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Has anyone used this concern to steam clean your rugs? Can you recommend them? I have 2 area rugs that need cleaning desperately and I just don't have the energy to do them. Any positive or negative comments would be appreciated.

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anniebear1348535237.123708 PostsRegistered 3/1/2009

In our area, Stanley Steemer is the best company to use. I always use them when I need to have our carpets cleaned. The people that have come to our home have consistently been very efficient and very nice, and the carpets always look so clean after and smell so good. I've had friends and relatives who have used other companies when they had extra good prices, but who have always come back to Stanley Steemer as their work is just the best That said, I think it's a franchise and the quality of work (even if they all use the same equipment and supplies) depends a lot on the people who do it. It would probably be a good idea to check with some of your neighbors too to see if there are good reviews for the Stanley Steemer people in your town.

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Coke Zero ­Addict1348535472.9371360 PostsRegistered 8/10/2010

They are who I use. They will give you a quote on the phone and stick to it. They have cleaned my area rugs too and I have been very happy. But that said they are a franchise. Try them during a promotion their prices are very good.

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contented1348536066.0274739 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I used them twice in one year to clean different areas. I was very pleased with how the carpets looked afterward and how careful the workers were. After the first visit, their office called to check if I was satisfied with the team who came. They asked if I would recommend that team to others, and if I would feel comfortable having that team back to do more work. I got the idea that they take answers to these questions seriously, so they only keep on good quality workers. I see their vans in my neighborhood regularly.

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KentuckyWo­man1348537203.871877 PostsRegistered 10/29/2009

Sorry coffee drinker, but I could not disagree more with the previous posts. I had Stanley Steemer come in two years ago and clean four rooms. Frankly, I did a better job with my Oreck rug shampooer. I had moved everything off my tabletops such as lamps, pictures and other accessories. They still refused to move any heavy furniture so I had to push sofa, chairs, tables etc out from the wall. (DH was furious when I called him at work and told him about it.) One guy did all the cleaning while the other one followed me around and tried to pressure me into having all my upholstered furniture cleaned. I was a wreck by the time they left. I will never use SS again. A couple of our neighbors had similar experiences with SS. I have since found an independent carpet cleaning service that is local. They cleaned my carpets this past summer and did an excellent job.

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imaclothes­hog1348577552.50323636 PostsRegistered 2/12/2006

I haved used them before, and just a few months ago they cleaned all my carpet. I have tile in most of the house so the bedrooms and family room only are carpet. A word of warning, when they come to your house, they will try to sell you on letting them put a protectant on the carpets when they finish cleaning, this is an extra charge and expensive. Also, they will suggest that they put down a deodorizer if you have pets, which is also an extra charge. Of course you can refuse both and just get the steam cleaning. They also try to sell you their touchup stain cleaning kit, which is about $30. They do try to get you to have your upholstery and tile cleaned too while they are there. Their carpet cleaning guys are really just sales guys, it's so annoying. And they bring in one of those black lights with the purpose of that only being, to gross you out and show you all the doggie PP stains on the carpet....odd thing is, they never bring in the black light AFTER they clean so you can see how clean the carpet is after they clean it.{#emotions_dlg.glare}

{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}Don't expect them to move anything heavier than an armchair! They will not move anything heavy and clean under it. "Anything heavy" is defined by them, as beds, dressers, chests, entertainment centers, etc...most of the furniture in the house. They do not move the beds, they clean under them, and not well, either. They will not clean under your dressers and chests, either, they just ignore those and clean around them. They do move sofas and clean under those, but sometimes they don't, you have to stand there and make sure they do. I have had them clean under some, and leave others and not clean under them. In short, they are fair, I would not describe them as excellent. It is easier than having to do it yourself, but they surely leave a lot to be desired. I didn't think they did a good job at all. They are NOT very thorough and for what they charge, they should be!{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown} If you don't follow them around room to room and make sure they move everything you want them to, you will go back later and find that they didn't even clean under -most- of the furniture and therefore, MOST of your carpeting in the bedrooms was not cleaned.{#emotions_dlg.bored} And don't try to call the company and complain, they are not interested in hearing what you say and will tell you that, their guys do not move anything heavy and that all their prices per room is based on the square footage of the room whether they clean all the carpet in that room or not, even if a good part of it is under furniture that they do not move so they can clean under it.

Next time I have my carpets cleaned, I will use another company. I definitely don't feel like they did a very good job last time they were here.{#emotions_dlg.mellow}

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robomo1348577879.189515 PostsRegistered 3/15/2005

I have a Bissell carpet shampooer and I love it! I would never let a company come to my apartment again. The company the complex uses is nice enough, but they leave my carpet VERY wet and I hate that. My shampooer has paid for itself long since.

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stampingpa­perdoll1348578054.13349 PostsRegistered 4/7/2005

I personally do not care for Stanley Steemer--they try to sell you everything extra--and it maybe took them all of 30 minutes to clean all my carpeting. I have had much better luck with a local owned company -he has a truck mounted steam cleaner and he works until the carpets are clean--never trys to upsell me anything--I have also called Zero Rez and their hose was leaking and dripped little dirty spots over the carpet after they cleaned it--when I called them to come back-the person that came back argued with me about the spots. I will stick to my local people.

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Soushi241348578353.9173121 PostsRegistered 2/22/2006Indiana

The last time I had SS come to the house, the carpets were soaked. Couldn't walk on them with socks as they would be sopping wet. Way too much, over kill. That will be the last time to use them for me.

