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This may have been discussed before, but, I cant find it anywhere. I would love some advice with what to do with a mattress. I bought a Pedicsolutions from QVC , it worked for a while, now it is not so good. I tried out the Tempur-pedic today, and it was unbelievable, love the fact that you can elevate your legs and your head. The only negative things I have heard concerning this is the heat...is this true? I dont know much about the Sleep Number except what I watched on the TSV, and it just looks like a really big mattress pillow topper...is that right? If anyone has any of these mattresses and has any feedback for me, I would really appreciate some advice, good and bad...I have had a bad back surgery, now with chronic back pain, and I just cant sleep anymore. I have tried mattress toppers, etc. I am willing to spend the money on a bed in order to get the sleep I need. I just want to make the right decision, and I figured this is the place to come with getting some honest advice.

Thanks so much for your help!! Have a blessed day.

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pvtdevinmom1282367992.431464 PostsRegistered 6/23/2007buckeye

I own the Cloud Supreme Tempurpedic with the Ergo system that moves the bed up and down. This mattress is phenomenal and is not the least bit affected by the heat or cold. the cloud supreme is made different than the other tempur pedic mattresses. try the cloud supreme with the Ergo and guarantee you will not return it. I have a bad back from a 10 yr old accident and the sleep number did nothing for me....the Tempurpedic is the best!!!

mistriTsqu­irrel1282368151.06710733 PostsRegistered 7/17/2010Purgatory, USA

I'm having similar issues. Maybe what you saw was a mattress topper, but there is also a sleep number bed that allows you to adjust the firmness. I slept on one once...it was heaven!!! I like the fact that if your body's needs change over the years, you can change the firmness. Also, I hate the idea that a mattress might feel good at the store, but when you get it home and actually sleep on it, it might not feel good...but with the sleep number bed, you can change the bed with the push of a button. I really want one, but I'm struggling financially right now as it is, so it will have to wait.

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shosh1282371100.8373039 PostsRegistered 12/12/2008


this has been discussed before here, maybe a search for ''sleep number'' will get you some useful info too.

that said, this tsv looks to be a newer model...it is the same air mattress bed, with a thicker piece of foam on top than prior models offered. it is not a topper...but a whole mattress.

as i have stated on this board before, we have had one for almost 8 yrs, and we do not like it at all.

we did not order from the q, their beds are not exactly the same as in the sleep # stores, they are ''specially'' made for the q to sell cheaper. so we went to a store, twice, to be sure...lay on the bed a long time, found my comfort # 35 quickly...and was very excited to get it...

but: it never felt comfortable at home, to either of us..i kept calling store and factory, to see if there could be some difference..they said no difference from the store, we had to get ''used'' to it....after several months, i spent a few hundred $ on a foam topper...i use 2 mattress pads over it, but the foam still makes us feel too warm. [many foams do that, don't know if memory beds are different ]

and...the air bladder in the mattress was able to be felt, too hard and unyielding at my #35, so i keep it at #25, with the extra foam on top....

but it sags at #25 and i only weigh app 100 lb !! it says you can set it from ''#1 - #100''...but not really....maybe #25 - #75, possibly, or it either sags or is hard as cement. it feels just like an aero bed with some padding on top...for the $$, i expected more, and never understood why it was so wonderfully comfortable at the store, but terrible at home..we paid to have it professionally assembled by them too, not too easy to do otherwise.

and: there is a lawsuit ongoing about mold growing in some of the sleep # beds, mine is ok, but you can find that info online.

we never adjust it, i thought i would, but truly, it gets so saggy or so firm, not really an option. my dh keeps his at #75, still not comfortable for him...and we know it gives him backaches, that go away when he travels for a week or so...and we are not heavy people, i don't know if that could even make it worse.

my advice:

this is too expensive to ship back if you hate it...i would surely try to buy something only at a store...even tho we did that, we still ended up stuck [if i explained why we kept it ,this post would never end!] especially with back problems, you do need to be extra careful.

