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Bean Soup is too Salty...what can I do?

Started 1294367298.563 in Kitchen & Food Talk | Last reply 1294410785.403 by RocketMom

I just tasted my bean soup in the crockpot and it is tasting salty. I put in TWO ham hocks instead of the usual ONE. And I used left over "black forest" deli ham.

Any ideas? It isn't REALLY salty, but more than I like.


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Sister Gol­den Hair1294367782.31315321 PostsRegistered 7/18/2008

Take some of the liquid out and add more water.

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TxJewels1294367849.817288 PostsRegistered 11/15/2010

If you add a potato it will soak up the salt without having to add water.

namealread­ytaken1294367917.1138421 PostsRegistered 7/13/2009
On 1/6/2011 TxJewels said:

If you add a potato it will soak up the salt without having to add water.


divine1294367938.274124 PostsRegistered 11/20/2008

Add a potato to the pot and cook until the potato is tender. The potato will absorb some of the salt. HTH

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divine1294367995.6734124 PostsRegistered 11/20/2008

{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}...great minds...

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twocent1294368909.9910908 PostsRegistered 1/5/2008

Throw in the tater ! It works! {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

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Suzanne131294369293.327315 PostsRegistered 7/26/2005Southeast Texas

I agree with the potato fix. However, next time before you make your dish I suggest preboiling those ham hocks first. Takes a whole lot of salt out before you add to your beans.

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HowsYerMom­maAnEm1294410384.013564 PostsRegistered 8/10/2010Memphis by Way of Tupelo

Yep, potatoes are what I use too. You can cut them up in bite sized pieces and leave them in and eat with the beans or throw them in whole and then fish them out and discard or use for something else.

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RocketMom1294410785.4032763 PostsRegistered 9/23/2007

I agree with the potato suggestion!

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