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Ramona Singer Jewelry

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I just can't bring myself to purchase any of her jewelry after getting a glimpse of her mean personality on Real Housewives of New York. Anyone else feel this way?

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Lyn081306072047.9832623 PostsRegistered 7/30/2008

I actually purchased a sterling silver and diamond band ring that was on clearance. I promptly returned it, as you couldn't even tell there were diamonds on the ring (they were just chips).

I think a lot of the reality shows are acted out, and are not real. If there wasn't drama, people wouldn't watch the shows.

fluffy21306073610.664464 PostsRegistered 8/29/2009SPB.RUS >>>Beautiful So.California

I don't watch the show but I think her jewelry are overpriced j***

brii1306074235.74729678 PostsRegistered 7/14/2008

I think her jewelry is pretty. She wears some beautiful pieces on RHONY.

I don't usually buy celebrity jewelry lines. It's usually overpriced and poor quality.

stevieb1306074497.836680 PostsRegistered 11/4/2007

I've been tempted by a few rings, but ultimately haven't ordered. For what it is, it typically seems over-priced. If I truly loved it, her RH "persona" wouildn't matter to me one way or the other...

buyornot1306074691.1532738 PostsRegistered 7/7/2008
On 5/21/2011 ILuvDMQ said: I just can't bring myself to purchase any of her jewelry after getting a glimpse of her mean personality on Real Housewives of New York. Anyone else feel this way?

yes, I agree-it's what advertising and branding is all about-why companies let certain celebrities go when they get into trouble of some kind.

misspammie1306075086.0412801 PostsRegistered 3/14/2010now in Virginia

I do enjoy bold jewelry,,,have noticed Joan R. on the apprentice and her Melissa program,,,extremely bold. I really don't think that's going to hold up for much in the future,,think it will go back down to small and delicate. Yet, Joanie wears it and looks wonderful (I'm getting older and wonder)....who's to say, aye???? I basically wear what I like. My son just brought me back quite the large bead green necklace on a black cord from Africa,,,,,,,dern tootin I'm gonna wear it!!!!! I just wonder when and where one
"older like me" draws the line?? I still fell I wear what I like,,i.e. toe ring, ankle,,,,,and I'm in my 60's,,,,,my son calls it my hippy mode!!!!! Your thoughts??

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Sunny Side­Up1306093914.571176 PostsRegistered 3/1/2011

I watched a rerun of RHONY yesterday, and ask myself if her actions might hurt her sales. I think her items are over priced. With wearing bold bright boho dresses this summer, I will be wearing larger bead items. I'm 63 and I wear what I like. I enjoyed "My Favorite Things" on HSN this morning. Misspammie- Your hippy mode sounds like fun. Express Yourself!! Wish we were neighbors, we would have fun during our hippy mode moments. I still have my big wide bell bottom jeans with the American patch on them.

merlin961306162162.47178 PostsRegistered 10/24/2010

Watching the show this season, even more than previous seasons, I'm inclined to agree, although I believe her jewelry is overpriced for my budget so I wouldn't have bought it in any case. Most of the women are really out of control this season, though. I surely wouldn't be buying anything Sonja was selling either, that's all I'm saying! (But what a guilty pleasure I find RHONY to be - they are all so entertaining to my much duller life.)

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jewelfool1306163527.1831472 PostsRegistered 12/26/2009

RHONY is my favorite of all the franchises and Ramona is one of my favorites of them all. I'm checking out her jewelry.

di-mc1306163588.3777669 PostsRegistered 12/4/2006the real world

Never, in a million years would I purchase anything with this dig-bat's name on it!

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4everyanke­esfan1306164408.9735 PostsRegistered 8/22/2006

No! She's one of my favorites and it's because of the way she's so outspoken and doesn't hold anything back.

ladyroxanne1306164525.1111022 PostsRegistered 3/25/2008northern ca

i would buy something of hers if i saw something i liked. i wouldn't let personalities get in the way.

