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NuWave Oven

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Does anyone here have a nuwave oven and how do you like . Can you

tell me the pros and the cons.

Thank you


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4uthebest1298052755.063849 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009

Have it.. love it.. pro's it does what it shows on infomercial, larger diameter than the flavorwave and can cook larger items both without and with extender ringes than the Flavorwave type. Does not heat up the kitchen/room much.

con's plastic dome will crack after a while as they have not yet used a plastic that can withstand the heat for years of use.

it does not go higher than about 360 degrees and it does not wash itself whereas the Flavorwave does go to 500 and washes itself.

Main speed increase is with baking, roasting meats, poultry, fish.

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