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Need Bath Towel recommendations

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Ones that will last through the washing machine and not fall apart. I also don't want to pay an arm and a leg. Any help would be appreciated. TIA!

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purrmom1293659227.9133400 PostsRegistered 5/27/2010Mid-MO

Great sale at Kohl's

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chickenbutt1293659371.31327041 PostsRegistered 1/16/2006chickentown

I've purchased some wonderful Egyptian Cotton towels and bath sheets from overstock. They are very good quality and the price is amazing. I love the bath sheets - you can wrap one around you and have half a towel left to dry with! Anyway, last time I got a pair of those it was somewhere btwn $30 and $40 for the pair. Plus they had a huge variety of colors and also towel sets available in the same colors/style.

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Miss Panda1293659639.35126 PostsRegistered 9/10/2005
On 12/29/2010 purrmom said:

Great sale at Kohl's

I have three sets of Vera Wang towels from Kohls. The cream color ones are fine but my charcoal gray and sage green ones, the color came off in splotches on some of the towels. I don't know what kind of dye companies are using these days but I have had the same thing happen with green washcloths from Target and my coworker told me her blue washcloths from Walmart also get splotchy spots where the color disappears.{#emotions_dlg.confused1} I never had problems with my old towels from Sears, JC Penney, Montgomery Ward. So odd.

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colson1293660008.297442 PostsRegistered 10/23/2007East Coast

the brand Christy which is Egyptian cotton and available at department stores. Get the less costly version, and wait until the white sales to get them at a good price. I get them at Bloomingdales. They get softer, and are excellent!!!!!

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BackktoBru­nette1293761476.452224 PostsRegistered 10/7/2010a Jersey Girl in PA

Lands' End and L.L.Bean.

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Behappy1293761828.57297 PostsRegistered 7/17/2010Where the Sun rises in Southern Delaware
On 12/30/2010 BackktoBrunette said:

Lands' End and L.L.Bean.

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Another Vote here for these two companies..Plus, if you Ever Ever have a problem, refund policy is excellent///never expires can't beat that!

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Girlo1293762068.572949 PostsRegistered 1/20/2007

I love th ekohls towels.... I think they are THE BIG ONE brand.....hold up great with boys who shower forty times a day

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wismiss1293764694.832806 PostsRegistered 6/18/2008Central Illinois

I bought some "Hotel Collection" egyptian cotton towels at TJ Maxx one time when I was there and they are wearing like iron. They are nice heavy towels and absorb so well. They were VERY reasonably priced at TJ Maxx.

I did a search to see where I could find the same towel on line. They are available at Macy's and if they are on sale (as they are now when I just looked at Macy's site), they are pretty reasonable--more than at TJ Maxx, but TJ Maxx did not carry all the colors that Macy's does.

I know I really like this brand and have determined that when I need to replenish my towel supply, I would purchase this brand.

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kivah1293769143.0733898 PostsRegistered 7/21/2008oxnard, CA

I purchased many large Egyptian bath towels towels at Costco for $6 each. They have a variety of sizes & colors --- best prices. I've been washing them for the last 11 years - perfect.

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kivah1293769452.143898 PostsRegistered 7/21/2008oxnard, CA

go to costco.com & search bath towels --- beautiful towels. Shipping/handling are included in the price.

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mallemo1293807382.6210119 PostsRegistered 7/1/2007Minnesota

Thank you so much for all the ideas. I'm checking them all out!

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JuicyFruit1293807641.4373354 PostsRegistered 9/5/2009

I only use white and they must be bleached. I recently got the Wal Mart ones that say on the tag that they "are bleachable for up to 50 washes" - I love them. I get the larger ones but not the "sheet size" ones. They are coming out real nice after bleaching. They even have colored ones in that brand that are bleachable (seriously) - I only use the white though.

They are $5 a piece. I really am a "snob" about most things for my home and I love them.

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kelsey 031294241200.4781 PostsRegistered 3/28/2010

the jcpenny towel. that is what the tag shows. the brazillian cotten. they are very affordable and on sale alot. i can usually use a coupon also. they keep their shape and dont shrink or bunch up like a candy wrapper like some towels do. i have purchased towels from jcp for yrs. im going with them for reg sheets in the spring summer.

