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What is the cutoff date for coins with silver?

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I just dumped a huge jar of change to wrap. Thanks Suze Orman, for all this work. What is the exact date in the 60's when they stopped using silver? I'm finding some 65's and 66's, which tells me the date is probably 64. Is it the same for dimes, quarters, and halves?

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monalisa14­521333989598.691460 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007

64 was the last for dimes and quarters.

Not sure about the kennedy halfs

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depglass1333995856.94324577 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

Ezzy, thanks for the link. This is eye-opening. Canadian coins were always something we hoped not to get stuck with, since they usually don't work in vending machines. So I've got a stash of them to go through, too.

di-mc1333997133.3577574 PostsRegistered 12/4/2006the real world

I think you can tell by looking at the coins. The silver coins don't have the copper sandwiched between the layers.

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