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is there any kind of birdseed that squirrels don't like?

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the squirrels in our yard are such little piggies! I fill up our birdfeeder and the seed is gone within a day, or two at the most. the birds are getting some of it, but it's mostly serving as squirrel feed !

I know, a squirrel's gotta eat too. but they're not leaving much for the birds.

is there some particular type of feed that birds love but squirrels won't eat?


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Marp1278299505.45713480 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004Western NC

The only birdseed I've found that the squirrels will leave alone is the seed in the feeder my dog is guarding! Sorry, squirrels will eat just about anything from birdseed to pet food to people food.

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glb6131278323220.82711615 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I have a squirrel proof feeder and it really works. Here is a sample:


Carolina9251278328023.32143 PostsRegistered 1/31/2007

They don't like safflower seed. I've spent years and many dollars trying to figure out what to do about them emptying out my feeders. I got the squirrel-proof feeder where the bin closes when anything heavy gets on the perch, which would include squirrels and big birds. They learned that they could push on the bottom of those and the seed would fall out on the ground, where they could feed. They have learned over the years that, if they do that, they'll still only get safflower seed. It's more expensive than regular seed, lots more than sunflower seed, but it lasts a lot longer--squirrels can empty a feeder in a day. Good luck--they sure are smart little things.

RedHeadedW­ench1278339591.7079737 PostsRegistered 10/1/2006

Go to the Dollar Store, and buy a few bottles of chili powder. Mix it in with your birdseed....it does not hurt the birdies whatsoever, but it burns the little varmint's tongues and they won't touch the seed.

You can also use hot paprika, hot sauce...but you have to let the seed dry a little. You can buy already made "squirrel proof" seed from Duncraft, but it's cheaper to make your own.

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JustJazzmom1278340456.52329574 PostsRegistered 11/12/2007My garden, of course!!

Many squirrels dislike the taste of safflower seed; the cardinals and mourning doves enjoy it. I did have one squirrel that did eat the safflower seed after it fell to the ground over the winter. He must have been desperate!

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purrmom12784609083400 PostsRegistered 5/27/2010Mid-MO

I put out ears of corn & peanuts for the squirrels but they still raid the feeders. I've tried cayenne pepper, didn't work. And squirrel proof feeders. Ha. In my yard they get on top of the feeder & hang down like acrobats & eat the seed anyway. I've even caught them tipping the hummingbird feeder & drinking from it like it's a cup. {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

Idacat1278461187.3674707 PostsRegistered 7/26/2005Idaho !!!!

My bird feeders are on shepherd's hooks away from al tree branches, etc and I have a squirrel feeder in a bed of vinca outside the kitchen window. The squirrels eat their own food and I've hever seen them even try to get at the birdfood. The larger birds do, however, eat the squirrel food if the squirrels drop it where they can get to it.

bopper1278879584.03314269 PostsRegistered 8/5/2007

I bought safflower seeds and they ate that too. I have the Red squirrels and they are worse than the gray squirrels. They manage to get the feeders no matter what. One even shimmied my clothes line to get the feeder hanging on the line.

TheOwl1278880207.5671701 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007

Yes. Any kind of bird seed hanging in a feeder from a pole - away from overhanging tree limbs - which has a good squirrel baffle on it. We had to add a racoon baffle too after the squirrels couldn't get up to the seed but those big raccoons could! :) Now the squirrels are VERY happy eating the seeds knocked to the ground by the many, many birds at our feeder. Everybody wins.

AnikaBrodie1278946945.83715966 PostsRegistered 1/29/2008The NE state of mountains and valleys

If there is I haven't found it! LOL. We, too, have lots of squirrels and they love to hang on our feeders, sometimes upside down. We have at least three solid black squirrels this year. Anyone else have them?

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~bunny~1278960299.4379850 PostsRegistered 5/17/2010

Can't find any they won't eat here either. I smeared a paste of cayan pepper on the top of my bird houses and the little son of a guns would lay right on it and their bellys would be bright orange. They keep coming back. It was a funny sight to see the little varments with orange bellies {#emotions_dlg.laugh}. Eventually we had to take the feeders down because they broke them.

bunny can't wait for Spring!

BLH1278960918.941656 PostsRegistered 1/21/2009

I tired the hot pepper it did not work

bopper1278961169.05314269 PostsRegistered 8/5/2007

I had 1 black squirrel but mostly red squirrels and a guzzalion chipmunks. I am live trapping them now. So far I have caught 17 chipmunks and 5 red squirrels and I have lots still running around.

glb6131278962795.09711615 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Why are you trapping them?

purrmom1278965480.9533400 PostsRegistered 5/27/2010Mid-MO

I have tried two different squirrel baffles . The squirrels leap right over them. I also tried rubbing vaseline all over the pole. That didn't work either.

bopper1278967282.614269 PostsRegistered 8/5/2007
On 7/12/2010 glb613 said:

Why are you trapping them?

I trap them so they don't eat all my birdseed. They are fine, I let them out about a mile down the road in a park. I would never hurt them.

bopper1278967328.42314269 PostsRegistered 8/5/2007
On 7/12/2010 purrmom said:

I have tried two different squirrel baffles . The squirrels leap right over them. I also tried rubbing vaseline all over the pole. That didn't work either.

You know what might work. My friend used a Slinky on her pole. The squirrel can't get past the slinky because it goes up and down when he tries to climb it. Just a thought.

KITTYKITTY1278967604.61475 PostsRegistered 6/17/2009

We found out by accident that our squirrels love bread...so we just feed everyon that..birds, squirrels, etc. It's easier, cheaper and cleaner (no shells to clean up!). Everyone is happy!{#emotions_dlg.biggrin}

bopper1278967775.8414269 PostsRegistered 8/5/2007

I tried that but got Crows, grackles, and pidgeons.

Sawn1279189358.837769 PostsRegistered 2/9/2006

My only suggestion is to get a couple of cats. We have two indoor/outdoor kitties, and we haven't seen many squirrels since. Of course, they also enjoy "birding", but that's the nature of the beast!

My DH also made a squirrel baffle out of an upside down paint can. He put it halfway up the bird feeder post and that helps as well.

Good luck!

familyfirst1279429275.7132 PostsRegistered 7/17/2010

feeder birds dont like safflower seed or thistle. you can buy it at bird supply stores like wild birds unlimited. this is what i use when the squirrels get out of hand. then when they leave my feeders alone i will go back to a sunflower mix to attract more variety of birds.

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