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Can Chamilia Charms go on Pandora Bracelets?

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cndkrick1297780154.2772654 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009OK

Anyone who had tried this?


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pink dogwo­od1297780428.523535 PostsRegistered 7/11/2007

Yes Camilla works perfectly as does troll beads. There are a ton of bead companies making great beads just like Pandora.

If you google Pandora, you'll get a ton of listings of others who make the same beads just a lovely as Pandora.

Enjoy - and happy shopping!

cndkrick1297781676.7832654 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009OK

Thanks so much wonder woman!

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webergram1297782285.1937 PostsRegistered 11/9/2010

Yes they are interchangeable. My bracelet is a Pandora with some Chamila and some Pandora charms. I like the style of the Chamila charms better in some cases. The retailer I usually purchase from dropped the Pandora line and now carries Chamila. We do have a whole Pandora store in a mall not too far away. I love the murano glass ones. They seem to give the bracelet a pop of color. Enjoy!

tobias1297782507.2172264 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007longisland

posted a long reply on the other thread- in short - i have both bracelets and charms from pandora and chamilia- the only chamilia bead that did not fit on my pandora was a poohbear bead with the honeypot... thats why i bought a chamilia bracelet for my chamilia beads ...so far all the others are interchangeable..tobi

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Gloria1297783253.0634836 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I have both. I see others have already answered your question. I just wanted to offer that my Pandora bracelet got started first, as a gift. Then I got Chamilia. I much prefer the Chamilia, especially the Murano glass ones. They are so beautiful and unique. Of the Pandora beads, I always favored their Murano ones, until I saw the Chamilia ones!

Princess_P­oo1297787533.587806 PostsRegistered 2/7/2009

Chamillia, Love Links, Troll Beads, they all go on the Pandora bracelet. However, if you take your bracelet into a store that sells Pandora and you want it cleaned, you might want to remove any beads that are not Pandora, or you might get a lecture about how those "other beads" will ruin your Pandora bracelet - yes, I got this lecture. However, I went into a store that sells Love Links and asked if other beads would ruin the Pandora bracelet and was assured that any of the beads (Chamillia, Love Links, Troll Beads, etc) are fine on the Pandora bracelet. I tend to believe the jeweler that didn't sell Pandora.

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tobias1297789269.4072264 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007longisland

i was told that pandora will not warranty the bracelet if you have other charms on it.

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