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Can I buy one can or bottle of beer?

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I have a chili recipe that calls for a bottle of beer. I am not a beer drinker. Can I buy just one? Is one brand better than the other? Thank you.

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sarpy1321272600.621755 PostsRegistered 6/29/2006

If you go to a bar, they will sell one can. Grocery stores only sell 6 paks.

Cardamom1321273077.887096 PostsRegistered 6/24/2006
Thank you sarpy. I had no idea you can buy alcohol "to go" at a bar.

luvmypupz1321273396.414991 PostsRegistered 8/30/2010By the Sea Shore

If the state you live in sells beer and wine at convenience stores like 7-11 you can buy single cans or bottles.

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Linders Ba­ck1321273614.738988 PostsRegistered 9/4/2005Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

My grocery (in Massachusetts) sells separate cans and bottles but usuall only of the good stuff.

For Chili, I'd go with a more flavorful sturdier beer not a "lite".

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magicmoodz1321275476.3235902 PostsRegistered 6/23/2008

You can buy a single bottle of beer at Trader Joe's.

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Sunshine K­ate1321276042.76712984 PostsRegistered 11/13/2006The Beautiful Mountains & Western Sky

When I have a recipe that calls for one bottle of beer, (we don't drink it either), I purchase it at a gas station that has a convenience store. They sell a can or bottle in singles.

Cardamom1321277808.8037096 PostsRegistered 6/24/2006
Thank you all so much! Believe it or not my state does not allow alcohol to be sold in grocery or convenience stores. It's very inconvenient, especially since I am a wine drinker and I have to go to a separte liquor store. I guess beer is like anything else, not as good if it is lite.

danni rose1321287505.912552 PostsRegistered 5/14/2011

too bad your state doesn't make it easy for you.

beer in chili - i prefer a dark lager vs the light beers. i feel it gives more oomph to the chili (or stews).

nomless1321291126.7975381 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Here, I can buy single bottles / cans of beer at the grocery stores.

bobhurley1321293641.403784 PostsRegistered 7/24/2005

Gemini: It might depend on the state where you live, but here in New York you can get single bottles or cans. Most of these, however, are sized larger than the standard 12 ounce can - usually 16 oz or 24 ounce cans, or 32 or 40 ounce bottles.

I don't know about getting a can to go from a bar. Again, it probably depends on the state where you live, but many, many states don't allow alcohol to be carried off premises from bars or restaurants.

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RedConvert­ibleGirl1321293826.91714999 PostsRegistered 9/3/2005Pacific NW

We always buy one bottle of beer at the grocery store. Look for a darker ale, one that is imported is your best best. My SO likes the German beer. You don't want anything whimpy for the chili.

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Scooby Doo1321294250.4171248 PostsRegistered 10/17/2006Western U.S.

It depends on the alcohol content. In our State you can buy 3.2 percent beer in the grocery stores; anything above that is sold in the liquor stores. The larger cans are sold separately. You can use the leftovers of the beer to rinse your hair and make it shiny.

sunshine451321294880.87345566 PostsRegistered 1/13/2007east coast and west coast
On 11/14/2011 Gemini said: Thank you all so much! Believe it or not my state does not allow alcohol to be sold in grocery or convenience stores. It's very inconvenient, especially since I am a wine drinker and I have to go to a separte liquor store. I guess beer is like anything else, not as good if it is lite.

my state does not allow the sale of alcohol in grocery stores or convenience stores.... only in privately owned liquor stores, but many of them are very close to grocery stores and yes they do sell single bottles and cans of beer. only some bars and restaurants can sell "packaged goods".

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grits31321412349.82433 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007

At the grocery stores here you can--- I have bought single cans to make beer bread

millieshops1321412606.7816667 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

Or you can buy a six-pack, keep a few cans in the refrig to cook with another time- boil hot dogs maybe, add to beef stew.- and give the rest to the next workman you have to hire!

BrandiW1321454771.42133 PostsRegistered 11/16/2011
I have never drunk beer but I do use it in cooking sometimes. I buy a 6 pack of really good stuff and keep it in my pantry for when I need it. The last time it took me two years to use it but it didn't matter. I do the same thing with wine but I refrigerate the open bottle and use it faster.

desertDi1321455117.59717465 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007Surface of the Sun

I live in AZ.......most groceries carry single bottles of "exotic" and imported beer

foreverfar­m11321456580.537562 PostsRegistered 11/30/2007

My husband and I dont drink - so a case of beer can last a long time at our house - but we use it to make other items - like beer kelbassi - yum! we just store it in the pantry

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