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white gold/yellow gold....looks better on certain skin tones?

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Hi everyone,

I own mostly white gold/silver/silver tone jewelry. I don't think I bought anything yellow gold/yellow tone for YEARS up till recently. I purchased a cheap, plain yellow gold band to wear in place of another ring that I have to get resized. My finger felt naked without a ring on it and I kept thinking I lost it because it wasn't there.

Anyway, after I bought it I can't believe how much better yellow gold looks next to my skin! I have fair skin, but I tan pretty easy too. I'm kinda irritated I purchased so much in white metals now...even my wedding set is in white gold and I'm not going to be replacing that ever. Anybody else have this happen? I always thought white gold looked better on me.

Just an interesting thing I found out and had to share with others who would "get it" LOL

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esmeraldag­ooch1306239509.4713296 PostsRegistered 1/7/2008Adopt a Rescue Pet, who rescues who?

A quick easy and affordable fix, have some of your items gold plated. Items that don't get much wear like earrings and pendants will last longer than rings or bracelets.

You can tell if you really like the look on you or if it is just a passing fancy.

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Lavenderju­nkie1306240072.98713715 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I used to think I looked better in yellow gold, and I liked the look of yellow gold. But then I started wearing watches that were stainless steel (because I liked the styles) and I got more white metal jewelry. Now the white metal looks right and the yellow doesn't look as good. I've concluded it's what the eye gets used to seeing. At least for me. I wish I had bought more white gold jewelry when it was affordable.

Blondbycho­ice1306240316.4271305 PostsRegistered 4/18/2007

Yes I believe certain metals look better on pink and yellow toned people. I am fair with gold undertones and def my color is yellow gold espec 18k (can't afford that now). I love the look of yellow gold against a tan, fake of course, on me. I too have bought alot of silver pieces (JR and BB) but yellow gold is my fav. Also when I wear certain colors I have to decide whether I will wear silver or gold, cool just looks better with silver and warm with gold. Check the color of your veins, if they're more blue your cool, if greenish, your warm. Enjoy your jewelry.

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beach-mom1306240739.810527 PostsRegistered 8/1/2007Mid-Atlantic

I like to play around with color typing some. I believe warm skin tones look better in gold, and cooler ones look better in silver. That's not to say anyone CAN'T wear one or the other - the most important thing is wear what you love - but gold-toned jewelry works well with nature's colors of spring and autumn, and silver-toned works well with nature's colors of summer and winter.

My daughter and I are perfect examples of this. Until I started watching QVC, I had one silver bracelet that one of my Girl Scouts gave me once. I did have silver rings and earrings. I believe emerald, sapphires, and rubies look better with silver. But most of my "other than gemstone" jewelry is gold. I am warm-toned. My daughter is cool toned. She has always preferred silver. She looks fine in gold; she would just rather have silver.

When I wear black, I tend to wear silver now. The bracelet I wear every day, that my husband gave me a few years ago, is both silver and gold.

I like to watch female newscasters on TV and figure out if I think they'd look better in gold or silver jewelry - just a quirk of mine! Wink

IQNotSoMuch1306240986.4331335 PostsRegistered 7/10/2008

I have tried and tried to wear white metals and stainless steel but I am very fair with yellow undertones and I do not tan.. Nothing looks good on me but yellow gold. So I am stuck.

smoochy1306244297.312517 PostsRegistered 10/8/2006pure Michigan!

I have light neutral toned skin w/slight warmth. so I wear both cool and warm colors, maybe look a little better in warm tones. however in the past two years since I let my gray hair grow in, I think white metal jewelry looks better near my face~silver color with silver hair, ya know? actually I tend to wear white and yellow metals together, so then I don't have to make decisions about what goes with what. works for me.

fluffy21306244367.3074464 PostsRegistered 8/29/2009SPB.RUS >>>Beautiful So.California

I have fair skin with yellow undertones and I look great in yellow gold. I also look good in rich oxidized silver.

But plain white rhodium plated gold or not oxidized bright white silver look horrible on me.

ILoveBarry­Manilow1306245095.6572900 PostsRegistered 11/6/2009

I love to wear both yellow and white gold, but I especially love to wear white gold in the summer when I have a tan.

