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WATCH COLLECTORS AND Watch Addicts (Part 14)

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Here we are again. Come join us and share your watch finds and questions. Everyone is welcome.

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babs12588510541006 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004ny
Long time no see!;-) OK...if R's OTV is a watch "tower", what is that exactly & why would I need one?

babs :-)

JavaQueen12588513423979 PostsRegistered 6/24/2007
Hey, babs
Just anothe way of saying watch cabinet.

JavaQueen12588515443979 PostsRegistered 6/24/2007

luvwatches12588515921817 PostsRegistered 6/1/2007
Reposted here
babs When I posted I forgot to mention I own the same AK ring but in the black onyx. It is a very nice ring. I have some of her jewelry that I mostly got over on SF bay for less. I didn't watch her show and forgot to DVR too. Since I spent on JR I can't buy any AK anytime soon. Her jewelry is so comfortable-enjoy your purchases.
MrsT Welcome and you have indeed found a home here. Congrats on your Rotary watch and your DH is wonderful.
I am waiting for the R shows but it doesn't seem there will be anything for us-the sunburst is sold out and there isn't much left except for the petites which I don't want.

Merrylass12588528693166 PostsRegistered 1/1/2007
Is the watch tower OTV even by Renato? It is listed as "Sicuro 21 Watch Slot Watch & Jewelry Storage Tower" which is nice but I don't have any more room. Well, if Renato cannot be bothered to bring out any women's watches, then I cannot be bothered to stay up late (bah, humbug!).
When Maureen was still working for Renato, I felt that we had a voice to relay our requests to Daniel Mink but it has been a long time since he has brought out anything new for women.X-( Oh well, my wallet will be happy.

jenagal12588529076623 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country
> J177595
Thx Java. I was looking this storage box over and for the life of me I can't see how it would hold up filled with R's? My 10 slot wood box from acetimer on the bay is ~heavy~. This pressed cardboard tower in my estimation would let the sides go out. {{ BOOM}} It says it will sell for less than $100 and we all know, we get what we pay for. I'm anxious to see it demonstrated. Maybe it will be stronger than I think. I'd love to have a strong tower on my dresser. I forgot. Is that tonight??:|
<^. .^>

Just a thought...I would love it if everyone posted the item number of all QVC purchases. Then I could stop my searching..and searching...TY.

babs12588533791006 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004ny
Thanks, Java! Took a look. Don't need it. Yay for that!
Luvwatches ~ I was/am delighted by the 2 pcs of AK I have now seen & worn. The cinnamon quartz arrived today & I have it on now. Both rings are lovely & well done. Bet the onyx is stunning.
What do you gals think? Is Shops just hiding any Rs that are available for us? They've been known to do such things!

babs :-)

Lavenderju­nkie125885414513722 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
The watch tower is not made by Renato or Croton.
Shop NBC had it made for them.

I hope they have some good ladies watches in hiding.
Otherwise there will be a lot of boring hours.....what a waste.

jenagal12588541816623 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country
Well Babs, I just looked through the line up again and nothing new for us. I see they are selling the sapphires again and the prices better take a plunge or they won't move. I'm so glad I got in on the direct sales to us on those Sapphires. What a great savings and I love those Sapphires. Even though I still don't wear them much.
Well it looks like the only watch in the oven over the whole R ordeal will be a Rotary.:_| Unbelievable. Yep, we're chopped liver.X-(
<^. .^>

Just a thought...I would love it if everyone posted the item number of all QVC purchases. Then I could stop my searching..and searching...TY.

jenagal12588545186623 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country
Well the tower is....
Made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Ninety day limited manufacturer's warranty. Imported. Guaranteed to stand up and hold all those R's for 90 days. Then {{{BOOM}}}.:^O
On second thought they would be good for our fashion watches. That would release my heavy duty acetimer boxes for more substancial ones. Only I am now done buying.B-)
<^. .^>
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Just a thought...I would love it if everyone posted the item number of all QVC purchases. Then I could stop my searching..and searching...TY.

mariner1312588567891065 PostsRegistered 1/1/2007
Mariner: thank you so much. I just ordered a black/black/goldtone Karamica from Kohl's. I didn't know they even had the brand!!! I found a 20% coupon (SHOPEARLY).
I had to pay tax, so my total came to $227, which made me happy. Would have been nice to get it for less, but WOW didn't seem to want to make me any offers.
I'm glad it's returnable to the stores. That makes things easy, if there is a problem.
Did you get the goldtone or the rosetone....I really couldn't decide which one.

