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Flutterby Butterfly Bushes (Cottage Farms) M26720

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Can anyone who purchased these tell me how they are doing for you??

I planted in May, and they are still very small. The apricot bush died. I am dissapointed in the growth and that I lost one.

What are my chances of getting a replacement on the Apricot only?

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luvmyteddy1342628768.719527 PostsRegistered 9/4/2010Royals/Chiefs

I ordered a 100 pack the first year they were on and had about 4 plants that didn't make the shipping. I called and had to wait for the next season to get a replacement and they sent me another 100 pack. Boy was I surprised. They have done great but the mini roses I bought all died and I will not order from them again. So you can get a replacement, stay on them, I called them directly and it worked. You may get more than the one.

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Buck-i-Nana1342629227.6278961 PostsRegistered 9/26/2007South West Ohio

Mine are doing great, even in this awful heat. I don't know if it makes any difference, but I always use "Root Blast" when I first plant anything.

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MadamAnne1342632750.813555 PostsRegistered 9/15/2007

I think we're talking about the same product (I bought mine last year and there were a total of 4 plants). Like many Cottage Farms plants, they grew very little the first year. I put all but one in pots. Two of the bushes that I transplanted this summer are growing like crazy. The other two are doing okay. My only complaint with CF is that they do not ship the full variety of colors as presented on TV. I purposely saved the color sticks included with the bushes, and frankly, there is barely a difference among any of them!

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juanitalin­da1342639052.977160 PostsRegistered 1/27/2010

I bought them this spring too. Mine are also very small; the largest one is probably 10 inches high and the other three are about 6 inches. Three are in bloom, but the apricot one is not blooming nor growing very much. The flowers are also small.

I have fertilized and watered regularly, and have them in 20" pots.

I was expecting drawf butterfly bushes, but these are pathetic ... I need to put something else in the pots so they don't so lonely.

Hopefully they survive the winter and look better next year.

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Kachina6241342672500.42719384 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004New Mexico
I got a CF butterfly bush three years ago, the type that is supposed to have three colors on one bush. It was the smallest most pathetic thing you ever saw when I got it in a 3" pot. I kept it in a pot for a couple months, then put it in the ground in a protective cage so my dogs wouldn't run over it. It's now over six feet tall and needs to be cut back as I can hardly get by it on the sidewalk. Lots of blooms but most are a lavender color.

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lizzE1342713388.60717 PostsRegistered 8/7/2010NY

3 of mine are doing ok. 1 in a pot, 2 in the ground and husband ran over the other. I remember Philip said that the first year perennials sleep, second year creep and third year leap. Hope this helps.

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qvcaddicti­on1342714196.1436319 PostsRegistered 6/30/2007

They also will credit your account if you want. That is what I had done one year with them and Roberto's. I only order from Jackson and Perkins now.

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scgrl1342815769.12734 PostsRegistered 7/20/2012

When I first got my butterfly bushes from CF I called and they replaced two of them, no questions asked. It was the exact two that I told them had died and they shipped them out to me fast. I was impressed with that. I thought the other two might not make it so I decided to order something from Roberta's on here I think called 'feed and flourish' or something. It got great reviews so I thought I would try it and see if it helped them. It is amazing what it has done to those plants...all of them. You have to try this stuff before you get discouraged. The ones that I thought weren't going to make it are now bigger and have more blooms than the others!

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kittykatkay1342829779.30323127 PostsRegistered 2/24/2011

I ordered the CF butterfly (set of 3) bushes about four years ago and they are still growing stronger and bigger each year. I trim them back every year and they spread out even further. I always fertilize my plants (new ones) with miracle grow or root blast and then of course every year after that - every other month. If you have had problems, call them right away. You may not get them replaced this year, but you will next year. BTW, I ordered their banana plants that grow real bananas and I think it was one of their last shows they had this year. I wasn't going to order them, because in the past year or two, their plants have not been as full and "as shown on TV" as years past. But, I decided to give them a try - they were around 18 inches when they shipped them (in May) and I planted them in a huge container since I will be bringing them in my basement during the winter. They are almost 4 feet tall now. I hope they make those real bananas but probably won't until the second or third season. THEY ARE GORGEOUS.

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MrsCat211343050559.263793 PostsRegistered 3/13/2010IL

I called Cottage Farms and they are sending me a replacement next year. Thanks Ladies Smile

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kittykatkay1345390651.98323127 PostsRegistered 2/24/2011

I can't remember if these are the same ones or not, but I did order butterfly bushes from Cottage Farms about six-seven years ago. They are still doing wonderful. I have two purples ones beside my backdoor steps and one pink, one white and another purple one outside in my back yard. I have noticed that for the past 2-3 years, they are not shipping the plants like they used to. Sickly, very small and if they don't change back to where they were giving us better plants (a substantial size) to begin with, they will be losing money year after year......the same goes for Robertas. I don't order like I did in the past for this very reason.

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