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Thanks QVC for making me laugh this morning on the JBK show!

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Although I am a happy person - it takes a bit to get me to laugh at the TV by myself! This morning was an exception. Corrine (sp?) the beautiful model was wearing Jacqueline Kennedy's jewelry beautifully this a.m. and was adorned in a very, very, very low cut black dress which was showing a lot of cleavage. I am a child of the 60's and by no means a prude. I thought the dress was a bit much for the a.m. presentation and the JBK jewelry. I left the TV and returned about one-half hour later - and there was Corrine in a black v-neck dress with the v-neck more suited to a.m. presentation. I had to laugh out loud! (and had to share with the QVC viewers). Wondering if anyone else caught the dress swap - it was a chuckle! Thanks QVC for the laugh this morning!! Corrine you looked stunning in the 1st dress!

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Breky1318606386.612054 PostsRegistered 6/29/2008Connecticut Shoreline

I remember one of the models (can't remember who) was modeling a dress and the host said, "And look how versatile this dress is, you can wear it backwards!" The model was shocked and sheepishly said that she thought she was wearing it the correct way. It got a big laugh on the set.


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