You're welcome LavJ! Wasn't that a good deal? And you even found a 20% off coupon! I got the goldtone since my white/white is in rosetone, and I think the goldtone should look really pretty against the black. I found the Kohl's sale by doing a google search for the watch, since the selection at Shop, Wow and Amazon is so slim. I had no idea Kohl's carried Swiss Legend--and they have a good selection too!
My one concern about the black/black is whether it needs diamonds to break up the black. When I see the Chanel version, I always prefer it with diamonds. I also love the Michele Deco ceramic in black with diamonds, but just don't want to fork over $2000 right now. I really hope I love this Karamica!
Welcome, Mrs. T! And congratulations on your new watch--your hubby sounds lovely!:-D
Java, that new coat sounds awesome! I hope you get some really cold weather soon....
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Kimberly32712588577431677 PostsRegistered 12/12/2008
OH my Kohl's has the beige Karamica (same style #) I just paid $540 for $450. I really thought I had been a savvy shopper (hanging head in shame). Going to battle with WOW in the AM. Thanks so much for sharing! I never thought to check Kohl's. (Ouch - that was me hitting my head on my desk.)

luvwatches12588585581817 PostsRegistered 6/1/2007
Java Congrats on the coat and thanks for the info on the OTV-I am passing like Jena. I bought a R ladies box on SF bay from that espiga? who sells the Rs at a discount.
babs I do not have the cinnamon quartz but I hear that ring is fabulous. Enjoy!
Merry I won't be watching the late, late shows either. Daniel has seemed to have forgotten us lately. I did buy a couple of the mens but I won't be making that a habit as a couple are enough. You would think he would notice the ladies watches are in short supply so why not some new???

jenagal12588643936623 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country
Does anyone remember what the blue sharky sold for before? J178081. Seems to me they have raised the price.
The only thing we have going for us tonite and tomorrow are the One Hour Specials. We won't know what they are till the actual show. I may start watching the 1st show tonite, but I'm safe from ordering. The cptr will be booted off and I'll be in bed.B-) But there has been more than once, I had to get up and boot up and quickly order. I don't do the phone thing. Online or nothing.]:)
<^. .^>

Just a thought...I would love it if everyone posted the item number of all QVC purchases. Then I could stop my searching..and searching...TY.

Bestdressed12588656161708 PostsRegistered 7/14/2007
Merrylass...My JR BO enhancer came today. Wowzer...this one is a keeper. It works on all my chains & black leather cord. The jury is still out on the ribbed oval turq enhancer...it didn't thrill me. I will have to wait until the matching earrings arrive...either they both stay or they both go!
Luvwatches...Congrats on the croc bag. Don't you love it, when you win an auction and really great price!B-) Your JR TE enhancer is gorgeous.:-x I would love to see that new TE necklace, but that darn pic isn't up yet.
Jenagal...Congrats on the Rotary watch... NOW that is Tempting price!
Hi MrsT...Welcome, it is so nice meet another watch collector! Can't wait to hear all about your watches. These ladies are expert and can sniff out all the good bargains too.
Kimberly327...Good luck on your Karamica quest. You will love that watch, I have it black and white.

