/2009
On 2/24/2012 Sunniegirl said:

Hi Linda, If you google Sabatino's - they are in Newport Beach. Maybe you can buy some there. Good Luck.Smile

They are two different companies, the one that sold on the Q was in Chicago, Newport Beach is in California. I have had sausage from both, the later is quite good, but not like the old Christmas sausage offered by the Q.

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