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Yankee Candles-should I buy any?

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I rarely to in the store, but a few weeks ago I bought some of the boney bunch pieces and smelled some of their candles. They have a huge variety, there are really good coupons floating around, so I thought that I would like to try some.

Did I read somewhere, that people thought that they had alot of soot on their ceilings from them. (I don't need that!)

Also-I have never had a tart. I like those, too, but what is the best way to melt tarts? The tealight way, or an electric one?

Yankees facebook page is very busy-I have read it a few times and you can't help but get into their products by just reading it! Thank you!

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winamac1282219379.58719053 PostsRegistered 8/21/2005Carmel, Indiana

OMG, I had SO much soot on my celings and around my vents from the years I burned Yankee Candles. My hvac guy told me NOT to burn anymore YC's as they are a super dirty burn. I don't burn them now. I use Woodwick or Tyler or Slatkin. YC's are the dirtiest burn out there and tunnel. I know some love them, but the soot around my vents is very difficult to get out.

zoologist1282219756.8671745 PostsRegistered 1/29/2010

I'm a H U G E candle/home fragrance fanatic. Huge. I have an entire closet devoted just to candles.

I've yet to find ANY candles that have any kind of 'throw' (actually making the room air smell scented) that are NOT soot-producing products.

YC are by far LESS SOOT-producing than Valerie Parr Hill's "cleaner burning" soy products. They look like you could do smoke signals when they're burning!

So, I've gone to using some combination of BBW Wallflowers, room sprays, tarts and other types of wax melts, and jar candle warmers, in addition to the lit candles.

Hope this helps.

Grade1Teach1282221545.0410350 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Long Island

Hi rosehill!

I think you should go for it! I have burned Yankee Candles for years and have found that they barely produce much soot at all. I have had a few here and there that created more soot than others, but for the most part, they are fine. I find the longer the wick, the more soot it produces.

By the way - I LOVE Slatkin candles too and find they produce some soot as well. I agree with zoologist - I have yet to find a great candle that doesn't produce some kind of soot. However, I've never had any wall or ceiling damage (although I know others on here have).

The tarts are wonderful! They are very strong and are a quick way to add scent to your house. It's stronger than a candle (although it lasts for a shorter period of time). I burn mine with tealights - I've never tried the electric tart warmer. I'm sure that's fabulous too!

ricksouth1282223844.773 PostsRegistered 8/19/2010

I have burned Yankee Candles for years and love them. They don't throw soot or tunnel, it you burn them correctly. Trim the wick to 1/4" before you light it for the first time. Always burn it for a minimum of two hours. When you do this it will melt across the top and NOT tunnel. I frequently burn my candles for the whole day. Because the the top is flat when you burn it for a longer time the heat from the wax will keep it melting flat. Then you need to trim the wick to 1/4" when you re-light the candle. Make sure you have a flat top before you do any trimming or you will have tunnelling problems.

I once had a roommate that would light a candle for a half-hour... guess what ... it tunnelled and was ruined in a very short amount of time. Another benefit of burrning a Yankee Candle for a long time is the great fragrance.

Candlefrea­klady1282230874.793635 PostsRegistered 5/17/2007Southeast Tennessee

If you find a fragrance that you really love, then give it a try. I have been burning Yankee candles for several years with no soot problems. I agree with ricksouth about trimming your wick before each burn, and burning the candle for several hours which will keep it from tunneling, (which I had to learn the hard way) I will not burn a candle unless I know I will be home for several hours. If you trim your wick and still have a bit of soot, then just trim it a little bit shorter than the 1/4 inch. I usually trim mine just a tiny bit more than 1/4 inch. I was visiting a relative who had a lit candle in the bathroom, and the wick was way too long with black smoke going up to the ceiling. It was terrible{#emotions_dlg.sad}

I also use tarts, and love them. I agree with Grade1Teach about them being stronger than candles and a quick way to fragrance a room. I use both electric, and tealight.

If I get a candle that does not have a strong enough scent throw, I will usually place it on a warming plate, or cut it out of the jar and place in my melter.

If you buy one, let us know what you thinkSmile

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NChgOfMyAt­titude1282232050.2675204 PostsRegistered 10/18/2006Connecticut

I also found a lot of soot with Yankee Candles. I usually burn slatkin or any other soy candles I find. I haven't had the soot problem anymore. We had to paint our bedroom ceiling because I couldn't stand the grey color over where I burn the candles. Soy burns much cleaner. But I love the Yankee Candle home store in Old Deerfield Massachusetts. It's the absolute best, worth a trip anytime.

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neeceebear1282232864.8475 PostsRegistered 5/18/2010

I am a huge YC fan. I burn candles, use electric candle warmers, and I mostly melt the tarts in an electric tart burner. I have never had a soot problem. I am new to the Slatkin & Co. I just bought a Slatkin a couple or weeks ago and I am impressed. I am currently using a candle warmer with a Slatkin candle in my office and everyone comments how nice it smells and the scent is "autumn". I do agree that the YC tarts are the strongest scent and it lasts all day. You can't go wrong with either as far as I am concerned.

only shops­ online1282262659.3675943 PostsRegistered 10/17/2006

I used to buy Yankee Candles years ago, and enjoyed them. Then I had some bad experiences and switched to Slatkin. However, most of my Slatkins have tunneled or the wicks have drowned. And, sometimes the scents are a little too strong for me.