Hi to LavJ,. Babs, Java, Mariner
and everyone else I haven't talked to in a long time.
OK...Have I been in the dark too long or what??? DM just posted this about him being ripped off in a ponzi scheme. I truly feel bad for him. But... I am still miffed there are no ladies watches...except those teeny-weeny petite ones that I cannot read.
Here it is...
I am sure many of you have ready the story of our minority partner Scott Rothstein and the Ponzi Scheme he is being accused of. I would like to let all of you know that Scott joined our company only late last year as a SILENT & MINORITY shareholder. He is a huge watch collector and loved what we were doing. In addition to that his firm also represented our company. The news of this Ponzi scheme came as a shock to us, as much as it did to you. We never had a clue along with other investors that this was possibly a fraud.
Please be comfortable in the fact that this has not & will not affect our company whatsoever. Our company remains strong and the flow of new product at incredible values will come every month.
I thank you all for your support on this matter and I hope this clarifies the issue for you.
It was both the Levy & Mink family. We did take a huge loss on a personal side. But we will do all we can to recover.
Thank you for your concern.

MrsT12588684752106 PostsRegistered 5/17/2008
Okay, first...can I just say you guys on this thread are awesome. Not just because you love watches...and not just because you're very knowledgeable...but because you are all so welcoming! That's not always something you find on the different boards here...so thanks for putting a big ol' smile on my face.
And yeah...my husband truly is one of the good ones. I've been very blessed. :-x
And I'm heading over to Shop NBC to see if I missed anything while we were at the hockey game...

Merrylass12588695993166 PostsRegistered 1/1/2007
Bestdressed, congrats on the black onyx enhancer -- I'm eager for the matching earrings. I'm stunned by the news about a Ponzi scheme affecting Renato -- I'm clearly behind the times too!
luvwatches, which scottie bag are you interested in? I've been debating whether to get the white or red scottie tote and I STILL have not decided ... though the red plaid is getting my interest too ;-)

jenagal12588713576623 PostsRegistered 10/21/2004Midwest: God's Country
Mrs T Welcome. You are lucky to have a DH that helps you add to your watch collection. Mine just says "don't buy anymore" ;-)
The fraud scheme sure is frightening. Knowledgable people getting caught up in it. I hope it doesn't affect the R business. It's too bad that DM has to suffer a big personal loss due to some investing, so to say. Makes one think about your own investing.
Now back to the OTV. The box is more heavy duty than I thought it would be. I could use a new tower but I'll have to think on it.
The pillows in this box are humongus. They don't look soft and squishy either. I want the soft pillows. These pillows are so large, one could put two watches on them. Only they are so large that our ladies watches could never be clasped up and would have to be left loose. Thereby it raises the pillow but there is clearence above but it's surely made for the gents. Again, we are chopped liver. X-( If the pillow were squishy, we could make do.:-(
<^. .^>

Just a thought...I would love it if everyone posted the item number of all QVC purchases. Then I could stop my searching..and searching...TY.

babs12588990611006 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004ny
Jena ~ No more making do for me. Been there, done that, regretted it each time. No settling anymore.
Grrrrr on nothing snazzy for *us*. Chopped liver indeed! I buzzed through the inventory & not a thing interests me. I don't even notice any pricing we haven't seen before. Must be we don't get included in the 4th anniversary. Pfft!X-(
*Sometime* I'd like a brown MOP, dangit! Would look great with the cinnamon quartz,LOL!
Can you imagine, I LOST a handmade ring yesterday?!? Bummed about that! Someone may very well find a hidden surprise when they buy a Makowsky at TJ's.:O There's a jewelry designer a few hours from me (Nancy Miller) & I see her once or twice a year at shows. She's custom-made things for me, & I thoroughly enjoy interacting with the artist who made a piece. The ring I lost, grrrrrrr, I just purchased in September. Oh,well. *Some* lucky lady will have a fine find! Lucky for them, anyway....a little giftie from me,hehe.