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dperry1306245346.411944 PostsRegistered 12/13/2008On the Chesapeake Bay, MD
On 5/24/2011 esmeraldagooch said:

A quick easy and affordable fix, have some of your items gold plated. Items that don't get much wear like earrings and pendants will last longer than rings or bracelets.

You can tell if you really like the look on you or if it is just a passing fancy.

esmeralda, yes this is the answer. I have the opposite problem. My wedding set is in yellow gold and I look better is white metals. I had it rhodium plated and it looks so much better--and my husband is happy because I am wearing them again. I also had a diamond pendant, diamond bezel set earrings, and another pair of earrings plated. It was worth it.

fluffy21306245662.364464 PostsRegistered 8/29/2009SPB.RUS >>>Beautiful So.California

I just want to mention that diamonds and some gemstones do look better in WG or platinum . I have no problem wearing them. it's just plain white gold or silver do nothing for my skin.

smoochy1306251650.312517 PostsRegistered 10/8/2006pure Michigan!

if I were ever to have a tan (not likely), my white metal jewelry would look better. as it is, my legs are pale and the silver ankle bracelet I just bought, just emphasizes my washed out skin. Not enough contrast. Would love to have a y/g anklet.

princess621306255363.7071616 PostsRegistered 2/27/2007Pacific Northwest

I seem to be a neutral skin tone as all metals work for me. I do enjoy the two-tone effect which is getting hard to find currently.

The reason one can change their mind about what metals are a compliment to one's skin tone is that our skins can change subtly as we get older.

jaguarette1306258275.8431636 PostsRegistered 10/19/2007

White metals are generally better for me, as I'm very fair with pink undertones. But I certainly don't limit myself. I like yellow and rose gold (unless it's super coppery) too.

QsMom1306284508.397754 PostsRegistered 6/22/2008

I think YG looks great on tan skin. Buttery yellow + tawny brown = yum.

Sanna1306287330.7731962 PostsRegistered 4/26/2009

I like and own all three colors of gold : white, yellow and rose.

But because my skin is very white with pink undertone rose and white gold look best on me, yellow just ok. Although very yellow 24K looks interesting on me.

millieshops1306287690.9316663 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

I definitely prefer the look of yellow gold on me. I wore a white gold/diamond ring today and quite sadly, it was a waste of the money I spent to buy it. I realize that every time I choose to wear it.

Some day I'm going to buy a fine gold band with diamonds to stack with my ring. Some day.

blahblahva­mpemerblah1306308663.8376850 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I wore yellow gold for decades, but then I bought an expensive Longines watch in stainless that I just adored. From then on it was silver this and silver that, and I should have been wearing it all along. As a white-skinned redhead with ZERO freckling, gold tends to look a little off against my pink-toned skin. Especially near my face unless I counter the effect with makeup. Not worth it.

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LipstickDi­va1306338137.7941836 PostsRegistered 4/22/2005On the Lake in Ohio

I always thought this was nonsense since both look okay on me. I am more of a white metal person though. However, someone I work with looks absolutely awful in yellow gold jewelry. That made me a believer. LOL

My wedding set is in yellow gold because when I got married 20 years ago, I was a yellow gold fan and YG was the craze. I had my wedding set rhodium plated about 2 years ago. I don't wear it often so it's not had to be replated. And if and when I decide I like YG again, they polish it off.

I also have a diamond bezel set pendant in YG that I am going to have rhodium plated. Right now it just sits in my armoire, unworn and that is silly.

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LostGirl1306339333.9035024 PostsRegistered 10/22/2009

I am solidly in the silver camp - and somewhat alone, apparently! I prefer the color over yellow gold, and I think that silver jewelry can be a bit more edgy. Nothing against yellow gold. I can appreciate a pretty necklace or earrings, and mean it when I compliment the person. But for me, it has been and always will be, silver. Or in some rare instances, white gold.

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MISERABLE661306341060.634860 PostsRegistered 12/7/2010Noo Yawk

Im a latina and im like a beige skin tone. I think silver looks fantastic on me. I hate yellow gold. I only wear silver or white gold.

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mishti1306342745.92318 PostsRegistered 8/22/2007

I think warm toned ppl look great in gold and cooler tones in silver.Very few white metal pieces look good on me.Iam definitely a gold person.

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