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kayt1294353323.1533278 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004

The Big Ones from Kohl's. I bought some of them over a year ago and they've been washed tons of times and hold up really well. On sale, I paid approx. $3.50 ea.

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Nightowlz1294354039.7310553 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

I like the Country Living Supra Soft Egyptian Cotton from K-Mart. They cost about $40 on sale for 2 - 30 x 58 bath towels, 2 hand towels & 2 washclothes. They are on sale right now. They also have the larger bath sheet 35 x 70 on sale for $12.

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Orchids4me1294354391.0271204 PostsRegistered 2/5/2008VA and CA

Tomorrow and Friday Macys has their "Hotel Collection" on sale. I got some when they were on sale a couple months ago and they have a good weight and pile without being overly thick and they come out of the wash nice and fluffy.

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Caffeina1294355658.471940 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

My favorite towels ever are the Laura Ashley Lifestyles from Kohl's. They're so soft, light, fluffy, and absorbent. I have them in white and they wash beautifully. They've got a 5-star rating on Kohls.com.

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loveya!1294356038.79140 PostsRegistered 11/12/2010
On 12/30/2010 sandy rose said:

go to costco.com & search bath towels --- beautiful towels. Shipping/handling are included in the price.

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I agree with checking Costco out. The brand is Charisma and they are quite nice. They get fluffier each time they are washed, they are absorbent and hold their color. Highly recommend.

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Anoumyous1294356571.911067 PostsRegistered 9/12/2007NY

Miss Panda

I had the same thing happen with Vera Wang and will never purchase that brand again ! Also any that have what feels like a partial microfiber look nice but don't dry you as fast as plain old cotton ones. I am glad I read this board as I was wondering if any of the Q linen- sheets or towels were worth it. My GF now only buys white towels from Wal mart as with 3 children you go through a lot of towels.

I am actually afraid of purchasing any colored towels now but my Vera's did that and I thought my DD was using a hair product that did it and she wasn't. So now I know I am not crazy or puzzled anymore - must be the brand. Too bad as I would have returned them but thought either DD or DH spilt bleach on them!

Any recommendations on sheets would be appreciated! I want no pilling but not satin either. I heard people had some issues with the "non wrinkle" sheets.

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Bookbabe1294356759.193484 PostsRegistered 2/26/2007

I have paid every price for towels from very high to low. The best I have found are at Wal-Mart The Better Homes and Garden brand. I recommend them and the bath towel is nice and fluffy and you can use it at least twice before it is so wet they need to be changhed and it seems to dry quickly in the bathroom. Give them a try.

Good Luck


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robkatyat1294850874.832078 PostsRegistered 10/14/2006
On 1/6/2011 loveya! said:
On 12/30/2010 sandy rose said:

go to costco.com & search bath towels --- beautiful towels. Shipping/handling are included in the price.

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I agree with checking Costco out. The brand is Charisma and they are quite nice. They get fluffier each time they are washed, they are absorbent and hold their color. Highly recommend.

I also love the ones from Costco's...They do get better with washing..nice and fluffy..soft..good size..and a great price!

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luvdablues1294851159.453427 PostsRegistered 9/2/2010

I bought some colored bleachable ones at BBB. I think they were about $5. I'm very happy with them.

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libby3301294858397.403648 PostsRegistered 2/22/2008Some Beach / Florida

I have JC Penney towels that are over 15 years old. I am redoing the bath room so it is back for more towels. I like them and they do hold up

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blondegirl1294868813.6531794 PostsRegistered 7/21/2006

I don't like JCPenney ones or the cheaper (big ones) at Kohl's. I do like the Kohl's luxury collection. I used to buy a lot of bamboo towels - they absorb really well. Problem with that is that they do that when you launder them also so it seemed to use more energy to dry them, which defeated the purpose of saving energy and a resource.

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Mix-n-Match1294869375.533658 PostsRegistered 3/24/2007S. Central Pa.
On 12/29/2010 purrmom said:

Great sale at Kohl's

Kohl's does have nice bath towels, and when on sale a good value. I'd also check out T J Maxx, if you have one in your area, as they usually have exceptionally well made beefy bath towels at a very good price. You may pay more, though no shredded edges, and moderate fading.

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