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coffee dri­nker1348584402.0431347 PostsRegistered 7/17/2009

Thank you ladies for the pros & cons of SS. Since I'm a very impatient person, I could not wait for the your reviews and called SS this morning to set up an appt. for tomorrow afternoon. I did get good recommendations from a girlfriend, so fingers crossed. I definitely am NOT interested in any extras and will stick to my guns. I just want the carpets cleaned -- no animals in the house or kids to make messes. They're just area rugs, both 9x12 and there isn't any "heavy" furniture on the rugs. The quote was for $114 and I didn't think that was too bad. I'll report back after the cleaning is done -- hopefully with a favorable opinion.

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qvcfan5261348584666.611183 PostsRegistered 3/14/2007Work

My friend used them and hated their results. I have never used them, I borrow my mil's Hoover Steamer, it takes awhile, you need to go over the area a few times to get them really clean.

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yuman1348585525.38310 PostsRegistered 5/28/2012
We have very thick Berber carpet that takes forever to dry, so we used chem dry for the first time. They use carbonated water to clean the carpets and they were dry in a couple of hours, as promised. We were amazed with the results, and one man moved all our heavy furniture. The restoration company we had used in the past left our carpet saturated with water and we had to help with the heavy lifting because they would not move the furniture. It took a week for the carpet to dry and it was not clean.

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DeltaOne1348637967.752305 PostsRegistered 12/19/2006

I need to ask a dumb question: When your carpets are "steam cleaned", do they use chemicals or just water/steam? TIA.

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jojo-111348639742.403129 PostsRegistered 1/28/2011

In my area they are NOT the company to use. For what you'll pay to have them done you could purchase a Bissel carpet cleaner which you could use now and any other time you'd like.

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humpty dum­pty1348644532.6174245 PostsRegistered 8/19/2007Western PA

They are coming to my house on Oct 1 ... this will be the 10th time I've used them ... I have them come twice a year ... I only do the downstairs but they do move everything for me ...

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BonnieBelle1348651995.76720115 PostsRegistered 4/13/2007
On 9/25/2012 Soushi24 said:

The last time I had SS come to the house, the carpets were soaked. Couldn't walk on them with socks as they would be sopping wet. Way too much, over kill. That will be the last time to use them for me.

Same thing happened to me. They ruined my rug. I had light colored berber and they caused something called browning, because they didn't know what they were doing and oversoaked it. Ended up having to replace the carpet after I paid them.

I would never recommend them as they are just a chain and hire people at minimum wage who have no experience and don't know what they're doing. I would go with a private company or do it myself.

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phluphy1348656711.307529 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010

Had a bad experience with SS, they quoted one price and did not stand behind that price. Tried to charge more. Did not do a great job either. Would never use them again. I would rather do it myself. Just make sure to get everything in writing, this is what saved us in the end.

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smhr1348669694.7633828 PostsRegistered 1/16/2012laid back and mellow town USA

Not everyone is going to share the same experience, so take that into consideration. My experience with them has been positive. They have cleaned my livingroom furniture upholstery. They moved all the furniture ( end tables, lamps and other stuff ) to clean the sides and back of our sofa, loveseat and arm chair. It looked really refreshed afterwards. My furniture felt dry to the touch within a couple of hours. The supervisor went so far as to clean the carpeting surrounded by the 8X11 area rug and didn't charge us! We were charged exactly what was "quoted" over the phone. I would use them again. Good luck.

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pink dogwo­od1348673008.6833535 PostsRegistered 7/11/2007

I've used Stanley Steamer on my wall to wall when I had carpet but it seemed that once I started using them, the carpet became dirtier OFTEN.

We've since ripped out every inch of carpet in our home and have beautiful hardwood flooring underneath (house was hubby's grandparents' that we 'inherited'). Grandparents installed wall to wall throughout entire house. I'm sure they just really wanted toprotect the floors but why - beautiful old oak hardwood throughout. We were SO glad to get rid of all of it - most not our color anyway.

So personally I would not recommend carpet cleaners of any brand. I couldn't stand having to have them do my carpets over and over and over....well you get the picture.

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pink dogwo­od1348673071.283535 PostsRegistered 7/11/2007

What I want to know about Stanley Steamer is whether or not any of you have used their service to clean your hardwood floors. If so, please let us know what you think of this service.

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pink dogwo­od1348673132.9033535 PostsRegistered 7/11/2007

What I want to know about Stanley Steamer is whether or not any of you have used their service to clean your hardwood floors. If so, please let us know what you think of this service.

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pink dogwo­od1348673136.3133535 PostsRegistered 7/11/2007

What I want to know about Stanley Steamer is whether or not any of you have used their service to clean your hardwood floors. If so, please let us know what you think of this service.

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coffee dri­nker1348698697.6431347 PostsRegistered 7/17/2009

As a follow-up, SS cleaned my rugs this afternoon and I'm very pleased with the job that was done. As noted is another's post, the guy who did the steaming did try to "sell" me extra services which I declined. Thank you for warning me about that. I mentioned that to my husband and told him to zip it when those services were offered. To answer another's post, I do not know if chemicals were used on the rugs or if it was just water, but he did spray some type of spot remover first. It didn't smell, so I'm thinking it was just water that was used, but who knows. I asked if chemicals were used on the wood floors and he said they were. They're used to "protect" the wood. I'm not ready for that just yet as I clean my wood floors with my Haan steamer -- just water -- no chemicals.

Thank you all for your valuable comments. This board is better than the Better Business!!!

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Zcat1348699381.242700 PostsRegistered 2/3/2010Florida

Be careful when you use any carpet cleaning company. They will leave soap in your carpet, and it will get dirtier quicker... meaning that you call them back to clean again....

Make sure they use a minimal amount of cleaner, and that they extract it correctly.

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