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Do you love the big bold rings so popular now? Or do you think they look crazy?

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I've never been afraid of being a little bolder with my jewelry, especially with chunky bracelets and wider silver rings. 

But now, the rings have gotten really big and bold.  I do like some of them, but I wonder how bold it too bold.  My family and I were in Stein-Mart today, and I saw some abalone rings that were about 1 1/4 inches in length (oval-shaped) and about 3/4 inch in width.  I thought they were really cool, but my husband and my two sons thought they looked ridiculous.  They all kind of looked at me and rolled their eyes...then my husband and my son both said, "You're not serious about that!"  And my husband is used to me being a bit more dramatic at times. I wore a bold silver ring Sunday that my husband thought looked like a satellite dish!!{#emotions_dlg.laugh}

I know everyone has their own sense of style and what looks right to one may not look right to another.  What have you found to be too much? 

I so wish I had gotten it now...and the store is 40 minutes away!   


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lkjhg1270774608.3633998 PostsRegistered 7/3/2008

Big bold rings, IMO, are tacky. May look good if you have man-hands, like CL on HSN.

RedConvert­ibleGirl1270774619.45715006 PostsRegistered 9/3/2005Pacific NW

They aren't for me, I don't care for the look at all.

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MarthaStew­ardess1270774656.3737841 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

No, I don't like the big, bold rings.  Just not my taste at all.

TrackerGal1270774746.7223626 PostsRegistered 8/7/2007


Kachina6241270775042.53719337 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New Mexico

I love big rings, the bolder the better.  I have an Indian made turquoise ring that is almost 2 inches in diameter (it's roundish).  I have a rhodochroisite ring from JeGems in Thailand that about the same size.  It does look like a satelite dish.  Some people are comfortable in them and can carry them off and some can't.

Oops! Did I roll my eyes out loud?

Santorini1270775296.487361 PostsRegistered 1/26/2007

That's not my style at all.  I like small and feminine jewelry.

aprildreams1270775396.9131442 PostsRegistered 5/2/2007

Short dark nails look amazing with the big rings on the middle finger.

Issy791270775596.761486 PostsRegistered 2/18/2010

I love, love, love them.  I am 5'9" tall, and I have long fingers.  I have always gotten compliments on my hands.  I wear large, bold rings, and everyone loves them on me.  They are not for everybody.  For me, they are fun.

DebbieDD1270776428.1938109 PostsRegistered 10/18/2004

I too am tall with long thin fingers and LOVE the big ring look.  I do agree that they are not for everyone...what is?!! 

Sammycat11270778979.110546 PostsRegistered 9/30/2005

Small doesn't necessarily equal feminine.  It's just small.

I like Elizabeth Taylor's reputed old quote/saying when she purchased large pieces of jewelry.  She supposedly said:  "I'm a big [meaning adult] girl.  I require big jewelry."

kll19671270779222.647971 PostsRegistered 1/7/2008

I tend to love the look on other people, but I just feel it looks silly on me.

I'd rather do the bold look with a oversized watch or bracelet.

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tawnyPa1270782268.453052 PostsRegistered 8/20/2007Pennsylvania

At first I thought they were a little to large for me to wear but, then once I started trying them on and owning a few, I love them.  Love the look, in rings, earrings, bold watches and instead of one large bracelet, I love to wear many.  jmo   take care tawny

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sunshine451270792466.43345591 PostsRegistered 1/13/2007east coast and west coast

i love the big bold rings.... and i cannot stop buying them.... in costume jewelry, in silver with big stones, in gold.... i buy them all ;) keep them coming! i have found beautiful ones on ebay and boutique stores also.

i think they look good, they are usually unique and stand out well, and they are fun to wear. love to buy inexpensive ones to match what i am wearing. i wear them on my ring fingers, middle fingers, and index fingers.

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MrsSweetie­Bear1270802214.0377120 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Somewhere UNDER the rainbow

I am NOT a fan at all.  I agree with your husband and sons that they look ridiculous. 