i know many people like this bed, but also many do not. no matter how we adjust it, still uncomfortable, the basic ''air bladder'' feel underneath, does not change. {#emotions_dlg.sad}

i bought my adult kids , 3 different sealy-serta mattress/boxspring sets, at sears, and jcpenney...on sale, app $600-700 ...they were pillowtop, med firm,mid price range, they all love them...they seemed comfy at the store to me...so maybe even a new conventional mattress would help , esp if you chose a topper that would help your back too...some need firm, some softer, i know...that could be a real way to make your new mattress ''adjustable'' for your needs...{#emotions_dlg.mellow} hth

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Kassye1282375282.7877 PostsRegistered 3/15/2010

I can only speak from my experience, and I love the sleep number bed we have. We bought it from the Q a couple of years ago and it was one of the more expensive models that they've had as TSVs. I am really happy with it. I do change my sleep number alot. I sleep on my stomach much of the time. So when I do that, I change it to a much higher number so my back doesn't curve in.

BUT, I think there is a big difference in the models they sell. My brother bought one from the actual Sleep Number store. His wife did not like it, so they got another type of bed. We just bought a home in Florida for the winter so I bought his bed. There is a big difference between his bed and the one we bought. I really didn't think there would be much difference. We paid about $2500 for ours from the Q and he paid about $1000 more than that for his. Ours has 2 different types of foam covering the airbags. One is firmer than the other. So you can put the firmer one on the top, if you like it firmer; or put the softer one on top, if you like it softer. The nice thing was that it wasn't just 2 king size pieces of foam. Each was cut in half. So for my husband we put the firmer piece on top with the softer foam beneath it. We did the opposite for me. It was still too "hard" for me, so we put both of the firmer pieces of foam on his side, and I took the 2 softer pieces of foam. Worked for us. Now with my brother's bed, he only had 1 type of foam and so it's only 1/2 as thick as what we have. I did notice a big difference when sleeping on it. I like it, but it doesn't compare to the one I have at home. So I'm thinking I will add a layer of foam to it.

I love the ability of changing the feel of the bed and I use it alot. My husband has never changed his number. To him it's a bed. But before we got this bed, he was awakening with an aching back. Haven't heard him complain of that since we got the bed.

I have slept on an 8" thick foam mattress. It was so hot, I couldn't stand it. And it was too firm for me. It wasn't a TempurPedic so I can't speak to that. I think they have come up with designs in their more expensive models so that the mattress breathes or some way allows air to cool it more.

I emailed Q and asked them why they aren't showing us the type of foam they use in the TSV. It would be a good idea to see what you are actually buying. At the time we bought, they showed the foam and the different ways you could arrange it. That's why I bought it. But I have noticed the last 2 or 3 times they've had a TSV, they never showed a cross section of the bed. You have no idea what's under the bed. It's like they're trying to hide something from you. Doesn't want to make you trust them.

When we put the bed together, it was a real joke. The bottom platform did not go together easily at all. Things were not matching up. My husband got it together, but then some of the pieces got cracked while doing this. We called and told them the platform pieces didn't match and were cracked. They sent out brand new pieces and told us to send the other pieces back, but they paid for the postage to send them back. We just had to get it to UPS for mailing. So there was a hassle of sorts but it all worked out.

I h

Cricket121282400088.583121 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010

Thank you so very much for your feedback on this. It is so hard to know what mattress to get out there. Like some of you have said, if feels great in the store, you get it home, and it is a different story. The Tempur-pedic I tried yesterday was great with the elevation, it ran about 4500.00..yikes!! I had to come home and tell DH that one, and he said, how are we going to know THIS one will work for you? Its a lot of money, and one I am willing to spend if I know I can actually sleep through the night. Like I said, watching the sleep number, I couldnt figure out what it does.....

I will take the advice of not buying one on QVC. My husband and I will go to the store, try them both out, and buy whichever one feels better! I am so looking forward to a good night sleep. We are needing to get some new living room furniture pieces as well, he asked me this morning, which would you rather have right now? I chose the BED!!! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin} I really appreciate you all letting me know what you have and works best for each of you.

