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Lisa will host "The Lisa Robertson Show" starting in spring 2012

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For all the Lisa followers, the special issue that Vogue put out called "Best Dressed" (on newstands 11/15/11) has a 2 page ad for "The Lisa Robertson Show" on pages 22-23. This "show" will, of course, be on QVC and is set to debut in spring of 2012.

Ad copy reads:

"Go behind clothes doors. She's shown you the view from the runways of New York and the red carpets of Hollywood. Now, Lisa Robertson shows you her world of style in a new show & tell-it-like-it-is that connects you with the hottest looks, the coolest celebrities and a community fo smart shoppers just like you."

The photo of Lisa shows her with these odd looking heels - the kind where the platform of the ball of the foot is 12" high (personally, I just don't get that style). And the long dress she is wearing doesn't quite fit with the shoes (JMO).

There are 3 "celebrities" pictured: Camila Alvez (I think she's Matthew McConoughy's partner - still can't figure out why she's a celebrity); Fern Mallis who runs CFDA, and Zoe what's-her-last-name? (the one who's a stylist).

Have to add: I neither like nor dislike Lisa. I just find it hard to believe she's on the latest trends in New York and Hollywood just due to the fact that she still lives in the look-of-the-80's.

Anyway, for those who enjoy watching her -- just a heads up.