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Judith Ripka

Breast Cancer Awareness charm

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Dear Judith,

I am heartbroken. You may remember making a specific charm that sold on QVC as part of an Awareness of Breast Cancer. It has a beautiful pink stone with a chain like piece attached. IT BROKE! I am heartsick because 13 weeks ago I got a burr haircut in honor of my Dad's sisters, four of them each journeyed through Breast Cancer. I wanted to do something and that was pretty much what I did. I gave my hair up. The piece you made was the only one out of so many artists, who created one, that I hit the spot. I look down and saw the stone was gone and I have no idea where it might be. Your pieces are stronger than that and it hasn't been beat up in any way. I can't believe it!

Please help......what can be done?


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wishd4it1287080520.86313819 PostsRegistered 8/11/2007NC

Faith call Customer Service & if THEY can't help you then call corporate then the Judith Ripka offices in that order.

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