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Found made in the USA artificial Christmas trees!

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We always cut down a tree for Christmas but this year will be our last for doing that, next year we will go with artificial and I was very happy to find a site that actually makes them in the USA! Everything from the wire, plastic, and even the stand are made in USA! They DON'T have the lights already on them but I don't mind that, of course all the lights are made in China now but I have some old sets I can use!


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phluphy1321720470.53529 PostsRegistered 5/30/2010

I'm kinda glad they don't have the lights on them. My Bethlehem Lights tree had lights but after 3 years, did not light any longer & BL refused to help with that. I paid quite a bit of money for it also. Thank you for this info, am looking at buying one. It gets so hard to find anything made in the good old USA. I'd be very happy to support this company.

bamamom1321720926.743979 PostsRegistered 2/19/2007State of Confusion

I prefer to use my own lights too. I like LOTS of lights! DH says I don't need to be Chevy Chase from Christmas Vacation movie Smile

stevieb1321721530.5636756 PostsRegistered 11/4/2007

I've had several artificial trees, though I don't know (or much care) where they came from. My concerns are what the tree looks like and the price I'm being asked to pay. A couple of them have had the prelit feature and it IS wonderful. After many years of doing so, I just so dislike stringing lights on a tree, fake or real. I've not yet had the lights stop working and have only had mulitple trees because I've varied the size of the tree I put up. I've also found that if I wanted a tree to have more lights than what it arrived with, it's easy to string a strand or two among the branches, just as one would ordinarily do. The up side for me is at least I'm not having to string them all... I suppose if the lights ever go out and I opt to keep the tree, the same thing will apply, I can simply weave in strings of new lights. I've had a non-pre-lit tree up and fully decorated and then several strings of lights burned out, so really, pre-lit or not, lights aren't always predictable or reliable.

shopandgo1321721660.647438 PostsRegistered 12/15/2009

They did state on this site that one reason they don't do the lights was because of the problems you had and also because it is so hard to find lights made in USA. Sorry about your tree, I know those are expensive trees!

autumnsuns­et1321722472.12420 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I think it's great to buy products made in America I'm for that but like stevibe I really don't care where a Christmas tree comes from if I like it I buy it.

I've put up many light strands on Christmas trees in the past and I rather have a pre-lit tree no matter how many light strands I put up on a tree it never looks as nice as a pre-lit tree and I do not like unrolling Christmas tree lights to put on a tree.

Everyone has to make there own choice real tree or artificial pre-lit or not a pre-lit tree was the choice for my husband and I.

We just bought our first Bethlehem led tree from qvc and we are very happy with it the tree is gorgeous and the led lights are so pretty it was the right choice for us. For hubby and I we love pre-lit trees no stringing lights for us.

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