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Eterna Gold Review!

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Hi Ladies  I received my Eterna Bangle today along with the Eterna Heart Pendant .. Both are beautiful.. The Bangle is gorgeous! It's not flimsy either.. ofcourse it's not heavy heavy but it does have some weight to it.. The diamon cutting and satin finish are exquisite.. The heart pendant is larger than I thought and that was a nice surprise. Both peices are well made and I can see that from now at today's prices when I buy gold it will only be Eterna...

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flaky1273601045.567151 PostsRegistered 4/17/2010

I just got my first eternagold earrings today too.  I am in love.  I usually wear silver or platinum - and only have a few pieces of 18K that were given to me.  This is such as surprise - it is much stronger than I expected and I can tell that the hinge is going to hold up well. 

CaChica1273606373.085986 PostsRegistered 1/13/2006

I received the TSV organic earrings and they are stunning, strong, light weight on the ear and look good worn either way.  If they are switched to the opposite ears they have a look that is similar to forward facing hoops.  The size/guage of the tubing is a little larger than I anticipated and I'm happy with the larger gauge.  They really show up even with my chin length hair style.  I am very pleased with the last three EG large hoop earrings I have ordered. 


Glad to hear others have liked their new pieces also.   Thanks for sharing with the jewelry forum!

millieshops1273610465.81316662 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

Glad to hear your bangle (and pendant) are what you wanted.  I have the bangle collection from  a few years ago and they're absolutely my favorite bracelets ever.  Enjoy.

CalmInTheH­eart1273614498.8338313 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007


I received the filigree ball leverback earrings today and love them!!!!



CaChica1273623758.8175986 PostsRegistered 1/13/2006
On 5/11/2010 PeaceMom said:


I received the filigree ball leverback earrings today and love them!!!!


Oh, I loved the look of those earrings.  I received a damaged bead on one of the earrings and had to send them back.  Someone else said here they sent the them back with the same problem so I probably got a returned pair.  If they don't disappear soon, I may reorder again.  Hope Ted makes the round hoop leverbacks again. 

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