babs :-)

mariner1312589027841065 PostsRegistered 1/1/2007
> Well the tower is....
> Made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Ninety day
> limited manufacturer's warranty. Imported.
> Guaranteed to stand up and hold all those R's for
> or 90 days. Then {{{BOOM}}}.:^O
Jena, I love your BOOM description! I can feel and hear it--cracks me up.
Babs, that's awful about your ring. I really hope it turns up. Your cinnamon quartz ring sounds gorgeous--I have thought of getting one for a couple of years. I have two chocolate dial watches, so maybe now's the time!
Kimberly, I wish I had discovered the Kohl's selection earlier! It was pure luck that I stumbled onto the website the weekend they were having the sale. I noticed this morning the prices are back to the original ones, which is $600 for the watch you got and $300 for the non-diamond Karamica. I don't know if this is any comfort, but the amount you paid at WOW is still less than most paid over the last few years.:-)
Merry and Luv, good luck on the Scottie bags. They bring a smile to my face!
Best--good to hear from you again!

Lavenderju­nkie125890324513722 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
Oh Babs, so sorry you lost a ring. :_|
There you were, trying to do something patriotic (buying more handbags) and you suffered a battle injury.
Can you go back and check each and every handbag you examined? And the floor? ( you know they don't vacuum all that often) And did you buy any new handbags?

at the end of the last thread (Part 13) I gave you my opinions about B. Mak handbags. Not just the TSV, but overall, in a later post. I just wanted to be sure you saw it.
Mariner: I'd googled Karamica in the past (not too long ago) and Kohl's never came up. Either the product is new to them or they moved up on the search. It was a great find.
And I have to admit I don't often search for coupons (bad, bad, bad shopper) but I didn't write down the coupon you posted, so I went to look. The stars must have been alligned. :-)
The black/goldtone disappeared from the product list after we ordered. My theory is that they have virtual stock, the same stock that WOW has, and whomever sells it first gets the product and then all stores lose the inventory. Anyway, that's my theory. I know WOW only listed 2 available. I have to see if they have any left now.
As for diamonds, I'm sure they would be lovely, but I don't like the black diamonds against a black case and dial (it's not that they aren't nice, just not worth the expense since they don't show up against black), and I don't care for SL white diamonds. I'm spoiled, I want Renato quality diamonds...full cut, great color and great quality. Also, I think that the SL mop quality is so superior that the dial will sing...with or without diamonds.
Some of our other ladies have the black/black Karamica without diamonds and they love it.
Hopefully we will also. I had ordered and returned the watch about 18 months ago. I bought the white/white and the black/black. I was just getting into really big (by my definition) watches, and the black seemed so big. I might have kept it, but the crown had a problem, so I returned it. Over the last year I've decided I wanted it. Thanks again for the heads up on the deal.
Mrs. T: you are right. The ladies on this thread are really nice. We are lucky to have a group (ever growing) of smart, classy, and supportive ladies. :-x They will help you justify a purchase or talk you down if you really need help overcoming a craving. While we all have different tastes, our ladies try to be honest about a product, as well as respectful of our differences. We don't put each other down, we try to build each other up. :-)
I'm really tired of getting sniped at on other threads when I respond to someones question and provide some info that I might have. People seem to think that you are implying they don't know something if you happen to post info, rather than just an opinion. We share info to be helpful. We all are smarter shoppers for having learned new things. And if someones info isn't helpful, so what, it's easy enough to ignore. The key is to separate opinions from facts. ;-)
Collectively we know more than the "average bear" about watches, handbags, and a few other things. So it's nice to have a source to come to with questions. And our ladies take the time to share what they know....and their opinions also ;-).
Even those with experience sometimes overlook something....especially when trying to order a watch online.
It's helpful when someone else points out something we missed.....that can make the difference in buying or not buying. So we either get a new treasure or save the hassle of a return.
Unfortunately, or maybe luckily, we turn each other on to new finds, treasures, and new addictions. ]:)
I've been trying to get some of these ladies to pay my credit card bills.....it's all their fault I bought my first Renato watch. I think they should be responsible for paying for each and every one I have collected over the past 2 years! :^O :^O :^O

Lavenderju­nkie125890385713722 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
Jena: about the watch tower: the only thing that stops me is that if there is a problem, [u]it's too costly to return[/u]. These things are big and heavy. Once you get them, they are yours....Can you just envision trying to get it packed up to return to Shop if the wood is damaged in some way? And what about arguing about the return postage, which won't be cheap? And a 90 day warranty???? What's it going to cost you to send it back and pay return shipping also???
No, once you get it, it's yours!
As for pillows being too large, I like boxes with big pillows, because then I can stack more than one watch on each pillow.
But I don't size the watches down as small as you do, so I would probably not have the same fit issues.

