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Polish Stoneware

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A friend was admiring my Polish Stoneware recently and asked me if I was aware that QVC was no longer carrying it. Can this be true? I can find it elsewhere but my preferred designs were purchased through QVC. If this is true, I hope QVC is working to reestablish their relationship.

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yellowrose1332769487.3574368 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Hi Juicy, I did hear a host mention say that QVC would no longer be carrying Polish Stoneware. Did you know that there is a PS forum? If your not aware, click on Kitchen & Food then go down to Polish Stoneware. There is talk in there about QVC discontinuing PS. I try to stay out of there because I always get tempted to buy another piece....and it happened again.

bunny plate Look at this cute bunny plate. Poster PQE posted a link to it and I'm having a hard time sitting on my hands and not buying. Sooooo cute.

mominohio1332948281.125391 PostsRegistered 8/8/2010

Sorry to say, but it is true Polish Stoneware is gone from QVC. Really bad call on their part though. Lost of info on the PS fourm as yellowrose mentioned, and the same product line that Q was carring with Gloria is available from a company called Zanger (I think it is Gloria's company) I have ordered once, not as big a selection as the Q carried, but same stuff if you liked that brand best. Gloria has a Facebook page too and hints at coming back to TV in some fashion. Check them both out! polishstoneware.com.

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