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Fiestaware Outlet/ Factory Store??

Started 1260407589 in Kitchen & Food Talk | Last reply 1260549762 by Anniecamp
Has anyone taken the factory tour? I've been eying fiestaware for awhile and realized it's a hop, skip and jump from me in PIttsburgh. Is it worth the drive (about an hour). Does the factory outlet have good deals? Their website says it's 2nds, but is it still good stuff?
What's the best online vendor for the best deal?
Thanks for the info!

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doodles12604128931427 PostsRegistered 11/10/2007
I have never taken the factory tour but go to the outlet store at least twice per year. Since you live so close I would encourage you to visit the outlet store. It is hit and miss when you go. Never know what you might find. Sometimes I find tons of stuff and sometimes only a few pieces. Yes, these are seconds. Some of the flaws are very noticeable and you wouldn't buy these pieces but I have found that most of the flaws are very tiny and some are impossible to find. You can find unusual items but you really have to dig. Recommend that you take a towel or something to clean the dishes with (they are coated with dust). That way you will be able to detect any flaws. They have two big sales per year. If I remember correctly they are in June and October. They are held in the parking lot and they have tons of stuff at incredible prices. One of these days I am going to take the tour-I bet it would be interesting. Hope this has helped you. I think once you go, you will be hooked. Ei
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scyst6126041356465 PostsRegistered 10/11/2009
Thanks for the advice Ei. I have two of the big mugs and I absolutely love 'em and I'm tired of my cheap dishes...Todd English from HSN. They were clearance..but still not worth it..lol..

DaniM1260418272889 PostsRegistered 1/25/2009
check frequently, they often have 2fer sales at Macys.
go direct and sign up for emails, they often have promo codes.
often has sales
JC Penneys often has good sales also.

DaniM1260419228889 PostsRegistered 1/25/2009
OMG if you need 12

Illinois J­udy12604944951748 PostsRegistered 11/7/2007
We took the tour a couple of years ago. Know that in the really hot summer weather they don't do tours because of the heat and I don't know for sure but I think it is because the factory isn't air-conditioned and all the heat from the processes would be pretty unbearable.
And yes, the tour is worth it. We drove from Illinois for it, stayed overnight somewhere, and then drove south for the Fenton Glass tour. That tour is REALLY worth it. Make it a day or two and go for both. You won't be sorry.
You can get some really good items in the "seconds" store. We bought several pieces, and to this day, I don't know why they were seconds. Have fun!

doodles12604997111427 PostsRegistered 11/10/2007
Illinois Judy, I agree with you about the Fenton Factory Tour. I have taken it several times and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. Well worth the trip for anyone who is interested and in the area.
I really encourage everyone to buy FiestaWare. It is made by the Homer Laughlin Company located in Weirton West Va. This area is economically depressed and there are few employers in the area. Homer Laughlin keeps many of the locals employed and I think that if they were to shut down it would spell disaster for the area economy. It breaks my heart each time we go through town to get to the factory. It is so sad. Please support them if you can. You will be buying quality dinnerware and helping keep American jobs.
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zacksmom1260508790233 PostsRegistered 4/26/2005
I haven't done the tour, but the 2nds room is well worth it. Lots of good stuff in there!

Illinois J­udy12605197451748 PostsRegistered 11/7/2007
Ei01, I completely agree with you. And I am hoping there are enough Fiesta collectors out here to keep the place going for a very long time.
And it wasn't so long ago that Fenton Glass almost closed down. Customer support kept them alive too from what I hear.

Anniecamp12605497624034 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
I wish I lived near the outlet. I've been there twice, while on vacation. In October, they had the large dinner plates for $3.25 (normally around $11 in stores), and oval casserole dishes for $5.25. ($16 in stores). They had absolutely everything you could want in the outlet when I was there, and I have a huge set of Fiesta. If you do go, take time to go across the river to the Hall China Factory Outlet Store. It's just a few minutes, across the bridge. They have items for as little as 15 cents, 25 cents, and 50 cents!

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