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All set to Organize for the New Year, with my new Origami Folding Organizational Shelf & D@mn..........

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Ordered the TS on HSN Jan 2............. Went to check tracking to find out it's on back order.............. {#emotions_dlg.sad} I was so ready to get organized..................

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Gizmp1326034447.77333 PostsRegistered 1/22/2011

I just read your post and thought I would reply because I was looking for a narrow shelving unit for my pantry. When I was looking at some sites I came across the Orgami shelving units at Walmart.com and Amazon.com. It may be less expensive from one these sites, depending on which unit you are purchasing and they might have them in stock.

My pantry is small so these shelving units would be too wide for what I need, but if I had a larger space, I definitely would buy the Oragami. The folding aspect of the shelving units would be great.

Don't know if this information will help you, but I just thought you might want to check out the other sites, if you choose to cancel your order since it is on back order.

LadyO1326040751.3831540 PostsRegistered 7/24/2006

Gizimp: Thanks so much for the info.............. I really thought it was a good deal at the time & it came with free shipping......... But I will go check out the sites you suggested......

Gizmp1326131424.733 PostsRegistered 1/22/2011

LadyO - I hope you will post here to let us know what you think of the Oragami shelving when you get it. I ended up buying the Ever Concept 6 tier rolling storage unit from Amazon and it is a perfect fit for my pantry because it is only 24 inches wide. I am happy with it because I always end up buying too much and this will help me keep things a little more organized. LOL

My husband is always asking me, "Where are you going to put this now????"

I hope you have better luck than me in getting things organized and easy to find.

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