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Technique slow cooker/steamer/browner

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Couple of years ago I purchased a Technique slow cooker/steamer/browner on clearance. Little did I know...this appliance was going to be my go to piece when I was hosting people at my house or needed to take a dish elsewhere. I get so many compliments on it because the lid is hinged and it's easy to dish out the food. It also has an easy carry handle and a teflon inner pot which is so easy to clean. I've searched QVC and Ebay to see if I could find another one of these somewhere. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one of these? Even more important, why did Technique decide to stop making these? If these were still offered, I wouldn't have a problem finding a Christmas/Birthday present for anyone.

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NovaStar1294937609.291323 PostsRegistered 11/9/2010

The selection on cooking items is sparse right now. I'm hoping they bring in more technique open stock frying pans with helper handles. The only thing I can suggest is to keep checking back for new stock.

nomless1294937778.545381 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I saw a similar item at Target yesterday.

Beebo1294937952.366960 PostsRegistered 4/13/2010

I often wonder why they discontinue their popular appliances. There used to be a lot of small appliances that you never see anymore. I also wish they would carry more open stock pots and pans instead of just sets..pots in particular.

Malihini1294948938.727772 PostsRegistered 8/25/2007Honolulu Hawaii

Wolfgang Puck has one on the Southern Channel

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