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Received my WWC straight leg jeans

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and I returned them the next day. I was so happy when they arrived because I thought I had found a nice white jean. I knew immediately when I pulled them out of the bag that they would not fit. TINY, TINY, TINY!!!! I ordered the 4T because this is what I wear in the WWC Wonder jean. The waist and lower hip measurements provided on-line for both jeans were identical, so I ordered the same size. I measured the waist on the straight leg jean, and it is more than TWO INCHES smaller than what is stated on-line. Where is the quality control? I tried on the jean (oof! not easy!!) and decided that they were about two sizes too small. Because they were so small, I cannot tell if the leg is a true straight leg or a little on the narrow side. I ordered the 8T, and the delivery date was 2-14. Now, it is on backorder!

On the positive side, I reordered the jean because I really like the fabric. It is smooth, soft and stretchy just like the Wonder jean. The white is not a stark chalk white but is slightly softer. Yet, it still looks like white and not ivory. The fabric is a good weight, too. Not too thin. I hope I get them. The 8T will probably be two sizes too big. {#emotions_dlg.laugh}

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hulagirl1328720114.3577816 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

Back in the day, you used to hear the hosts brag about the quality control.......I never hear a word about it these days......

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