When I see any of the hosts wearing them when presenting it's laughable to me.  It looks like they are making a joke or a spoof of someone wearing very gaudy and tacky jewelry. 

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Usamarsha1270815592.141400 PostsRegistered 12/13/2008
On 4/8/2010 tawnyPa said:

At first I thought they were a little to large for me to wear but, then once I started trying them on and owning a few, I love them.  Love the look, in rings, earrings, bold watches and instead of one large bracelet, I love to wear many.  jmo   take care tawny

 I agree!  I have so many now that I like to wear.  It's fun to have a variety of rings.  I have to admit, now that I am used to the "bigger" rings, my "smaller" ones seem too small.  {#emotions_dlg.tongue}  It's nice that everyone can have their own style. 

france541270815818.9173239 PostsRegistered 1/29/2010

{#emotions_dlg.tongue} They look pretty on other people, not on me ! cannot carry it off!{#emotions_dlg.wub}

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zoologist1270815843.1031745 PostsRegistered 1/29/2010



Very '60s.

Charmed~Je­nna1270816289.4320023 PostsRegistered 3/9/2010~RipkaNistaVille~

One persons BIG & Bold is another persons SMALL.  (guess it depends on the ring) LOL

Me personally, have all different sizes of rings...and when the mood stikes...I put on a bigun~ just so when I look down I don't have to squint to see it, lol, or its to be my statement piece to draw attention away from my face & a Pimple I might have gotten. {#emotions_dlg.lol}


enjoy what ever size ring you like,  2days fashion its all in the mix. Kiss

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Elaine1270819831.11570 PostsRegistered 11/4/2004Near Pittsburgh

LOVE them!  And I'm 5'4" with short fingers.  I have several - a white enamel flower ring that I wear to death in the summer, a Technibond flower ring, a purple enamel flower with tiny pearls in the center (my latest), and of course something in sterling.  

I have always loved rings with large gemstones so this was not a big jump for me.  I do like those tiny rings but only on other people's hands.  {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

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justashopp­er1270820650.683898 PostsRegistered 10/3/2006

I love them and totally agree with sammycat-- small does not equal feminine. 

I get a lot of compliments on my collection of big rings from both men and women.  It's fun to wear a conversation piece and not take myself so seriously that a ring defines me.  You say satellite dish ring as if that would be a bad thing! Think how convenient! LOL! 

Usamarsha1270820655.0331400 PostsRegistered 12/13/2008
On 4/9/2010 zoologist said:



Very '60s.

 I wasn't around in the 60's; it was popular back then?

Kindaglitzy1270821877.1034500 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Some of them are too large for my taste, but I have a few fashion rings that are approximately 1" and I love them.  Tend to wear them more in the summer.

Even though I don't like the really large rings, I do like to see them on other ladies especially if their nails are well groomed.

DD2141270822740.856 PostsRegistered 4/9/2010

Love them also like stacking to achieve a bold look.

Debforal1270823078.603215 PostsRegistered 11/6/2009Edmond, OK

I love my big bold rings!!! I am 5'4" and medium finger size. I sometimes prefer to just wear the big ones alone as my statement piece and downsize my other jewelry. I have manicured nails so this looks really good to me.

And yes, I guess I am getting bigger and bigger rings since the ones I purchased a couple of years ago look small to me now.

It's all a matter of what you like to do, however, my dh has never and would never tell me my jewelry looked bad since he has a large assortment of humongous Invicta watches!!

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stevieb1270825104.56336756 PostsRegistered 11/4/2007

I enjoy some of the big, bold rings, as long as they are tasteful to me.  Frankly tho, so many of the big, bold rings I see hawked lately just strike me as tacky.  Even many of those that are costly are just not appealing to me.  Thinking specifically of so many of QVC's "Italian" items, all I see is a hubcap sized something hanging off someone's finger... Big and bold is one thing, ostentatious, loud and oversized is something altogether different, "on-trend" or not!  And when they're cheap, costume stuff to begin with... no thanks!

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