Have a great day!!

shosh1282431482.73039 PostsRegistered 12/12/2008


there are cheaper versions of the tempurpedic foam on the market, some people like them, you could see if any furniture-mattress stores in your area sell them. i use 2 medium thick mattress pads over the foam to try to block the heat ! a super thick mattress pad is too hard to wash well.

and again, if foam suits you, a very thick topper over a good $700 sealy mattress may work too, and save alot $$.

my sleep number bed was the next to the most expensive at the store, and i was told at the time, the ones on qvc were less quality. who knows...{#emotions_dlg.huh}

mainly, my point is they are not infinitely adjustable to suit everyone, like they say they are...they have a 'feel' to them many end up not liking.

hope you find something good, i know so many people who are upset with whatever kind of expensive mattress they buy....{#emotions_dlg.sad}

i also have to worry about the chemicals in the mattress, being very sensitive. fortunately some mainstream mfrs are addressing that more now.

''among saints''...why, thank you...

Cricket121282446427.29121 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010

Thanks again, we ended up getting a King Tempur-Pedic..which is 2 twin xl, I have my mattress to control, and he has his. The Queen mattress was not what he liked, where I liked my head and feet elevated, he did not, so we had to upgrade!! I have to say, we got ours at Mattress Firm and they are having some great deals right now with their financing. I really appreciate your advice with this...it helps to hear what others have and what works and what does not!!

GrandmaJEM1282448069.8131308 PostsRegistered 1/24/2008

I think mattresses are very difficult to decide on these days with all the different types. But I'm beginning to think the good ole box springs and mattress are the best. A few years ago I bought a Serta locally. It was over $2000 on sale and after my wheeling and dealing. Like others, thought it was very comfortable in the store. Now? I hate it!!!!!! I have had surgery 9 times on my lumbar and cervical spine, have chronic degeneration, and other issues. A good mattress is of utmost importance to me.

This mattress has air chambers in it. But the one on the side I sleep on does not hold air. I blow it up every night, but within minutes it has lost most/all of the air. Also has a pillow top made of memory foam. Memory foam is a huge joke!!! After laying on it night after night, it does not return to its original shape. There just is no support. It also is very hot and I often wake up in a sweat. (No it is not hormones!) I highly regret buying this mattress, but cannot afford to replace it after a few years. It is also extremely heavy, which makes changing the sheets very, very difficult. I regret not complaining to the company when it was still under warranty......bad decision!! But the warranty said you had to pay for the labor, so what's the point. Never again will I buy a Serta.

Good luck to you. I hope you are able to find a mattress you like!

Cricket121282451153.047121 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010


I am so sorry to hear of your issues as well with chronic pain. I never would have thought I would spend this much money on a mattress, BUT, I just cant take the pain anymore when it comes to the bed we have now. I usually sleep in a recliner, and thats only if I can fall asleep due to pain. I had honestly never heard of tempur-pedic and didnt know what it truly did. When I first laid on it, and she put the remote in my hand and I could elevate my feet, and then my head, I literally was teary eyed. I couldnt believe it, I was on my back, on a bed, and I was comfortable. I laid there on that bed in their store for over an hour!!! I wanted to make sure thats the mattress that really felt great!! I dont know if you have tried one or not, but, I would highly recommend it to anyone who has chronic back pain, nerve pain, or I guess whoever likes to sleep like that. She said alot of people buy them just to be able to lay in bed on a laptop or watch t.v.without having tons of pillows propped behind them. There is no way I would spend that money for those reasons, but, for knowing that I am going to live the rest of my life like this, we just had to make the investment. The good news is, they offer a 1 year , no questions asked policy, if you take a mattress home, you dont like it for any reason, within that year, you call them, exchange it for another one...also, with a 20 year warranty. I thought that was a pretty darn good deal. So, even if we ended up not liking it, we exchange it, OR, if we didnt like it at all in a couple of months9 OR ( up to a year) , they give you 100 percent refund. We thought it was worth trying for that. I sure hope and pray you find relief as well. I appreciate your advice on a mattress. Good luck to you.

shosh1282459553.3573039 PostsRegistered 12/12/2008


so then your foam bed is adjustable too ? that is interesting...keep us posted, many are looking for mattress help ! hope it works for you..

you could try the 2 mattress pads the way i described above if you want a thicker barrier above the foam, it seems to help a bit. and i can wash them , unlike the super thick pads...


yes some other companies do sell the air mattress beds too...thats what i fear, is the air bladder breaking, the warranty on that isn't much...next time i think i will go with a regular , but 'green' mattress, and add toppers to suit my needs. i don't want my bed to have moving parts that break, there is enough else to go wrong !

