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Jewelery Clearance on Overstock

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They have some of my Tacori rings that I paid three times as much plus s/h and taxes on the Q They are going fast. I just let some things go and there were only a few left. I can't imagine what they had after Christmas, I never thought to look. I did get some beautiful pieces that I know I am going to love. Why do I bother with the Q and especially Honora who has never made anything I have liked although I did keep one strand of very small mm black pearls. On the Q I bought the $29 special pearl set last night. I got one in gold and one in the blue which looked teal and I hope it was although no one said anythng but blue. Too cheap to pass up. I really don't like Honora so was very interested to see what Overstock is offering. Take a look.

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Spunkyspou­ts1294032038.987307 PostsRegistered 11/19/2008miami

I already picked up Tacori earrings for $16.00 last week, pretty happy about that!

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