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Do All the Newer Slow-Cookers have Little Open Holes in the Lids?

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Do All the Newer Slow-Cookers have Little Open Holes in the Lids?
My twenty-five year old slow-cooker does not, but my newer slow-cooker does.
Do you like the air holes or not? Do you think the food cooks better or worse because of them?
-Solar ?:|

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j marie12645786672947 PostsRegistered 9/9/2007
Interesting. My guess is that it's because they all cook at higher temps than the old ones did; which is why I don't use them anymore, much as I'd like to.

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flycatcher­91012646329131575 PostsRegistered 10/5/2008
Hi Solar,
I wonder if it's to vent out some of the moisture build-up that accumulates under the lid while cooking with the older ones, so that that stops happening? With my older one, water accumulates around the top lip of the cooker.
I would think that with this new change with your new one, maybe this is supposed to be some kind of improvement?

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wagirl12646342265249 PostsRegistered 10/20/2004
My newer crock pot has a hole in the lid and it is to let out the excess moisture otherwise the water collects under the lid and it sputters and kind of makes a mess also lets some the the heat out which then takes a little more time to cook.

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Idacat12646424204707 PostsRegistered 7/26/2005Idaho !!!!
> Interesting. My guess is that it's because they all
> cook at higher temps than the old ones did; which is
> why I don't use them anymore, much as I'd like to.
Exactly why.
Older crockpots did not boil even on high, the newer ones, even with the hole, boil on low and the lid bumps and splatters even WITH the tiny hole.
You don't WANT to let the moisture out, that's one of the best things about slow cooking.
I'd give years off my life for my old 1975 avocado green crockpot.
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4uthebest12646429663847 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009
and why they are not the same energy saving devices they were once as well. Now many of them will really increase your electricity bill if you use them very often.

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flycatcher­91012647500441575 PostsRegistered 10/5/2008
Hi Idacat,
I have both an older one and a newer one, and I much prefer my older one to the newer one. My old one heats up nicely and does a great job of cooking. My newer one isn't that new--it is not one of the new ones with a "vent" in it, of any kind.
However, it does get hot when it cooks as some other posters have commented about some of the newer models. I don't know why manufacturers have to go and change these things up like this.
It is really too bad, as I am of the mind-set of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." :)

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pink-rainb­ows12647775421292 PostsRegistered 4/14/2006
Farberware slow cooker
5 quart
Amazon $44.99
You can go and read the reviews on Amazon.
Most were happy with the Temps as this is hard to find now, a slow cooker that does not boil and burn.
I don't own this, but have heard many here discuss this as a good model and I marked it down to save if my cooker needed to be replaced.
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helpme 91112647891911215 PostsRegistered 9/2/2006Oklahoma
My All Clad doesn't, you should check this s.c. out, I can use the insert on the stove top to brown meat if that's what the recipe calls for..check out William and Sonoma.com
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kalaim12647918633274 PostsRegistered 1/14/2007
My new one doesn't, I believe it's Hamilton Beach and it has these locking arms that lock the lid in place. I really like it so far.
I will say, I did buy the wrong one at first and it did have the hole in the top and I didn't want that. It was meant to put the thermometer into that hole. But I didn't see a reason to have a open hole in the lid, when clearly you are told never to open the lid when slow cooking.
My Mom still uses her old Rival back when I was a kid! Why can't they make them like that anymore?!

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PembrokeCo­rgiMom12648427241758 PostsRegistered 7/20/2009North Carolina
I just got the KitchenAid slow cooker a few weeks ago and it does not have holes in the lid. It also has a rubber gasket around the entire base of the lid that can be taken off and washed after you cook. It does heat up a lot more than the old and cheap ones I have been using for the last 35 years.
I noticed QVC has reduced the KA slow cooker from $149 to $129. I got mine from Home Depot for $129 and there was a $30 rebate at the time. You would have to check the KA website to see if they have a rebate now.

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