Lavenderju­nkie125890461613722 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
Kimberly: I know just how you feel. X-( Even tho you got a good deal, it hurts when you find the item elsewhere for less.
Unfortunately, it happens all the time. The Kohl's sale was very limited and I understand the prices have already gone back up.
While we all want the best deal, it's almost impossible to wait since we never know what will be coming next week. The best we can do (in my opinion) is be as informed as possible and take advantage of a good buy when it comes along. It may not be the best price, but it will still be a good price. And then we should enjoy our treasure and try to forget that there was a time when the price was lower somewhere else.
We also have to balance our desire for the item and it's availability. I've waited for a particular watch to be reduced in price, and it never came back into stock.
We all really know how you feel. We have all bought many watches only to see them significantly lower in price at another time (I'm talking hundreds of $$$ on a watch). For a few months it stings, and we vowed never to buy that brand again. But over time, we have mellowed, and we are back to buying again. A little wiser, a little less exuberant, but still buying.
I hope you have some success with WOW over the price.
But if not, enjoy your watch anyway and try to forget you ever heard about the Kohl's sale. You were a savvy shpper.... all you lacked was the ability to see the future! :-D

Lavenderju­nkie125890565913722 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004
After my long post last night to Merry (last thread) about
B. Mak handbags ( the good, the bad), I watched the
9pm show. I exercised restraint....didn't buy anything....but I did make a list of what I had: total 16 B. Makowsky handbags.
I was amazed that I had that many. What I realized is that he has such a broad variety of styles (that appeal to me), that when I see a new handbag, it doesn't look like what I already have. So it's easier for me to "justify" buying another one....if I like the style (even if I already have that color), or if I like the color (even if I already have the style).
In other brands, like Tignanello, the styles are very similar (all the shoppers look so similar, for example), that when I find a new color, it looks so much like what I already have, that it doesn't make sense to buy it. For example....I have a dark navy satchel and a denim navy tote. Now I want the ink color...which is a beautiful royal blue. But every double handle Tig bag I see (that I like) looks like one of the 2 blue ones thatI already own. I never have that problem with B. Makowsky.
And I have some other issues with Tig bags now...exterior trim isn't all leather anymore. But that's not the point of this discussion. :-D
So, after 2 hours of watching B. Makowsky handbags, I have added the following colors to my "crave" list:
raspberry and sapphire. The list also has: fuscia, lilac (medium bright purple), and light blue and aqua (saw this in a store...beautiful, but bag wasn't my style).
I'm still committed to doing my part for the economy. ]:)

babs12589057461006 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004ny
No, LJ, I did my duty & chose a BM bag for my cousin. I'm her personal shopper,LOL. She had been under the delusion that only Coach would do. I'm personally a Dooney gal & only bought one Coach ever, on clearance. My Dooneys were all bought on the bay & are vintage. Q's still selling one, ROFL, as part of their retro collection. There's only so much I'm willing to spend on handbags not made in the USA, & Makowsky suits my budget & style these days. My cousin's not a snob, just needed to be gently shown the way, that quality is quality regardless of a label. She now owns 2 Makowskys....& we know what happens next.;-)
I do not *dare* go back to TJ's & revisit all that tempted me yesterday. I am *hoping* that my ring slipped off in her car in my scramble to get my packages out of it. She'll look. I *could* have even slipped it off at home in my zeal to open the AK cinnamon quartz package & my furbabies may have offed with it. Hasn't turned up yet but it may. I'll yeehaw here if it does!

babs :-)

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