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Question about Leather Pandora Bracelets.

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I have a silver bracelet, but it does pinch my arm from time to time. I am thinking about buying a leather one and I was wondering if they are sturdy. I don't want to spend the money for something that will fall apart. Thanks.

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Clover291304898053.1611491 PostsRegistered 1/19/2008

I have the Pandora black leather necklace, that works like a lariat, with silver end caps on each end rather than having any kind of fastener. Maybe I got a duff one, but the leather wasn't very good: after I'd tied it a few times, it stopped being smooth, it went kinda raggy, and then it almost broke near one of the silver ends. I superglued it and it held up, but I don't like to tie and untie it very often in case it breaks in another spot.

I also have a Chamilia leather bracelet, that's made of strands of really thin leather but has a proper "Pandora" type snap-fastener. Despite how thin the leather is, it's still in perfect condition and shows no signs of strain.

I don't overload either of them, no more than five charms at a time, because I am worried about the structural integrity of the leather.

I was thinking about getting the $20 Prerogatives bracelet in leather, because that one looks sturdy and the leather is woven rather than being a shoelace.

pinkcrystal1304899172.991288 PostsRegistered 4/24/2006Northern Michigan

How funny you posted this, I just got a leather one yesterday. Now I realize that it was only forty dollars, but I am hoping that it won't fall apart and get ragged like the necklace you got Cinn. I only plan to put about three or four charms total on it. I didn't ever care for the silver pandora bracelet, but I loved the idea of charms on leather for some reason. I have enough silver bracelets from QVC to last me a lifetime, maybe that's why! {#emotions_dlg.lol}

lovesfootb­all1304908547.9297 PostsRegistered 3/19/2010

I have both the black and brown leather bracelets (the ones that wrap around my wrist twice) and I love them! I wear them about 2-3 times a week,and they have held up well with no problems. The salesperson said to put no more than 7-8 charms on them. Give them a try---I think you'd like them.

CarolynFro­mLongIsland1304909012.2672682 PostsRegistered 10/12/2006

I have a black leather one. I got it on xmas eve and have not taken it off...I even wear it in the shower. It still looks like new. I agree with the previous poster. I was told it holds a max 10 charms.


chocolatel­ab1304912692.4972877 PostsRegistered 3/4/2010

I just wanted to thank everyone for their replies. I think that I am going to try the pink leather one. I will also take your advice and make sure that I don't put too many charms on it.

CarolynFro­mLongIsland1304914467.3332682 PostsRegistered 10/12/2006

Enjoy your new bracelet!


dgluvr1304919441.35296 PostsRegistered 5/12/2008

Being a child of the 60's I wore my share of leather bracelets- sorry all you other girls- even without beads- They wear-they fray, they end up looking like ragged string and that was when you only put wood or plastic beads on them! Silver at these prices? For the price of beads I would not ever consider putting them on leather where they will move back and forth on it constantly, and causing it to thin and fray even faster.I have talked with a few different jewelers- they don't like them, they are over-priced and I would hate to lose all that money.

For the person whose bracelet pinches- you should probably have it checked- it's a snake chain- maybe you caught it on something. You could even try a different company's bracelet ( although Pandora's will not tell you that of course, and they won't offer the "cleaning" of beads or bracelets that aren't Pandora.You may even have the wrong size bracelet especially since the beads make it smaller for a while before it actually stretches. JMO. The beads are way too pricey to put on leather that won't hold up and especially if it gets wet even washing your hands.

And for all intensive purposes $40. for leather?- the silver is only $20 more and will last a lot longer. I think it kind of defeats the purpose if you only can put a limited number of beads on leather as well. But I guess to each her own. How many leather bracelets are you going to end up wearing when you check out those beads and see new ones and want them?

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tobias1304939358.2032264 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007longisland

I have both the pandora and chamilia silver bracelets and have had no pinching with either one. I must say that i prefer the chamilia bracelet to the pandora (easier to get on ) I love the chamilia charms and almost bought a second pandora bracelet for them but decided to try the chamilia bracelet. Both are well made-no problems. tobi

formerly poohbear

FastDogWal­ker21305065334.021940 PostsRegistered 1/18/2007

My daughter has one that she has worn 24/7 for a year and it has held up just fine. She loves it. She doesn't wear any charms on it. HTH

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