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do you sleep in your earrings?

Started 1262405468 in Jewelry Talk | Last reply 1262833880 by j-oh
I have always slept in my earrings. Now, after 30 years, my hole has stretched. I can't wear lever backs unless they are so super super light!
Its hard to find dangle earrings that start with a post.

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Angry Bird12624056785076 PostsRegistered 10/17/2007TX
I don't sleep in earrings. I have lost some backings/earrings, bent the posts and just found it better to take them off to sleep.
Earrings go on in the mornings after I am dressed so I don't caught them on the bath towel or clothing. They seem to last alot longer now.
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TrackerGal126240569423626 PostsRegistered 8/7/2007
No---but my holes have stretched also. I think it was from all the heavy earrings I use to wear.

PinkyPetun­ia12624069944687 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004NJ
No, I never sleep in earrings. I've always found that to be very uncomfortable. The earrings jab me so I got in the habit of removing them at night. I've had pierced ears for more than 40 years and my holes are not stretched but I always have worn lightweight earrings. I never could stand the sensation of heavy earrings swinging in my ears.

namealread­ytaken12624075038421 PostsRegistered 7/13/2009
Yes, I sleep in my earrings and always wear lightweight earrings. I have had earrings that poked me, and I abandoned those for sleep and just wear them on occasion. I have not been able to wear anything but gold for a few years now (since my hormones changed) and I could not afford to wear heavy gold, so sleeping in my earrings, means lightweight. ;-) I have never lost an earring in bed although my DILs say that is why they do not wear them, they lose them in bed. Gosh, I wonder what they are doign to lose their earrings. :-)
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AfghanQueen12624075442269 PostsRegistered 9/21/2006Kentucky
My ears are pierced twice. I wear diamond studs every day in the upper piercings, and leave those in when I sleep unless they're soaking in jewelry cleaner. They have threaded posts with scr#w-on backs, so they are very secure. I've slept in these earrings for almost 30 years and the holes haven't stretched--in fact they're difficult to get through the holes if I don't wear them for a couple of days.
I always remove whatever earrings are in the lower holes, usually hoops.

DancingMer­maid12624078702541 PostsRegistered 6/29/2007In the deep blue sea, where any good mermaid should be.
Years ago, I did. Haven't done that in probably over 10 years.
My holes are tiny dots, almost undetectable. But, I think that's do to the fact that I really never wore/wear heavy earrings no matter if I was sleeping or awake!
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AC MDX12624090501551 PostsRegistered 11/17/2005
Studs only, I can't stand to sleep in hoops.

Fluffy212624460991269 PostsRegistered 5/12/2009Palm Desert, CA
No, never.
I would not feel comfortable.

ilovegreen­gems1262446996745 PostsRegistered 9/5/2006
I wear moissanite studs more than any other earrings, since my son and I go to the gym so often. I do sleep in them, and don't have a problem.

stevie7212624486642258 PostsRegistered 1/2/2009Western NY
No, but I should -- the holes in my ears are closing up. When I wear an earring with a larger post I have trouble and feel like I'm making a new whole in my ear!
Janet from WNY
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CalmInTheH­eart12624494168318 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007
I leave my moissanite studs in my second holes but always take my earrings out of the front holes. I change those everyday anyway. I don't wear studs in my first holes as they poke when I'm on the phone. I love love love leverbacks. If I find earrings I like but they are studs, I take them to my local independent jeweler who puts them on leverbacks for me at what I think is a steal of a price.


Brown Sugar12624499205991 PostsRegistered 4/12/2007Near Lake Erie in OH.