LipstickDi­va1306165401.37741836 PostsRegistered 4/22/2005On the Lake in Ohio

If I liked something, I would buy it.

I'm definitely going to try her wine. Not because it has her name on it but because I love pinot grigio.

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fuji1306183596.307794 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Los Angeles

I have one ring, and two hoops (the diamond hoops in each diamter, before the price increased). Each is extremely well made, gets worn a lot, and I love them. I don't reall ever watching the show RHONY. I can imagine, from watching her presentations, that she just says what on her mind. Regardless, she knows how to make the perfect hoop! I do not mind that the carat weights are small-- that makes the pieces believable, and they are lovely, IMO.

Winamac1306184220.34333820 PostsRegistered 12/29/2010Indiana
On 5/23/2011 ladyroxanne said:

i would buy something of hers if i saw something i liked. i wouldn't let personalities get in the way.


I think her jewelry is very pretty. I would try it out if it weren't so pricey. I'm not interested in her wine as I don't care much for Pinot Grigio. Even though I don't particularly care for her, if her prices were cheaper, I'd probably buy some of it as it looks very nice. I think it's expensive.

And, she's really not any worse than any of those other NY HWS right now. They are all fairly hateful this season. Alex is still probably the nicest, but even she is weirded out now trying to solidify her place on that show.Wink

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Solar1306520303.1634001 PostsRegistered 8/24/2007

If anyone wants to gift me with any jewelry I will gladly accept!

-Solar {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

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Subject1306520391.6411269 PostsRegistered 2/24/2007

googly eyes- bug eyes- no I would not buy her overpriced junk.


Photo Don­na1306603810.6414305 PostsRegistered 12/26/2005walking the dogs
On 5/23/2011 Queen of Posts said:

If I liked something, I would buy it.

I'm definitely going to try her wine. Not because it has her name on it but because I love pinot grigio.

I love Ramona -- love pinot -- and wish her jewelry was less pricey Smile

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CalmInTheH­eart1306606750.928315 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007
On 5/27/2011 newport said:

no I would not buy her overpriced junk.


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zzzz2z1306608740.833830 PostsRegistered 11/6/2006

It seems like every year they push one character to seemingly go over the edge.

Last year it was Kelly - this year Ramona.

They seem to do it on everyone of the RH series.

For Atlanta, I think they portrayed Nene as over the edge this year - last year it was someone else.

New Jersey last year was Danielle - this year - Theresa?

And the OC - well they are ALL over the edge.

Its like they have to offere one sensational, out-there personality every season.

I guess they feel it makes for good drama.

I wonder about the character of Ramona this year - she seems so brittle - and the Pinot Grigio obsession "concerns" me.

It is what is is.

Irshgrl312­011306609978.47717212 PostsRegistered 3/14/2006

I actually liked her last year on the show. This year I do not like her at all. I understand she came from not the best family and wasn't shown how to act in social situations but there is NO excuse for not learning how to, especially living in the type of world she does.

I think she acts horribly and I am laid back about stuff like that but she absolutely has been so rude and crass so many times this season it makes me cringe. How she talked to the young lady she was interviewing was really horrible. What she said in front of the cab driver in Morocco was as well. She is sitting there putting down his country right in front of him.

She never listens to other people and talks right over them. How she scolded Cindy for not having her pinot ready for her at her party was ridiculous. She kept saying I have been married for 18 yrs and one day you will understand that. She was trying to make the point that when she her child wasn't around that she wanted to do adult things, and that was the reason she wanted to drink. There is no excuse for demanding anything over and over like that, especially wine. While she may or not be an alcoholic, it certainly makes her look like a lush demanding it like that.

While I actually do like her jewelry line very much (it is too pricey though) I would NEVER buy one single thing from her because she is such a d bag.

THere is a huge difference between speaking your mind and being rude and uncaring about another persons feelings. She really talks down to people too and from the show, it really looks like she treats people in the service industry like c r a p. I have no tolerance for people like that. Like my father always said. You will see the same people on the way up as you will on the way down and they will remember how they were treated by you.

I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them. Narddog

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