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Diamond Shake Necklace

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There is a designer named Renee Lewis who makes a beautiful diamond shake necklace and they are thousands of dollars. If you look on eBay and put in Daimond Shake Necklace, you will see a few of them and they are totally stunning and certainly out of my reach.

Besides HSN with Rarities, who did a version of this for considerably less and they sold out of them, has anyone ever seen one that is affordable, maybe around $100 or 200.?

They make them with sapphires too.

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ennui1315622767.82319957 PostsRegistered 4/17/2007

Diamonique has a few. One is "shake," the others are "floating" stones. Years ago, Nolan Miller did one, I think, and Honora did a floating pearl watch. Attitudes by Renee has that pendant. It's not a new idea.

ETA -- Remember that every time you shake these things, the stones all scratch each other.

ETA #2 -- there are a bunch on ebay. Use "floating" in your search terms. Diamonds, cz, whatever floats your boat (pun intended).

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