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LOL snooki is coming to hsn....perfume, handbags, sunglasses, etc....

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Here is the press release:

Known for her larger than life personality and her time on MTV’s #1 series “The Jersey Shore,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi joins HSN to launch her signature perfume called “Snooki” by Nicole Polizzi” and debut her new line that includes slippers, handbags, sunglasses and even a version of her beloved stuffed “Crocodilly,” just in time for the holidays.

“I can’t wait to appear on HSN and Snookifiy it! You will be able to buy my signature fragrance, slippers, sunglasses and you can even get your own Crocodilly!” said Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. “They will make great gifts and I know the two hour event will be so much fun… be sure you tune in!”

The fragrance, “Snooki” by Nicole Polizzi, is a 3.3 Fl bottle and comes with an animal print black and pink tote. The line showcases various styles of sunglasses ranging from $20.00 to $30.00; Handbags from $34.99 to $69.00; Crocodilly from $19.90 to $34.90 and finally “Sneaker” slippers at $29.00.


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upshatesme1319606090.927686 PostsRegistered 2/8/2011long island, ny

{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown} sorry can't even stomach her.

Life is too short to fret the small stuff… Let’s all live in a kinder, gentler world!

Karrah1319606708.827239 PostsRegistered 12/29/2007Newport Beach

I don't want to look or dress like her, let alone smell like her. Just sayin. I will probably tune in to see what all the stuff looks like though.

millieshops1319608013.45316663 PostsRegistered 3/15/2007

Not a reason for me to find HSN on my dial. I assume she has a following, but I'm not in that line.

Big Sister1319619658.8236219 PostsRegistered 5/15/2010Southern California

Oh, Lord, help us, and deliver us from Snooki, please!!!

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Last edited on 10/26/2011

saraj1319620625.57728 PostsRegistered 7/23/2011

I think you all need to quit complaining.

Obviously the marketing wizards at hsn really know their 50 to 65 age demographic.

Grade1Teach1319620917.10710350 PostsRegistered 12/2/2007Long Island


What will they think of next?

saraj1319621178.21728 PostsRegistered 7/23/2011


Gosh, maybe the Kardashian sisters will come to qvc.

aprilskies1319622321.5775374 PostsRegistered 7/26/2005

This celebrity stuff is getting absurd.

gardensla1319624430.80720637 PostsRegistered 9/7/2006Los Angeles, CA

How did the Q let this one get away?

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imaclothes­hog1319625835.2523639 PostsRegistered 2/12/2006
On 10/26/2011 gardensla said:

How did the Q let this one get away?


"If you can't make it better, you can laugh at it". ~Erma Bombeck

cah1319626663.033943 PostsRegistered 7/12/2007

I swear, HSN will take anyone!

belleandme1319628420.648644 PostsRegistered 7/13/2009southern illinois

maybe the stuff will be fun! i like youthful accesories!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup1}

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queendiva1319628635.3473943 PostsRegistered 9/22/2006

Where there's a buck to be made....

robomo1319629358.299515 PostsRegistered 3/15/2005

Now there's a piece of trash with absolutely no talent whatsoever. I wouldn't even watch it, much less put money in that twit's pocket. Sorry - my evil twin made me say this!

jenlg1319630017.53748 PostsRegistered 9/13/2009
On 10/26/2011 saraj said:


Gosh, maybe the Kardashian sisters will come to qvc.

Uh, thought they had? The mother at least.....

Krimpette1319630602.3911281 PostsRegistered 9/7/2007MidAtlantic

Sorry, but I just can't imagine touting to friends, etc., that I'm wearing "Snooki", be it fragrance, accessories, or whatever. To each their own.

kmcshopper1319631434.0636305 PostsRegistered 8/10/2007

That's unbelieveable!

Jeanhelen571319632123.8632772 PostsRegistered 11/1/2005

What the heck does a Snooki smell like--from where she's been, I just don't wanna know!!

foreverfar­m11319632455.703562 PostsRegistered 11/30/2007

They really will let anyone hock stuff on their channel lol!{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown}

CalicoGirl1319632867.347698 PostsRegistered 8/24/2011

I THINK IT STINKS!!!!! {#emotions_dlg.angry}{#emotions_dlg.w00t}

jackthebear1319634040.977389 PostsRegistered 10/6/2004

If I were her, I would take advantage of an oppotunity to make money now while I can.

MISERABLE661319634244.54860 PostsRegistered 12/7/2010Noo Yawk

Good for Snooks... Cant wait to see the stuff.

What drives me nuts about her is that she calls herself a guidette and shes all about the italian, but shes HISPANIC!!!!!!!!!

GRRRR!!! Whats wrong with just being a latina??


"Being miserable and treating people like dirt, is every New Yorkers god given right." - The mayor from Ghostbusters 2

Jolexi1319634673.3031010 PostsRegistered 9/22/2006NYC

miserable - nothing wrong with being hispanic... unless you're a poser LOL, which she obviously is (no offense to any of her 'fans' out there)

..but 2 hours? To sell slippers, handbags, a perfume and ...what the heck is a 'crocodilly'??? Please excuse my ignorance...I don't watch the 'show'.

I guess it's possible since they usually spend 20 minutes hocking one product...but...anyway...I'll pass...

LipstickDi­va1319634770.1341836 PostsRegistered 4/22/2005On the Lake in Ohio

Won't buy, won't watch. I think this is the lowest of the low that HSN has sunk to selling her stuff. What is wrong with them? Garbage like this gives shopping channels a bad name.

I wonder how long she will last? Does anyone remember several years Cindy Margolis came to HSN selling I think skincare and people were so outraged they complained non-stop about it and I think she was on twice and never made another appearance.

I wonder if that will happen with Snooki. I want to see the poor host that gets stuck with her. Waahhh!

You can't buy love but you can adopt it. Adopt, don't shop.

little mis­s sunshine1319634820.8372524 PostsRegistered 10/13/2006

Who would ever want that trashy look? And then smell like it too. No Snooki for me.{#emotions_dlg.scared}

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