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Best way to get baked on grease off a cookie sheet?

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I have a great cookie sheet that I love but I've used it to catch drips too many times and it is covered with baked on grease. Can check the brand later but it was rated #1 cookie sheet a few years back by cooks illustrated. Barkeepers friend and brillo didn't make a dent. Anyone know of a simple way to restore the pan? There are tons of suggestions online (from ketchup to oven cleaner) and would prefer to try a method that people know works.Thank you!

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arrianna1317078180.75072 PostsRegistered 10/20/2010

you can try saoking it in baking soda and water, that is supposed to be good for removing grease.

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misspammie1317078805.53712792 PostsRegistered 3/14/2010now in Virginia

IF you can soak it in something,,,,or if it's a jelly roll pan,,,,,I've read a hint on here before about getting rid of baked on "gunk" from inside of pots and pans,,,,,,,,put a dryer sheet in the pan and fill the pan with water and let it soak over night. I've done it with pots and pans and it truly does work. If you can manage, I'd give it a try. good luck!!!!!

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Foodie 71317082195.043751 PostsRegistered 3/9/2006

I'd recommend Dawn Power Dissolver. No it's not the regular Dawn products you likely see in your supermarket. I couldn't find it locally anywhere. In fact until I read about it on the Internet I'd never heard of it.

I bought it at Amazon.com


There are 39 reviews for the product and 37 or the 39 are 5 star reviews. The two negative reviews aren't about the quality of the product they're complaints about not being able to find it and someone's confusion about how much of the product was in an order.

An example review says, "The first time I tried this product was on a broiling pan. It was almost fully black. I sprayed the stuff on and let it sit over night. The next day I just wiped it clean and it looked like I just bought the pan." If it will get this woman's broiler pan clean, I suspect it will work with your cookie sheet.

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Scooby Doo1317083093.71248 PostsRegistered 10/17/2006Western U.S.

Oven cleaner is the best method. Spray the pan inside a large plastic trash bag. Tie the bag closed and let it sit for several hours. Then the pan will clean up easily with a scrubber.

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gingi1317086166.67309 PostsRegistered 8/24/2005

Thank you all for the awesome ideas. Will try to find the Dawn this week if not might try the oven cleaner. Baking soda and water didn't seem to do the trick on the baked on stuff. Don't have any dryer sheets or I would have tried that as well.

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BaileyBop1317087956.272762 PostsRegistered 2/20/2008

The problem the OP is having is one of the many reasons why I love my farm sink. My huge cookie sheets fit right in for soaking. Double sinks were, IMO, invented my a man.Wink

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Kachina6241317090335.4819295 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New Mexico
On 9/26/2011 Sigrid said:

I'd recommend Dawn Power Dissolver. No it's not the regular Dawn products you likely see in your supermarket. I couldn't find it locally anywhere. In fact until I read about it on the Internet I'd never heard of it.

I bought this product at Walmart.

Oops! Did I roll my eyes out loud?

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gingi1317095532.503309 PostsRegistered 8/24/2005

BailyBop- A farm sink is now on my wishlist when and if I ever move. NY apartment sinks just never fit the bill. I've used my bathtub for projects like this too often to count. :)

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arrianna1317096137.6835072 PostsRegistered 10/20/2010
On 9/26/2011 gingi said:

Thank you all for the awesome ideas. Will try to find the Dawn this week if not might try the oven cleaner. Baking soda and water didn't seem to do the trick on the baked on stuff. Don't have any dryer sheets or I would have tried that as well.

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I'm sorry baking soda didn't work. I'd be careful with breathing/touching the oven cleaner. At some point, it might be better to get a new one, and line it with foil if you can.

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gardenman1317123526.2317969 PostsRegistered 6/30/2005Southern New Jersey

If it's not a nonstick pan, then wet/dry sandpaper is extremely effective at removing just about anything. (I use the wet/dry sandpaper and keep the surface of the pan wet while I'm sanding to keep down the dust.) It's available in a number of grits (the finer grit will leave fewer scratches but take more elbow grease/sandpaper to remove the burned on grease while a coarser grit will quickly remove anything, but is more prone to leaving noticeable scratches. Starting with a coarse grit and then moving to a finer grit is often the best solution.

