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Judith Ripka

Easy Pay on Demand

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I had to call the Q about sheets I purchased 2 months ago which have now shrunk from a king to a queen size.  They are taking them back on the Q's dime.  Great CS!


So, while I was on the phone I asked about the Spring EP on Demand that we've been talking about.  I have not been able to access it via the computer.  CS said I had one on my account.  By the time I was finished talking with her I had three EPs on my account - 2 for Spring, one for April - one for May, and she added an EP for my birthday too.  It can now get accessed via the computer.


Call if you're still waiting and wanting.


I'm still not sure if this is a blessing or a curse, though.  :)

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waterbaby1270301318.6774496 PostsRegistered 7/27/2006Georgia

Oh, kappy - be careful what you ask for!!

When is your birthday?

Read your Yo! post - hope you are all well.



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lovestodan­ce1270301624.9474927 PostsRegistered 6/12/2006

I seem to be one of the forgotten ones with not getting the Spring,Thanksgiving,& Birthday easy pays.{#emotions_dlg.mad}

My Birthday is April 17th. Would be nice to get that one from the Q!!!.

Did at one time receive the Thanksgiving,but the past couple of years they have not.


Pepper221270307796.84312247 PostsRegistered 10/31/2007small town, Ohio

lovestodance, I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone.  I don't have any of the ez pays on my account either. I have called CS 4 times and they keep telling me its random and they can do nothing for me. SO, I've decided heck with them. I'm not ordering ANYTHING from now on.  That might change when Judith Ripka has her show later this month and maybe not. I find it offenish and I feel that they should have it on everyone's account that is in good standing.

spirithors­es1270317998.403532 PostsRegistered 10/12/2007Pacific Northwest

FYI...I just called CS to have EPs added.  Well, that did not happen.  I received EPs last Spring, for my b'day, and the two winter ones so I am out of luck on that promotion, BUT if you want an item you can request buying it with EPs.  CS will put in a request for EPs on that item.  The item will be on check hold until the EPs are granted. If the EPs are not allowed, you have your choice of buying the item or not.  (If the item was ever on EPs, CS can give you the EPs without putting in the request.) 

There are possibilities!  Happy Easter everyone.  May your day be full of marshmallow Peeps.

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kaplan2061270380311.02711235 PostsRegistered 1/27/2008from the cradle of liberty & cheesesteak

Doggone it, not giving EP to everyone is just mean and not good business practices either.  EPs generate good will and pushes customers to buy something they might not have bought without EP.  I think I'll add a blip to Mr. Peyton on his blog reply.  This just isn't right.


April 17, h2obebe!

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“ I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry.”  
Rita Rudner

Ripkacrazed1270597578.632328 PostsRegistered 12/28/2007Former FL/Now IL


I called CS about my birthday ez pays and the man was very apologic and gave me 4 for my b'day.

Then I called again because I couldn't access it on the online order process so I called again.  I asked if the spring ez pays were on my account yet and she told me that both the spring and a b'day ez pay were on my account.


Ladies, call back!  I did and it helped. I was able to order the cultured pearl w/ gemstone necklace on ez pays.

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