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Iam so HAPPY!!!! i WAS ABLE TO UP my delivery date, thanks to u fellow ladies, but now that it is in process-what is next day, 1-day with signature, can I leave a note to leave across the street at a neighbor, or just leave a note with my signature to leave it at my house?

I have no idea when it will arrive, but I have to have it before a trip on the weekend!!!

I live in a rural area, know my UPS GUY, so will he leave it, with a signed note???

Thanks Ladies{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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BruceFan1275838091.431203 PostsRegistered 11/30/2006The First State

You have or will get a tracking number in your order detail for this order. Write down that tracking number, go to UPS dot com site, enter that tracking number and the information that they have will be displayed. I believe in that screen with the information it also has details about signature or there will be list of items listed somewhere in their site explaining the signature process.

GaPeachATL1275840887.6331033 PostsRegistered 1/5/2009

A lot of auto-delivery stuff has the free upgrade to that for subsequent shipments after the first. I upgraded all of my A-D orders and have gotten them in 1 day after shipping. My last order was left on the porch without signature; but, it was just make-up. They should be willing to leave it if you've left a signed note with instructions of where you want it left. I've even told them to leave in on the back porch in the covered grill when I know I'm going to be out of town.

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