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Joan Rivers trench coat A199851

Started 1270003522.097 in Fashion Talk | Last reply 1270336600.763 by winamac

I got the Joan Rivers solid color trench coat A199851 in the turquoise blue color in a size L. It's a beautiful coat. The material is a sateen but it's not overly shiney. I think Joan has wonderful taste in clothes and this coat is a great fit on me. It's a bit more robin's egg blue than a true turquoise blue but it's a wonderful spring color. I walked around a mall today and I didn't see anything like my blue trench coat in the stores. What I like about this coat is it is a true trench coat style with a belt. It's not fussy or embellished so it will pretty much go with most anything I wear including jeans! I will be styling the next time I walk my dog at the park too! I already own trench coats in beige, black, and red but not one in blue. This coat is a winner!

Formerly poster TY, I had to register a new nickname TY1.

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artsyone1270003993.612213 PostsRegistered 1/15/2010

Hi TY, Congratulations on your new trench!  I've been reading the comments from so many gals about the JR clothing line.  I only have clothing from 3 or 4 lines on QVC.  Now I NEED (!) to order something from Joan's line.  But I already have a few trench coats, so it'll need to be something else.  I love trenches ... they are so classic and classy.  Makes me feel like a sophisticated Double Agent! Wink

Crazy for ­QVC1270005790.988652 PostsRegistered 11/3/2007

I ordered this trench in yellow and pink...they arrived today and although they are pretty and fit well they are both going back...There is something a little stiff about the fabric that just isn't comfortable for me and I didn't think the shades of the colors were exactly what I am looking for...I do wish Dennis Basso would take a note from Joan and put double belt loops on his coats like she does...

rondell1270014234.03313373 PostsRegistered 12/17/2009USA

TY, I have the same trench in the same color as yours! I love it. I wanted the Stone, but I waited too long and it sold out. I am tempted to buy the pink or yellow, because of the quality Joan has put into these coats. Every garment that I have of Joan's is exceptional. I just love her entire line.

winamac1270034108.7419053 PostsRegistered 8/21/2005Carmel, Indiana

I wanted this in that aqua blue, but there is not even a waitlist!!!!!!!!


Teach--I'm glad you love your pink one--I saw on the other thread you didn't get the OTO price, but I'd have bought it anyway too if my size was available!  i'm sure it's fabu on you!

TeachRsPet1270038023.272920 PostsRegistered 11/29/2009

Thanks Winn! Mine is STILL saying in process after 24 hours so it looks like I might not have it by the week-end. Keep checking for your size! For days they weren't showing a M in any color and then yesterday there it was, in PINK!! Now if I could only get lucky on one of her flowers..

winamac1270038529.7519053 PostsRegistered 8/21/2005Carmel, Indiana

Thanks Teach--I love the aqua and the pink both.  Neither is available in my size.  I will keep checking as I truly do want this--her coats are gorgeous.  Have a great day, and please post when you receive this.  Her coats are worth $200 imo.  I am sure you will love it!!

rondell1270047791.4313373 PostsRegistered 12/17/2009USA

There is no wait list as this item is not coming back. I was watching the show with Lisa R and Joan and they both said it over and over. The blue wasn't my first choice, but I'm really glad I got it! If you think you might want one, better get it while you can.

TeachRsPet1270155195.2472920 PostsRegistered 11/29/2009

Well my pink trench arrived today after being sent out yesterday. Thanks Q!! It is beautiful and I love the shade of soft "baby" pink. It is identical as far as I can see to the pink animal print one except it is a solid color. The only negative was instead of being sent in a box as my other had it came squished in a too small bag. As a result it is very wrinkled. I still LOVE IT!!!!

rondell1270155337.72713373 PostsRegistered 12/17/2009USA

TeachRsPet, it will lose a lot of the wrinkles after you hang it up. You may still have a few to steam a few out, however.

I hope you enjoy it! I think the pink is really pretty.


TeachRsPet1270258427.582920 PostsRegistered 11/29/2009

Winn, where are you? Do you need a XS? I just saw it appear again!!!

winamac1270296763.86319053 PostsRegistered 8/21/2005Carmel, Indiana

Hi Teach!  I did see the pink xs in!!!  Thanks so much.  I got a small in her animal-print one, and it's a perfect fit.  Do you think this runs bigger than the animal-printed one?  You have both so let me know if you see this.  I love the pink and aqua.  But, I already ordered the neutral animal-printed one last week as I SO LOVE the pink animal-printed one.


I'm so pathetic Teach!  I have 2 coat closets busting at the seams.  I need an intervention with these coats and jackets--seriously!{#emotions_dlg.ohmy}


Thanks again!!  I do appreciate the call out.  Happy Easter!!!!

TeachRsPet1270321306.4972920 PostsRegistered 11/29/2009

Hey Winn! Glad you saw my message. I think this trench fits the same as the animal print one. In fact, I can't see any difference except that the buttons in the animal print version are covered in the print and these buttons are not. 

TALK to me about a jacket intervention!! I SO know what you are talking about!!! One whole side of my walk in closet is just jackets. I am bad, so bad.....

Happy Easter to you as well! Guess what I am wearing? One of my new jackets!!!!

winamac1270336540.75719053 PostsRegistered 8/21/2005Carmel, Indiana

Thanks Teach!  I best wait on a small then. The xs may be too tight as the S fits me perfectly in the pink animal one we have.  Is that coat not "da bomb" Teach?  I get compliments galore on that coat.  I have that in a small though I take an XS in most QVC clothes.  The small is perfect.  So, if you see an aqua or pink in small, please CALL out to me, LOL.  I am continuing my "obsession" with coats, LOL, and hers are awesome .  Have a great evening and thanks again!!!!  Happy Easter!  Win

winamac1270336600.76319053 PostsRegistered 8/21/2005Carmel, Indiana

Teach--I SO need a jacket intervention--it is beyond BAD!!!{#emotions_dlg.devil2}

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