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Judith Ripka

poll .... do you wear bracelets on both wrists at the same time

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I like to wear them on both but lately I feel it's a bit much, maybe because it's summer & I'm not wearing a lot of clothes Smile , how about you ...

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TallTex1277990130.593272 PostsRegistered 4/1/2006Texas

Yes, even though my Mom would be horrified. She always tought that wearing bracelets on both arms looked like handcuffs{#emotions_dlg.confused1}.

I wear one with my watch and an odd number on the other arm.

Muse Struck1277990331.9535429 PostsRegistered 7/15/2007southeast

Isn't that why God gave us two arms? {#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

Seriously, I don't always do it, but I love wearing a thin bracelet or two on one wrist and a stack of major bling on the other. Otherwise, I might fall over sideways!

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Charmed~Je­nna1277990523.8720023 PostsRegistered 3/9/2010~RipkaNistaVille~

I do~~~ wonder Woman style...sometimes..not always.

(when I have 2 of the same cuffie) Rubies YUM!!! Kiss

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StylishWom­an1277990595.85765 PostsRegistered 11/25/2009SW FL

No, one bracelet at a time for me. Also, I seldom wear a watch.

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dmqshopper1277990791.6831532 PostsRegistered 7/18/2009

I always do. I wear one with my watch. On the other wrist I usually wear 2 or 3. I also like rings, eventhough I read somewhere here that it doesn't look good. But I love them and wear them usually 2 on my left hand; one set is wedding, and 2 rings on my right.

RLinIL1277990801.453118 PostsRegistered 8/16/2009Illinois

I wear two always on my right wrist. Then on days I wear a watch I always pair it up with another bracelet.

kaplan2061277990880.411186 PostsRegistered 1/27/2008from the cradle of liberty & cheesesteak

If I had more arms, there'd be more cuffs!

Sunflower always with my watch & maybe a diamond line bracelet. Right wrist - always something.

But everyone goes with their own flow. I do know that certain JRQ I only wear during the summer and vice versa.

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LAKitty1277991451.953253 PostsRegistered 3/12/2007

Always! I do the odd number thing too, with 3 or 5 (depending on bangles or chains) on my left & 1 on my right.

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wilma1277991617.81313373 PostsRegistered 7/10/2007

I usually wear a watch on my left wrist and a bracelet on my right. I rarely wear bracelets on both wrists.

peach1061277992153.7631290 PostsRegistered 4/15/2007

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. I say do what you like, there are no rules.

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~bunny~1277992415.7739850 PostsRegistered 5/17/2010

Both wrists and an ankle also. If you have it, wear it and enjoy. Life is too short go worry what others think you should do.

bunny can't wait for Spring!

cinebee1277992611.7776577 PostsRegistered 5/7/2007

I always wear a bracelet on my right arm - I switch it out among the ones in my collection. On my left arm there is a small two-tone gold bracelet that I never remove and wear it alongside my watch.

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reddiamond1277992814.303249 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Massachusetts

I am right-handed. At the office, I have nothing on my right wrist but I wear a watch and coordinating bracelet on my left wrist. I can't type on the computer or write with something on my right wrist. Socially, outside of the office, I do have jewelry on both wrists.

Judeye1277997880.728201 PostsRegistered 4/10/2009

Yup, wear them on both wrists.........& more than 1 bracelet at a time on each wrist! Judith says I can!!!!! Wink

BonnieBelle1277998293.91320115 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007

Only on one wrist I wear my watch and a bracelet or two, don't like it on both wrists.

floss 841277998539.0774173 PostsRegistered 6/6/2010

At work wearing scrubs I'm more conservative a watch with a bracelet and right hand the two i always wear but on days I'm not working I make up for lost time stack stack and stack . My sister laughs when we go out shopping and we separate she just listens for the music on my arms!!!!! But I'm learning to edit (yeah right)

deercreek1278000863.1772131 PostsRegistered 6/2/2008

I'm right handed, and I only wear bracelets on my left wrist. I think wearing them on both looks lovely, but I can't do it. They get in my way. I do wear rings on both hands though. Judith's flower bangles are light, open, and great for summer. Whatever you decide, you'll look beautiful.

courtnab1278001939.231617 PostsRegistered 5/15/2010Colorado Springs
I wear bracelets only on my right wrist. My watch is on my left and it is a bit larger and loose, so it moves up and down my arm a bit and bangs into bracelets if I wear them on that wrist. I usually have two or more bracelets on my right wrist though.

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Shelbelle1278010512.1436474 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

If I am wearing a rather large watch I wear two bracelets on the other wrist, and none with the watch.

swissmiss1278010911.6432226 PostsRegistered 10/3/2005

Yes--whenever I am dressed in more than tennis or exercise clothes. I wear two skinny DY bracelets next to my watch all the time, and two larger DY cuffs or a DY with a JR (but they are not TOO wide) together on my right arm when I am dressed to go somewhere.

I may start wearing my JR Country Club link with my watch again--I love that look.

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Talidog1278011061.9073763 PostsRegistered 8/9/2007Heart of Dixie

Right handed, so I've always worn bracelets on my left wrist with my watch. Never have tried bracelets on the right...would be too weird! {#emotions_dlg.crying}

War Eagle!

Talidog1278011223.1473763 PostsRegistered 8/9/2007Heart of Dixie

Right handed, so I've always worn bracelets on my left wrist with my watch. Never have tried bracelets on the right...would be too weird! {#emotions_dlg.crying}

War Eagle!

Talidog1278011224.4333763 PostsRegistered 8/9/2007Heart of Dixie

Right handed, so I've always worn bracelets on my left wrist with my watch. Never have tried bracelets on the right...would be too weird! {#emotions_dlg.crying}

War Eagle!

Marie641278013476.577898 PostsRegistered 3/12/2007Home of the 2010/2011 American League Champion Texas Rangers!

I wear them on both wrists and sometimes stack them too! {#emotions_dlg.blushing} Since I wear a lot of long sleeves in the winter, I stack them up in the spring and summer. I do actually wear them in the winter too and will just roll up my sleeves enough to be able to show them off but sometimes the darn sleeves just don't stay rolled under. {#emotions_dlg.angry} I love when I can buy bracelet length or 3/4 length sleeve blouses for winter time! I love to wear my JR cuffs year round!

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nutmeg31278013798.675552 PostsRegistered 6/18/2007NJ

I wear bracelet(s) on my right wrist, because I wear the watch on the left.

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