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Judith Ripka

There Is A Ring That Is A Copy Of The Royal Engagement Ring

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It is J157095 and it is beautiful. It looks like it is made beautifully. How can you beat the price. Makes one think why so many other pieces of jewelry are so expensive. It is a simulated Sapphire too. What do you think?

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Judeye1290558393.2378201 PostsRegistered 4/10/2009

Rip, I can't decide if I want this. I think it's pretty & certainly looks good on t.v. I just cancelled the KJL ring, very similiar, but bigger. I hate having to make these decisions!

Ripkerized1290558694.283907 PostsRegistered 4/27/2010Orlando FL

Judeye - I saw the KJL and I thought it look heavy not as elegant as the Q ring. I really love it but I don't wear sapphires. It looks like the genuine engagement ring given to what's her name. If I were ordering I would order the Q one because it looks like the real one and not "I am trying to look like the real one" kinda ring.

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mom2mc1290559165.063196 PostsRegistered 12/28/2007

Yes, it was on earlier with Lisa Mason. She presented it and it was on advance order to be shipped on 12/14 or something like that. It's a beauty but it is not me. Although I thought of getting it just to have it for keepsake (a piece of history, per se). But I'm on the fence about it.

I think this one (J157095) looks just like Lady D's ring. The one that was reproduced by KJL, looks cheaper and the diamonique stones look weird to me, JMO!!!!!

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Ripkerized1290559299.707907 PostsRegistered 4/27/2010Orlando FL

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Judeye1290561296.2078201 PostsRegistered 4/10/2009

I agree also....that's why I cancelled KJL. I don't particularly like sapphires myself, but the ring looked kinda elegant. Probably depends on what's on tonight!

Those pics look great MOM

star8261290561864.13312390 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Coastal Ripkaland bordering Bixbyville and Dawkinstown

Rip~ That looks a lot more like it from the front view. Not sure about the setting but BOY is it far better than that KJL "rush to market" excuse for THE RING...

Hope those that ordered KJL's version receive a pleasant surprise and that it looks much better than that costume earring glued to a ring shank!

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ghb1290563002.123187 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Hi everyone! Thanks for the heads up on the other Royal engagement ring...I ordered both the KJL and that one.....Barry from KJL said that the ONE he had to show for advanced orders was only a rough mock up and not indicative of the final product we will receive. It is, however, very large and I was concerned about that....even 8 carats is big for me...but, I'll wait and see. I ordered it for sentimental reasons....Princess Diana and I were the same age, both tall and had similar build, etc. I remember getting up at 2 in the morning at college (Summer Session) to watch the whole thing. Ft. Lauderdale also got the Diana exhibit, so I was able to drag the hubby to see the wedding dress, etc. I was never a fan of sapphires either until I saw what a "good" one looked like in the window at Cartier. It was beautiful.... I have a 2 carat Diamonique that duplicates that color exactly, so if they use the same color for the "Diana ring", it should be beautiful.

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