Clearly you don't want to use sandpaper on nonstick pans as the nonstick coating will be sanded off and you also have to be careful with painted surfaces, but in my experience when you come across a pan with something that's impossible to remove, sandpaper will remove it quicker, easier, and more completely than anything else. You can return just about any pan to like new in a relatively short period of time using a bit of wet/dry sandpaper. I know it's an unconventional solution, but give it a try and see if I'm not right. I only use this for the worst case scenarios when Greased Lightning and conventional cleaning agents fail, but it works really well.

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1Piper1317123922.57997 PostsRegistered 7/29/2010NE Ohio

Try the Magic Eraser{#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

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hungarian41317124050.6231423 PostsRegistered 8/28/2010

good info..

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beach-mom1317124362.6910527 PostsRegistered 8/1/2007Mid-Atlantic

I learned this trick from my aunt a long time ago and have used it a lot:

Put the pan in the sink or another container. Cover it just to the top with hot water. Sprinkle dry automatic dish detergent all over the top. Let it sit overnight.

Good luck - I'll be waiting to see how you make out! Smile

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cotto221317124455.4631764 PostsRegistered 5/20/2006

The Dawn product that Sigrid mentioned is also available at Walmart.com with free shipping to your home. HTH. I, too, have some stained cookie sheets from PAM, and am going to try the Dawn. Thanks for the suggestion.

I do have a huge laundry sink, but somethings even soaking is not enough for some stains!

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mouser291317132088.013329 PostsRegistered 11/30/2008Ohio
Put the baking sheet in a large plastic garbage bag, pour in about a half cup of ammonia, tie bag closed and let it sit for a couple hours --or overnight if possible. Remove from bag and discard bag to garbage can. I have always used SOS pads and warm water. It comes very clean with little force. have always used this method to clean my oven racks and it always works! Try it. Just don't breathe the vapors. Hope this helps.

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Perkup1317132362.0137187 PostsRegistered 12/24/2008



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mouser291317133155.62329 PostsRegistered 11/30/2008Ohio
I would try a bio-degradable product called "earth Brite". It requires muscle, but very effective. We have ordered this product a second time. I used it on my grill hood and it came out beautiful. You can get earth Brite on HSN.

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nomless1317133452.255378 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Dawn Power Dissolver has worked well for me. Here, I can find it in grocery stores.

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birkinbaby1317133689.366010 PostsRegistered 1/20/2011

Dawn Power Dissolver is the best.I use it in the kitchen alot...just put it on a dry pan.It works better than if it is wet. But the best thing about this product is that I use it on laundry.I keep a bottle by my washing machine. It takes grease out of clothes better than ANYTHING else.I just spray it on the oily stain...any oily or greasy stain....and rub it in and it starts to brealk up the stain.I rub the fabric together if it is sturdy.I rinse it and if it needs it agaian,I repeat. then I throw it in the wash.I have never met a greasey stain this did not remove or reasonably help.It even took motor grease out after years of being on the item. I read about this from comsumer reports. it also gets grease off of hands and nails if you have worked on your car. I buy this in multiples and it is my secret weapon. LOVE!!!!!

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nancypoo1317135244.8831413 PostsRegistered 5/13/2011

Put tin foil under the pans next time for drips and save the cookie sheet(s) for cookies!! AND put tin foil on the cookie sheets when you bake cookies--then throw it out!!

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aprilskies1317140011.95374 PostsRegistered 7/26/2005

I usually just fill with hot water and let it soak. It works for me. I sometimes put a little dish detergent in there but not usually.

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ncascade1317140143.054406 PostsRegistered 6/20/2006

Buy new cookie sheets.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

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mars221317140258.89165 PostsRegistered 12/20/2007

Tried and Proven....promise this works! Just put your cookie sheet/pan on the counter with some water in it (fill it as high as you can) and throw in a fabric softener sheet, the kind you put in your dryer and let it sit for a few hours. It will clean like you can't believe! I have tried this over and over and it has always worked. {#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

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depglass1317154856.93324999 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

birkin baby, thanks for the hint about the laundry. When I use Dawn Power Dissolver on cookware, I let it sit outside. The fumes bother anyone with allergies.

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birkinbaby1317251071.36010 PostsRegistered 1/20/2011

yes,it is pretty fragrant,lol.I am going to try that fabric sheet idea. I love a new trick!!

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