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Started 1266703787 in In the Garden | Last reply 1268585736.477 by JaCe
Considering ordering this as it is only available for a short time.
I notice the weeds they pull are in moist soil & I'm sure self-planted. I live in hard mountain soil. Has anyone used this product in this type of soil? I do not want to waste anymore money on products that do not work for me. TIA
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gardenman126670603417969 PostsRegistered 6/30/2005Southern New Jersey
I don't have one, but they demonstrate it in unreal conditions so that always has me suspicious. I would think a weed with a long tap root in tough soil would likely break off the tap root and you'd have the same weed time after time.
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Fly! Eagles! Fly!
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4paws126676662822685 PostsRegistered 7/29/2006
That's what I was thinking, it's obvious they plant those weeds.
My ground is rock hard, but many weeds I can pull by hand so thought it might work. :)
Life is like a snowstorm...you'll meet a lot of flakes.

JustJazzmom126676954829819 PostsRegistered 11/12/2007My garden, of course!!
I found that I cut out most of my weeds by applying mulch to my soil. If you block the sunlight from getting at the weed seeds, they cannot grow. But unfortunately, you will have to weed those areas first before applying the mulch. I hate to weed too!

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Charlie71312668313103 PostsRegistered 2/22/2010
I bought this weeder the first time it was on, it works wonderfully. Our soil is very hard packed with lots of rocks. It works best on the dandelions and the tap root will not break off if you position the prongs exactly over the center of the weed.

4paws126745956422685 PostsRegistered 7/29/2006
Got my weeder Friday. Of course I ran right out and pulled a couple of weeds through the snow! Works great. It is much smaller than I thought it would be and much easier to handle.
Glad I ordered!
Life is like a snowstorm...you'll meet a lot of flakes.

donnalona1268189197.02902 PostsRegistered 7/6/2005Long Island, NY

I've had mine for 4 yrs now and love the way it pulls out the weeds in the lawn and beds.  I think even if your soil is hard because you step on the handle into the weed you can cut through the hardness of the soil. 

carjam1268343990.24711 PostsRegistered 11/1/2007

I love this. Have had it for several years. We have clay soil which can be sticky and hard and it works well.

SWDuVal1268443200.49347 PostsRegistered 4/9/2008

I just purchased this and can't wait to use it, I don't get many weeds bacause of all of the mulch I put down, I just went out last night to get 8 bags of dirt and 12 bags of mulch. I'll let you know when I use it!!

Never Enou­gh1268547107.6938 PostsRegistered 9/20/2007

Yes I love it too. I got mine 2 years ago & it works just wonderful. We have alot of shale around the yard & it even works there. Do not hesitate- buy it!

JaCe1268585736.4774 PostsRegistered 3/13/2010

I've owned this weeder for many years and do use it often.  There are two downsides for me; 1) doesn't always get the whole dandellion root, so the weed comes back, and 2) there is quite a hole left in the lawn which does fill in over a short time.  Other than that, it's just plain fun to use. Laughing

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