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Cleaning enamel stovetop on a gas range

Started 1267651205 in Kitchen & Food Talk | Last reply 1268088267 by Lilysmom
I have a black enamel Bosch gas stove. Under the burner I use most often, the shine is gone. It's not a grease build up ... maybe it is like cooked on water from overflows in a boiling pot...know what I mean?
Does anyone have any advice on how I can get the shine back? I don't want to ruin the enamel.

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Loves2save12676546421168 PostsRegistered 6/19/2007CA
Love Astonish that Qvc sells and also Mr Clean magic erasers. Astonish has worked great on everything even when I was about to give up on something. Also the best for glass cooktops.

Illinois J­udy12676573431748 PostsRegistered 11/7/2007
I hope you find an answer. I used to have a similar black enamel cooktop from Thermadore that I loved, but cleaning it was a nightmare and the finish really wore off. Now I have a Thermadore stainless cooktop and it scratches like crazy, and we are very gentle cleaners. Can't win. Good luck.

Lilysmom12677450573574 PostsRegistered 11/24/2007
Thanks for the replies. I have used the magic eraser and am a bit leery to use it again. There was a spot on one of my internal doors in the house. I took the magic eraser to it. I thought the spot was grease that was spreading as I attemtped to clean it but it turns out that it wore the paint right off the door. Since that experience, I am a bit reluctant to go there. Now I only use it in the bathroom on sinks, tubs and showers.
I will try to find Astonish locally. Do you think Walmart sells it? I am in Canada and the shipping of such products is usually cost prohibitive.
Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

wismiss12677561002806 PostsRegistered 6/18/2008Central Illinois
I have used this product before. I am not sure if it will solve your problem, but thought I would share it with you.
It is "Cerama-Bryte" Cooktop Cleaner. It is made for smoothtops, but I use it on my gas range enamel stovetop. (But mine is white, not black.) I would google it and see the description to see if it is what you are looking for.
By the way, I do use it to clean the burners which are gray and it does not harm the color on the burners.
Plus, it is biodegradable, so it is eco-friendly. Hope this works for you.
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whispy12677583281531 PostsRegistered 8/2/2009
You may want to check out some of the products found here:
The products come in both powder and liquid and are very effective but gentle. Not sure if you can get them outside of the states, but I generally buy online in quantity.

Lilysmom12677918733574 PostsRegistered 11/24/2007
Great input. I have my list made up for weekend shopping. Thanks so much.:-)

Lilysmom12678141693574 PostsRegistered 11/24/2007
Hi girls. I called Bosch to see what they recommended for cleaning the stovetop. They recommended a product simply called "Cooktop Cleaner" which is widely available (at Walmart for example). She also told me I could use Cerama Bryte. She did not recommend Barkeepers Friend in the Powder form and wasn't sure about liquid. She was also leery of the magic eraser.
HTH. I'll advise success (or not) after my shopping trip.
Happy cooking.

Lilysmom12680882673574 PostsRegistered 11/24/2007
Hi. I tried the Cerama Bryte. It took some of the dulling of the enamel away but not all of it. Hmmm. I'll try again to see if it makes a difference. I'm not wowed by the performance...

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