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Scrolled Vines Reversable Outdoor Mat TSV from 3/20.

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I had the 9X12 waitlisted in mocha and it was delivered yeseterday.  I had almost forgotten I placed the order.  When I first opened the box, I was like "Eh".  I was really thinking no big deal.  I laid it out this morning and set up my patio table and chairs and it looks fabulous!  I'm really thrilled.  It's so simple yet it really dresses it up.  My patio is a weathered stained clay color and the rug is a great accent and contrast.  Really defines the space and dresses up my simple black wrought iron table and chairs. 

Ready to go and get a few other accessories to complete the look! 

Hope everyone who got this or the previous version is enjoying theirs.  {#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

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Texas Barb­ie1273168176.663523 PostsRegistered 12/7/2006Spring, Texas

I am in the market for a reversible mat too.  Do you have the item number of the one you purchased?  Thanks.

Chicagoan1273168828.4472699 PostsRegistered 6/11/2008CHICAGOLAND

I just replaced my QVC mat that I have used for about 3 yrs (It was of great quality), I purchased a new 9 x 12 mat from ebay (just because I love the color and design), on one side it is a white background and a blue floral vine design, the other side is a blue background with the white floral design.  I just love it.  I surround my deck with potted pink impatiens and white double begonias and on the center of the mat I have the QVC Kettle pot fountain.  I have four Patio chairs and two glass end tables on each side of the mat.  It is just stunning, it is a great tranquil sitting area.  My deck is off of my kitchen, and the deck looks like a extension of my kitchen.  The deck is next to a pond that has a lighted water aerator in the center and just completes the ambiance.

I would recommend a mat to anyone who wants to give your deck a living room feel.

Robin ....

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BabyCakes681273172103.31092 PostsRegistered 11/10/2007

Hi, Texas Barbie!  The item number for the 6X9 is M20188.  The 9X12 is sold out so nothing comes up for that one.  The video will show the other colors but they're down to just green now.  

Chicagoan, that really sounds just lovely!  I plan to do my planters this weekend and get new cushions for my loungers and some patio lights.  Ready to get all set up so we can start dining al fresco!



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