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How to get grease off kitchen cabinets

Started 1281641893.263 in For the Home Talk | Last reply 1281754749.627 by tiggeerrific5

My daughter just moved in to her first home and the kitchen cabinets are greasy and tacky so gross. I have tried simple green and clorox clean-up on them and it helped a little .Is there anything that will clean this up

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chickenbutt1281642619.8427148 PostsRegistered 1/16/2006chickentown

Has she tried Mr Clean Magic Erasers? Those seem to be, well, magic when it comes to cleaning things that won't otherwise come clean.

Or, how about Dawn dishwashing liquid? I hear that is top notch for cutting through grease...

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crdlb1281642739.57313394 PostsRegistered 6/24/2009So. Cal.

TSP--I think it's trisodium phoshate--or something like that. If you go a hardware store and ask for TSP they will know what you're talking about. You mix in water and it will clean they up like nothing else.

blueroses471281642837.312252 PostsRegistered 9/1/2005Central NJ

I'm a huge, huge fan of the old Spic and Span powdered cleaner. NOT the liquid, but the powder in the cardboard box. It's very hard to find it in stores. I've only been able to find it in Ace Hardware stores and online.

It seems to cut grease better than anything else I've used. I've used it on my kitchen cabinets when I had neglected them for a time, and they were very greasy. I use it on all my kitchen things when I do heavy cleaning. It's really great.

tiggeerrif­ic51281642893.7372236 PostsRegistered 7/13/2006

Yes we treis mr. clean erasers it did help some. I will give dawn a try and if that dosent work try what the other poster said to get at the hardware store.I was scrubbing for 6 hours my arms are killing me

chickenbutt1281642942.10727148 PostsRegistered 1/16/2006chickentown
On 8/12/2010 crdlb said:

TSP--I think it's trisodium phoshate--or something like that. If you go a hardware store and ask for TSP they will know what you're talking about. You mix in water and it will clean they up like nothing else.

Great idea! I had forgotten about TSP. I once, around 30 years ago, purchased a house and - holy moly! We had to buy a truckload of TSP to get that place cleaned up! Worked great.

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Lablover1281643420.59140 PostsRegistered 3/8/2005

Hi Tiggeerrific5,

Congrats to your daughter!!

Not to worry!! I have used many things. The erasers will take off paint. But you can use TSP which you can buy at the hardware store or any box store with a hardware area in it. It comes in liquid and granular. Follow the directions on the product you purchase. It's actually a paint preparer, but it really works to get off the junk.

Also, a product called "Greased Lightening", but that does have a tendency to take off some paint. It works well on everything including ovens and sinks and tubs... If it's wood with a stain, I'd use it. In the end use you can find the product re juvenate and it will give her a new coat over all the yuck once clean. If it's really old cabinets.

I've used Regency Gold and that cleans the wood while it polishes, but I it sounds like you have lots of years of build up. You can try it!! Any product that I said might take off some paint, just use it diluted. I do know that TSP loves to take off finger black finger prints on my white doors.

Also, there is an oil out there and you buy it in the color of the furniture or cabinets. It comes in a bottle and use it with a soft cloth, not paper towels. I use Old English scratch cover. Once clean it takes little effort and it brings the shine and makes them look brand new.

Just a little elbow grease goes a long way. She won't have to do them for a long time!! Hope this helps!!

Lablover1281643764.68140 PostsRegistered 3/8/2005

One more thing... I just tried a product and like it called Dirtex. This is in a spray for windows and granular for washing. If all else fails.. This too cleans, but I agree with Hick Chick. I was typing while her post came through, try TSP first. Don't be concerned.. It does come granular and liquid... same stuff.

While we are at it, if she's cleaning away. Try Invisible Glass. It's to be used on GLASS only, but it really works with less effort. Box store, auto store, or even online at the "Q".

Good luck!!

SuziQ21281643786.2972572 PostsRegistered 9/18/2008

Try "Dissolve-It".... works great on grease, stickers, etc. I buy mine at Bi-Mart. Walmart used to carry it.

I think tsp can also strip the cabinets.....I use it before painting oil base paints, as it removes anything that would make it not stick, but you have to use gloves. I am not sure about using it on wood though. I think the Regency Gold also would work well. I use it on my wood when it needs cleaning...and when it also gets sticky.

You have several options. Good luck

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vintagenoel1281645677.08596 PostsRegistered 1/14/2008

I use Greased Lightening as well to remove any sticky residue from cabinets and it also works beautifully to clean the top of the refrigerator.

Brabls1281646136.3614740 PostsRegistered 4/27/2007

Murphys Oil soap works.

goodstuff1281646498.88717182 PostsRegistered 11/11/2008

Will any of these recommended cleaners work on white-painted cabinets without removing or damaging the paint? I need to do some cabinet-cleaning too!

VCamp27481281646867.587850 PostsRegistered 4/20/2006

Baking soda & white vinegar.

bubbles31281657662.487737 PostsRegistered 2/9/2008

Lestoil mixed in warm water , and straight on the rag for extra bad spots .It will not hurt painted cabinets .If wood ,I would try the bucket method .

tiggeerrif­ic51281754749.6272236 PostsRegistered 7/13/2006

Thanks for all the great suggestions! i was able to get the cabinets clean and grease free using the grease lighting that stuff is amazing!

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