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Need microfleece sheets that don't pill

Started 1341861037.867 in For the Home Talk | Last reply 1342471600.507 by depglass

I've probably asked this, if so I apologize. But I'm looking for those heavenly microfleece sheets that won't pill at wear points. I don't care if fuzz comes off in the washer or dryer, but I hate the pills that stick to the fabric itself. I checked Eddie Bauer on a recommendation from last year and they don't have any at all. The ones that are pilling are Malden Mills from QVC and whatever Penney's sells.

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mima1341870139.85713894 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS

I love the Sunbeam fleece sheets from Penneys, but ours pilled too. I'll be watching this thread for recommendations.



mima1341927631.27313894 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS

They must all pill! LOL


lovestotea­ch1341933534.54313025 PostsRegistered 1/2/2009DFW Metroplex, Tx

My Malden Mills fleece sheets from the Q are not piling and nothing came off much ever in the dryer... but you know how different "batches" of products can be... hmmm

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ibb381341933772.2411373 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

The ones I bought from Costco (the Kirkland brand I believe) are awesome! No pilling.

Wiskota1341934336.01770 PostsRegistered 1/24/2008Wisconsin

Mine are from JCP and they have not piled - that is what I love about them. My flannel all have piled but not my fleece sheets! Still sleeping on them even in this 100 degree heat - they feel just right with the air and fans.

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depglass1341936115.23322689 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

I loved these so much I used them for one solid year each, including all summer. Maybe I'm expecting too much out of them, I should probably buy two new sets and rotate them. But I love the no folding part of using only one set, just wash and put back on the bed.

Bikkie1341937366.4233891 PostsRegistered 10/7/2009

Make sure you are not using fabric softner on these sheets.

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DiAnne1341943764.725009 PostsRegistered 9/22/2010

I bought a set at Costco last fall. Washed them every week and put back on bed for months (I just changed to summer sheets) and no problem with pilling.

mima1341944557.08313894 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS
On 7/10/2012 akanesama said:

Make sure you are not using fabric softner on these sheets.

I use fabric softener on them. Does that make them pill?


happy hous­ewife1341945910.74728031 PostsRegistered 1/4/2007

all polyester pills at wear points so I doubt you are going to have much luck with this.

PuppyBreath1341949548.30318172 PostsRegistered 1/10/2007Mn. Twins Fan

Mine are 3 years old and have not pilled. I have one set from Sears, and 2 sets from JCP - the Sunbeam brand.

I wash them alone, on gentle. I do use fabric softener on these. These are the fleece, not the flannel.

I have microfiber ones (smooth) from JCP that I do not use fabric softener on, and they have not pilled either. These are not fleece, or flannel. I always wash them alone on gentle, too.


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Citychic1341990942.92606 PostsRegistered 9/20/2010
On 7/10/2012 morning lover said:

all polyester pills at wear points so I doubt you are going to have much luck with this.

I was going to say, do they exist? If so I want to know as well.


ibb381342443682.2411373 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I was just searching for sheets on line here - and the sheets made by slanket are clearanced and have really good reviews! I'm considering a set for my college aged son.

depglass1342471600.50722689 PostsRegistered 11/14/2006

The Slankets - good price is right. Unfortunately they are evidently out of Queens.

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