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Dieter's - Typical Daily Menu??

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To those of you who are dieting, can you tell me a typical day of eating for you?

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carrob1319800184.8071839 PostsRegistered 10/6/2010 FL

I like to eat real foods, & try and stay away from items that have preservatives,& items that are processed. The less ingredients the better (just my opinion).

For breakfast all fruit smoothies, or eggs.

Lunch, usually a sandwich w/ Boar's Head lunchmeat (low sodium) or a salad.

Dinner, meat & veggies, or a salad.

Simple, but it works!

kitkom1319801384.1635646 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I have 2 eggs for breakfast

A big bowl of my homemade cabbage soup for lunch

Dinner consists of meat and veges

Coffee during the day

Light snack before bedtime (cut up apple)

I exercise (treadmill) 1 1/2 hours daily

For me I need to exercise to lose any weight. If I eat the same way and not exercise? I don't lose.

Just use your common sense in picking a meal plan. Good luck!

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