So, with coupon in hand, I went to Yankee Candle this week and bought a large candle....Cinnamon Buns. It smells great in the jar, but it really doesn't smell like much when it is burning. And, I haven't had such a sooty candle since trying Valerie's soy candles.

I'm up for any suggestions on other brands to try.

only shops­ online1282262951.655943 PostsRegistered 10/17/2006
On 8/19/2010 neeceebear said:

I am a huge YC fan. I burn candles, use electric candle warmers, and I mostly melt the tarts in an electric tart burner. I have never had a soot problem. I am new to the Slatkin & Co. I just bought a Slatkin a couple or weeks ago and I am impressed. I am currently using a candle warmer with a Slatkin candle in my office and everyone comments how nice it smells and the scent is "autumn". I do agree that the YC tarts are the strongest scent and it lasts all day. You can't go wrong with either as far as I am concerned.


Please be careful using candle warmers...if they are the kind that you put the jar in. If candles are not meant to be used in warmers, they could explode. After doing this for years, I was told this by Yankee Candle, when the wax components in one of my candles separated when I used it in a warmer.

Stila1282263631.09770 PostsRegistered 8/18/2007

Hello, I have used Yankee Candles for 25 years and have never had a soot problem. I love their candles and they smell devine. I can't say if others have had problems or not,but for me ,I will continue to buy them. The McIntoch Apple is awesome.

nestlee1282264727.683291 PostsRegistered 11/5/2008

Hi Rosehill,

I've not had good luck with Yankee Candles. No matter what I do they really throw off the soot for me. I was constantly blowing them out, trimming the wicks and relighting. What a pain. We recently painted rooms and my, oh my! What a difference. My ceilings are white again!

Anyway, I love the scent of Yankee Candles so I use an electric candle warmer:

http://candlewarmers.com/ I can't believe how quickly they throw off the scent. These warm from the top of the candle so there's no chance of the wax "exploding". Yankees have a great strong scent anyway and I love my warmer. I got it at Pat Catan's Home section of the store.

nestlee1282267665.247291 PostsRegistered 11/5/2008

Stila is right about the MacIntosh Apple. It IS awesome. That's the candle that's sitting in my candle warmer right now.

rosehill1282269424.6173509 PostsRegistered 10/30/2007

Thanks, gals. Their scents smell so good. Alot of it might have to do with wick trimming. I always trim the slatkin wicks before I relight them, so I view this as part of the drill of burning a candle.

Mos1282306201.8359 PostsRegistered 2/24/2007

Love my candles.

I recently moved, and had packed all of my candles (except for the Christmas candles) in a large box. I gave many away before the pack, to a neighbor who burned candles out in her yard. I didn't need the extras, and they were gifts of scents I wasn't crazy about.

So I moved in, and couldn't find that darn box. I was afraid it went up into the garage attic, which would mean the candles were a melted mess. I was mourning the loss, lol. What's a girl to do so I went and bought a couple more candles...

I bought Indian Summer (Colonial) online, and dune grass (Yankee). My girlfriend and I hunted through boxes and boxes, and there on the bottom (in the bedroom stack of boxes) was THE box. Voila! There were 2 Moroccan Spice (Colonial) 2 Autumn wreath (Yankee), 1 spring bouquet (Yankee), various other yankee jars I had totally forgotten about, boxes of votives, my extra Christmas candles, my snuffer, tarts....I was in scent heaven!

My guy used to burn a yankee candle out in the garage, "rain" I think it was....he would work on motorcycles, engines, whatever needed "toolin" One cold winter eve, he came in for dinner, went back out, and the candle had exploded....wax was everywhere...we looked around, no sign of anything amiss, it wasn't close to anything "catchable", but the top of the glass was blown off and melted wax was everywhere...probably too darn cold, thermal shock....that was it for my great idea...lol.

I always take a drop of hot wax and cover the wick after I put the flame out, that stops the swirls of smoke.....


Gracey101284926623.7372 PostsRegistered 9/19/2010

I am a former owner of a candle company and I can tell you that ALL CANDLES ARE DIRTY. The more fragrant they are the dirtier they are period! IF you don't believe me test them yourself this way. Place candles next to styrofoam cups (make sure the wick is lower than the top of the cup ) in small room such as a laundry room or bathroom. Shut the door, let them burn for an hour and the check the cups. You will find a gray or black marbling on the cup. I no longer burn candles for this reason. If I want fragrance I will use some type of electric oil warmer (not a tealight warmer).

only shops­ online1284942157.4635943 PostsRegistered 10/17/2006

I don't burn candles for hours on end, and the most visible soot I have ever had was from VPH's soy candles.

I used to LOVE Yankee Candles, but something has changed over the years. To me, they smell great in the jar, but don't have much of a distinguisable scent while they are burning.

I recently discovered, by reading the bb's, the Mainstay 3 wick candles from Walmart and they are only $3 each! In my opinion, they have a very pleasant scent, decent throw, and aren't too sooty.

mrsbart1285000227.227327 PostsRegistered 9/8/2010

I always stick to soy candles. Beanpod candles are my favorite.

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