''among saints''...why, thank you...

MrsT1282461358.1732106 PostsRegistered 5/17/2008
There are foam mattresses...and then foam mattresses. What I mean is not all memory foam is created the same. We started out with a couple of different brands of foam toppers and just graduated to a Tempur-Pedic. We started with the Classic because my husband wanted the firmer one...but after 60 days we upgraded to the Rhapsody. Neither mattress were "hot" to sleep on. We both have shoulder problems and the Rhapsody has been a Godsend. Well worth the money spent. Last edited on 8/22/2010

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Magann1282461595.317417 PostsRegistered 5/8/2010South of the Mason-Dixon

Hi Krissy,

I hope you enjoy and get relief with your new Tempur-Pedic. Almost 4 years ago, we were also trying to decide between a Tempur-Pedic and a Sleep Number bed. We went to both stores. At that time the Q didn't sell Tempur-Pedic. (do they still now?) Anyway, we went with the Sleep Number. I did not want to purchase one from QVC knowing they were made differently from the ones at the store. We purchased a king Sleep Number that has a wireless remote. My hubby has Arthritis and I have Fibromyalgia. We did add a 2" memory foam topper that is not hot and feels really good. I also have a thick mattress pad over mine and have to take it to a laundry mat to wash due to its size. To keep from having to wash it as often I also put on a thinner one to protect the thicker one and that one I can wash in my own washer. My hubby and I really like our bed. It has helped both of us tremendously. Before that we had a Simmons Beauty Rest that wasn't cheap but this Sleep Number is much better for us. We had no problem putting it together.

A couple of different friends bought the Tempur-Pedic and they both like those too. Good luck with your new bed and I hope it works for you. Having that full year return policy is a good reason to try it for sure.


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shosh1282463635.0033039 PostsRegistered 12/12/2008

hi magann !

oh why are we not asleep on our sleep number beds ?! Wink

unfortunately, no mattress makes up for an unquiet mind...imho.

glad yours worked well for you, we endure ours...{#emotions_dlg.sleep}

''among saints''...why, thank you...

Cricket121282482815.94121 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010

Mrs T, we, too..chose the Rhapsody...boy, is that just darn comfortable!!! Yes, the bed is adjustable. It doesnt just lay there on the bed. It can if you want it too, but, you can pay extra for it to have a motor in it to move your head and your feet. I guess you can look at it like a hospital bed, where the head moves and the feet move, BUT, its so much better than that!!! Trust me.

I am glad to see the good reviews on the sleep number beds, I will definitely pass that info on to my mom and dad who are looking for one. Man, there is a lot of us looking and longing for a good nights sleep, eh?!

patbz1282484216.923937 PostsRegistered 7/25/2006White Mountains AZ

Another vote for Serta pillowtop with 2 " memory foam topper and then padded mattress pad. We own 3 and they are all great and we don't sleep
"warm". We purchased all of the above at Overstock (where you can read the reviews and get free or almost free shipping; and great buys).

MIMA1282485299.10315256 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS

I've had both. First the sleep number and now the generic Tempurpedic. DH and I both prefer the generic Tempurpedic.

I do sell the generic T. in my furniture store and "almost" everyone loves them. There are a very few that don't.

When I say generic, they are not all created the same. There are several different thicknesses. Don't get a thin one!

We sell both 10" and 12". We own the 12" and would never get rid of it! The matts. I sell have the exact density as the T.

Prices for 10" sets are $799 for queen set and $999 for king sets. For the 12" prices, just add $200 more. They have a 15 year warranty.

If you have a problem with being hot in them, just use a cotton mattress pad. That should be a fix for you.

BTW, we both have back problems and these feel great. My mom has had 2 back surgeries and she loves hers too!


