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Can Somebody Tell Me Why QVC Has Dan Wheeler...

Started 1273723606.56 in Fashion Talk | Last reply 1280318783.457 by rietzel

doing an hour selling ladies clothing this afternoon at 3pm eastern?

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gardensla1273725678.23720633 PostsRegistered 9/7/2006Los Angeles, CA

I just caught that too.  Get the total look with Dan Wheeler. 

You never know I guess.  I saw Lisa selling electronics and she was really good. Maybe he can interest me in some Spanx or something?

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AkaGoldie1273725766.1175857 PostsRegistered 4/14/2010Mid America

thank goodness i missed that. 

AlexK1273726161.4032541 PostsRegistered 3/1/2010

I wondered the same thing when I saw the promo for that on the web page too.  I can't think of anyone less likely to do a fashion show.  

BurbankKate1273726567.4336188 PostsRegistered 11/18/2007Home of: Disney Studios,W. Bros, Nickelodeon, Cartoon network, media capital of the world

I think it's hilarious! Well, maybe because he's the only male in his house and he's surrounded by estrogen 24/7. Second of all, he's kind of sweet. Third...who cares? I previewed some of the clothes, I ordered the cute cut out motto dress and I won't be watching the show because I usually just order online and don't subject myself to Q shows. However, it is a great question and I was puzzled myself, but I think it's funny and we should applaud Dan for having guts.

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Cristinota1273727546.647459 PostsRegistered 12/26/2006Castro Valley, CA

Perhaps to get a man's perspective on today's fashion for women.  After all, they get to look at us and admire the view!


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monalisa14­521273727663.2271460 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007

He's done it before  - I believe the concept was his idea.

JoyJ1273727925.9176801 PostsRegistered 4/10/2010California

I can't even imagine that!!!  Wished I had seen at least some of it. 

california­momofthree1273729082.895570 PostsRegistered 4/13/2010

OMG, I seriously would've peed myself if I'd seen that!  I sure needed a laugh this afternoon! 

sunshine451273730924.6345551 PostsRegistered 1/13/2007east coast and west coast

yes, he has done it before.... several times actually. they had jonathan redmond do a fashion clearance show a few months ago in the middle of the night and he was GREAT!

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imaclothes­hog1273732325.9223636 PostsRegistered 2/12/2006

Oh! This is not the first show he has done like this, Dan's great!  Seriously he did a great job on the show before and he's very very good with descriptions.  I think he's really brave to strike out and try something new like this, you have to admire him for doing it.

Love Dan, love his shows.{#emotions_dlg.wub}

"If you can't make it better, you can laugh at it". ~Erma Bombeck

imaclothes­hog1273732403.02323636 PostsRegistered 2/12/2006
On 5/13/2010 sunshine45 said:

yes, he has done it before.... several times actually. they had jonathan redmond do a fashion clearance show a few months ago in the middle of the night and he was GREAT!

It's true he was super!  I think it's great they are moving his show up in time slots so more people can see it, maybe they gave him the late night time slots first to see if he was comfortable with it and it went ok.  I guess it went fine he is doing another show!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup}

Go Dan!{#emotions_dlg.wub}

"If you can't make it better, you can laugh at it". ~Erma Bombeck

LeslieR1273747151.97316 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Nice guy was trying too hard - brave, perhaps - kind of like taking my husband shopping - didn't work well for me.

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Pie19931273747612.7632083 PostsRegistered 6/25/2007Mid-Atlantic

I think Dan has been doing that for years. 

Its nice to have a male perspective on women's clothing.  Unfortunetly I can't get mine to go shopping with me, unless I 'remind' him of the restaurants in the mall.


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Tuco1273747735.2133377 PostsRegistered 3/1/2008Where the Greys fly

LOL that is crazy!

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Iwantcoffee1273748139.153139 PostsRegistered 11/28/2006

There are many male fashion designers of ladies clothing, so men can sell ladies clothing too. I like to hear their perspective. Some men have a great sense of style, Clinton Kelly for example


LouisaKay1273749217.131769 PostsRegistered 12/17/2007

Because it's in his job description and is exactly why he was hired.

TeezNu1273750645.307477 PostsRegistered 9/30/2007Dallas, TX

I've seen him before, too - it's been at least a few years since he's done this.

Do not expect the same type of presentation style as with the female hosts.  As I recall, it was a little awkward, but very sweet in a vulnerable way - a very unique and fresh take on women's fashion.

sd71273751481.3371093 PostsRegistered 10/26/2007MY MI

When I was first married, my husband bought all my clothing.  He has great taste and, knows what I like and what looks good on me.

Besides, If someone becomes ill and, it's happened in the middle of a show, someone has to come in on short notice.  Why not Dan

house_cat1273751678.9239504 PostsRegistered 6/28/2009Southern California

My husband doesn't know anything about fabric names and style cuts but he has a great eye for fashion and what looks good on a woman. I normally turn off QVC when he gets home or has time to sit with me to watch t.v., but sometimes I leave it on a little while to hear what he has to say because I love to see things from his perspective.. it's very helpful and enlightening.  You DON'T want to hear what he has to say about crop pants.. but I've been known to wear them anyway.{#emotions_dlg.ohmy}

>^..^< house cat

france541273754013.473239 PostsRegistered 1/29/2010

{#emotions_dlg.scared} oyvay.... well it had to happen one day! HSN has men selling fashions on there net work ... oh , well thanks for the heads up .... I think I will take a pass on that!!!{#emotions_dlg.ohmy}

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faeriemoon21273754293.226583 PostsRegistered 1/7/2009

Maybe someone called in sick?

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robomo1273754384.089515 PostsRegistered 3/15/2005

He's done it before and I'm just sorry - it gives me the willies.  HE gives me the willies though I know he's a truly nice guy from all I've heard and seen about him.  I also can't stand seeing him in workout clothes.

Miss Dusty­ Bunny 11273754433.2674302 PostsRegistered 8/17/2006Sunny South Jersey "The Garden State"

Dan Wheeler is a great host and will do an out standing job.Smile As he always does.

Go Dan.W.{#emotions_dlg.thumbup1} jmho

Miss Dusty Bunny 1
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csv3201273754498.5576724 PostsRegistered 6/24/2007

Can someone tell me why QVC has Dan Wheeler doing an hour of selling ladies clothes at 3PM?>>


Same reason they have Rick Domeier selling women's jewelry at 9 PM. Smile

stevieb1273754614.2636654 PostsRegistered 11/4/2007

I saw him do this previously and he did a surprisingly good job, though having him do it makes little sense to me, personally...  On the other hand, maybe he gets tired of computers, fitness equipment and home projects.  Who could blame him!?

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