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Topsy-turvy strawberry

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Good morning,

Anyone have sucess with the topsy-turvy strawberry holder? Or the tomato holder?

Where is the best place to hang it?

Where is the best place to get strawberry plants to insert? Buy now or wait until May?

This is all new to me. They had a bogo at our local store.

Start in May or June?


Deb :)

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JMINNY1300121572.9232233 PostsRegistered 7/6/2006N.Y.

I have two of the deluxe topsy turvy's that came on the stand....I had good luck with them, but you MUST water everyday as they dry out quickly...I like the one's on the stand, so I do not have those things hanging all over the place-it looks neater....and you can buy strawberry plants anywhere...home depot and Lowe's have them at very affordable prices...I plant tomatoes in all of mine...

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gardenman1300190656.26717975 PostsRegistered 6/30/2005Southern New Jersey

I've never had good success growing strawberries in containers like that, but since you've already bought them it's worth a shot for you. I wouldn't wait too long for the strawberry plants. Most are shipped in a dormant state and should be in stores about now (at least here in NJ.) I've bought them in Walmart, Lowe's and Home Depot with good success (at least when planted in the ground.) If you can't find them now then you should be able to find actively growing plants in four packs/six packs when the annuals arrive in your local garden centers.

You'll then be faced with the choice of what type of strawberries to grow. There are three basic types of what we typically think of as strawberries, June-bearing, ever-bearing and day-neutral. You'd think it would be a no brainer to select the ever-bearing as who wouldn't want strawberries all season? Duh! The problem is you'll find that most ever-bearing plants tend to be never-bearing more than ever-bearing. You get very, very few berries from most ever-bearing plants. You'll get a handful in June and another handful (at most) in the fall. Not exactly what most people are looking for. Day-neutral plants give you a smattering of berries all season, but once again the harvest is typically very disappointing in terms of quantity. June-bearing plants do just give you berries in May/June, but they give you a lot of berries in May/June. Most growers end up growing the June-bearers as a result of this.

Another alternative for you is the Alpine strawberries, or fraises des bois. These are tiny little berries that really taste like strawberries should. (You can sometimes find the berries in the produce sections of fine grocers, but they're kind of pricey.) They're closer to the original wild strawberry and they won't impress anyone by their size, but the flavor is great! Below is a link to one of many sites touting them in case I've piqued your interest. About the only real negative to growing alpine strawberries is finding the plants. You're pretty much stuck with the mail order route for these guys unless you have a really impressive garden center in your area. Good luck and happy growing!


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Dakota991300191174.3371679 PostsRegistered 3/20/2007

Thanks jminny and gardenman, I appreciate the info, this is my first year ever doing any kind of planting upside down veges. I am excited.

I am very interested in the alpine strawberries, I will look into those, thanks for the link.

Make it a good Day!

Deb :)

Dakota991307625261.3771679 PostsRegistered 3/20/2007


We planted tomato and strawberry plants in 2 seperate holders, last weekend in the topsy turvey holders, so far so good, I had 3 ripe strawberries yesterday already. Found them at Lowes (thanks gardenman).

It is fun to watch them grow.

My husband built a heavy duty wooden trellis to put them on, they are super heavy.

Deb :)

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