Cricket121282485842.55121 PostsRegistered 3/17/2010

They have generic T??? What are they called, and do they move up and down as well? That really is a wonderful price on those....are you in Texas by chance, or do you know if you can tell me if there is a place to look at those in the area here? Thanks for the info. I very much appreciate that.

nolimitsho­pping1282486394.1134275 PostsRegistered 11/7/2006

I have to go wtih Tempur Pedic. My husband and I chose the celebrity. My parents then bought the same bed. This bed is fabulous. We never get hot and we live in south Florida! I know they are expensive, but they are sooo worth it! When we go on vacation, we always miss our bed terribly! Good luck!

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MIMA1282487794.52315256 PostsRegistered 10/19/2004KS
On 8/22/2010 Krissy4 said:

They have generic T??? What are they called, and do they move up and down as well? That really is a wonderful price on those....are you in Texas by chance, or do you know if you can tell me if there is a place to look at those in the area here? Thanks for the info. I very much appreciate that.

Believe it or not they are made in Corsicana, TX. I hope I don't get accused of Spam. I don't have any stock in the company, I just sell them in my store (in Kansas). The ones I sell are from Corsicana Bedding. They should be EASY for you to find. I highly recomend getting the 12". When I posted the prices, those are my prices. They don't have set prices, so prices may vary from store to store. In fact, they may be cheaper in Texas since they are made there. I don't know.

Hope that helps.

BTW, they have a no questions asked warranty. It is a wonderful company that stands behind their products. I have sold there mattresses for over 20 years AND they are made in the USA.


Debbbie1283983715.51713 PostsRegistered 6/8/2006

Interesting conversation. I came on here to see if anyone posted their thoughts on this last TSV Sleep Number bed with the Memory Foam. I bought one and have been outgassing this 3" Memory Foam for over a week, it's gastly smelling, and so unhealthy. I feel a bit foolish now for thinking it would be a tempurpedic memory foam not that off brand but it has to be the off brand.

My experience in Memory Foam is with the Tempurpedic Pillow's, I bought an off brand one time and returned it due to the smell and outgassing. Tempurpedic Pillow's do not have this horrible fume issue rising out of their product, I have bought three pillow's over the years. I have this feeling that I will be buying a three inch Tempurpedic pad to replace this off brand and send this to the landfill and I am sure this was a huge part of the price I paid. If I were to buy it again I would buy a pillow top and purchase my memory foam separate from Tempurpedic. Isn't Tempurpedic the original memory foam company?

Speaking of Tempurpedic Memory Foam, has anyone tried the new Gel product that I saw last week at Costco? I didn't get any smell off it but I shall look at them again.

In my opinion the heat issue with these beds is with that off brand that smells of chemical fumes beyond what one can ignore, it's the chemical's that creates the heat.

I should also say that our bed arrived the day before the memory foam arrived so we had it installed and used our existing 2" memory foam inside the zipper, so the next day when the 3" MFoam did arrive I slid it under my existing mattress pad and so it's not buried inside the bed yet. It lies under the sheet and mattress pad, daily I tear my bed apart, put on a huge fan to blow out the room. Even though the intensity of the gas has gone down over this past week at night if I lift the covers the fumes roll out...this is not healthy at all. This is what in my humble opinion causes your bodies cells to be abnormal over time. Outgassing bad ju-ju over time on human's. I won't be sealing this up inside the zipper, it needs fresh air circulation. So if you ordered one watch your health over this coming year and remember this issue with this Memory Foam.

Anyway I think I'll last a few more days before ditching this gastly product for good health, it's only money right? I can do without something else less important. Being able to change the firmness of the bed is great, I think with the right foam it's a winner.

wonderwoma­n1001283984390.462861 PostsRegistered 1/21/2008

We have a sleep number bed and love it! We bought if from the sleep number store. I agree with another poster who thinks that the Q gets a lesser quality/grade on name brands. I bought a pair of Clarks from the Q and they werent as comfy as other Clarks I have, but not to get off the topic here. Hubby and I both have a better quality sleep since getting the sleep number. Less tossing and turning and for me it's been great for my neck and back pain that I have due to degenerative arthritis. The first week I wanted to return it because I would wake up with funny aches and pains but the salesperson said to wait it out that it was just my body adjusting and she was right. The only problem now is that when we have to sleep in a hotel bed or at friends homes we can't sleep! It feels like we are just laying on a board, ha. Personally the sleep number has been worth every penny we paid for it.

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