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Question about peach tree and peaches?

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Our son has a tree and the peaches are not getting any bigger and are hard =about 2" to-2 1/2 inches across. Lots of them have fallen and he picked them up and discarded them.

It is his first year in his house and we did not spray anything-he has a pear, plum (which were decicious but the birds all ate) and an apple. I know you are supposed to spray fruit trees but don't know where to start. It is too late this year to spray, but I hope to know more about it for next year.

What my husband and I cannot figure out is, does the peach tree need water or what? It is dry here, in the past three weeks we have had scant rain, but we had plenty of rain before that. What is wrong with this tree? We are in Northeastern Ohio, so peaches will ripen later here than in Georgia. I was looking forward to picking peaches and making jam. But they are still hard and they have not changed in size since last week. My husband looked today and there are lots of rotten ones still on the tree which are moldy. Can anyone help?

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JustJazzmom1279584763.30329877 PostsRegistered 11/12/2007My garden, of course!!

Sounds like several problems: fungal diseases and inabilty to ripen. I know you do have to set up a spraying schedule to keep insect and fungal pests under control with peaches.

Peach leaf curl Peach Brown rot

Those are fungal diseases.

I would keep watering the tree and removing the fallen fruit and do a good sanitary clean up of any fallen leaves or fruit to prevent the fugnus from re-infecting the tree.

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