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How Long Should A Keurig Last???

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I purchased my DH a Keurig TSV almost three years ago for Christmas. It doesn't get used daily - maybe a few times a week. He went to use it this past weekend and it just wouldn't work. It has three settings for cup size and barely 8 ozs filtered even though he chose 12 oz and ran it at least a dozen times. What's up?? Could a line be clogged? I'm not a coffee drinker so I'm clueless. Is it worth repairing or just replacing? It was pretty expensive (almost $200 if I recall). Oh well. Thanks in advance for your replies.


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BAGGIRL1317779102.87955 PostsRegistered 3/9/2010Massachusetts

When was the last time you descaled it?

You may want to try that before replacing it.

My sister has one that she purchased (not from the Q) when they first came out. That was several years ago. She was the first person I knew that had one. I had never even heard of them back then.

She uses it daily and has never had a problem with it. She admits that she seldom descales !

Then there's me that has replaced mine several times ( at not cost) due to defective product. Keurig has great customer service.

I have one now that's about 2 years old and is working fine.

Like I said try descaling and cleaning the inside of the unit where you put the K cup. There may be a clog !

Good Luck !

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shamalamad­ingdong51317780312.3773313 PostsRegistered 2/12/2008
We've had ours for a couple of years and use it about three times a day. It's still going strong. It sounds to me like you may have a clog. They're easy to fix. Read your manual on how to unclog it, and hopefully you'll be okay. Descaling it is a good idea too.

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