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KatherineW126245155328130 PostsRegistered 3/16/2009Alabamian by Birth; Southern By The Grace of God
Not intentionally. I have woken up countless times to find my diamond rolex off and in the bed somewhere. Diamond earrings,too. As a matter of fact this happened 2 days ago. I also am suppose to wear this shoulder splint while I sleep....I tell my PT what's the point since I wake up out of it every morning.....she calls me Houdini!!!

shesallthat126245843310652 PostsRegistered 4/4/2005south
not anymore!!
i used to sleep in my diamond studs. well my baby - who is 12 now - when he was younger loved to take mommy's hair down and brush it. so one night he did this as i was dozing off and he decided he was going to take a better look at my studs because they were sooo pretty he said. well he dropped it down my ear!!!:O i had no idea because he was so afraid to tell me so he just handed me my brush and said he was done and going to bed. it was in a hurry but i didn't think anything of it at the time. well the next day i had the worst headache i have ever had in my life! about noon i could not live with it anymore and called my doctor who told me to come in and when i did she was checking me over and looked down my ear and suddenly she said "OMG" - i thought i had a tumor!!!! LOL she said "you won't believe it!" and got the long tweezer like forceps and pulled out my stud! we laughed about it but i no longer sleep in them anymore even though he feels he is too old to be playing in mommy's hair. that is a pain i never want to experience again!!;-)
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Ms Lorraine12624586314171 PostsRegistered 6/9/2008
I have a 2nd piercing and one of the holes is really hard to get an earring through--the girl who did the piercing "shot" me at an awkward angle. So I usually have a pair of tiny little fake-diamond studs in just to keep the hole open and accessible.
Othewise, I take all my jewelry off before I go to bed. If I didn't, I'd feel shackled.

depglass126245910225013 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006
I sleep in them when I wear gold ball studs or pearl studs. I guess the posts aren't long because they don't bother me. But the lever backs I take off because I'm afraid of breaking them.

namealread­ytaken12624613908421 PostsRegistered 7/13/2009
> I have a 2nd piercing and one of the holes is really
> hard to get an earring through--the girl who did the
> piercing "shot" me at an awkward angle. So I usually
> have a pair of tiny little fake-diamond studs in just
> to keep the hole open and accessible.
> Othewise, I take all my jewelry off before I go to
> bed. If I didn't, I'd feel shackled.
I only have one piercing each ear but one of mine is very crooked, and the reason I like to always wear earrings, is that one wants to close up. Mine incidentally were done by a plastic surgeon many, many years ago, who was doing breast reconstructive therapy subsequent to removal of a large abscess with a cavity (the breast turned out fine, but the piercing in right ear is crooked).

Golden_Old­ie1262488364177 PostsRegistered 12/23/2009NY
I have always slept with my earrings in. My Dr. did my piercings while I was having a mole removed. I mentioned to him I was going to have this done, and he said let me do it. They turned out perfectly centered with a nearly invisible hole.
That is the main reason I'm never without earrings.
I had been in the hospital for about a week, they of course required my jewelry be put in their safe. Long story short, the holes were practically closed.

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Kathy from­ Ga 11262490126434 PostsRegistered 4/15/2007
No, because it feels like the posts are jabbing me in the head. I wear a different pair every day anyway.

Sue from W­arners NY12624903731478 PostsRegistered 10/13/2009Warners, NY (NY=Taxed to Death)
I wear tiny hoops to keep the holes open
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If lost please return me to my kitties.

Milesthecat12624982821704 PostsRegistered 8/17/2005In my house
Sometimes yes....sometimes no. I can't leave any jewelry on my night stand or my little girly cat will bat them around. She loves jewelry as much as me. :-D So if I find my earrings still on I have to leave them on.
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deja vu12625578836279 PostsRegistered 7/9/2007East Coast
Not in the past 10/15 yrs. At that time I wore the same jewelry most of the time, more studs and smaller hoops.
I was wearing all gold jewelry then. :)

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aprilskies12625716995384 PostsRegistered 7/26/2005
I use to years ago but no longer. Usually all jewelry comes off once I get home unless I am going out.

kiddo126257206110263 PostsRegistered 12/6/2006
Nope. Never got my ears pierced.
I can't wear even clip-ons. They just pinch a nerve that runs EXACTLY below that spot of my earlobe.
I feel bad for folks who have stetched holes in their ears. :_|

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nc1111262576810131 PostsRegistered 10/24/2009
Never, all jewelry comes off as soon as I come home.

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