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Handbags by Madi Claire

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Does anyone have a Madi Claire handbag? What is your opinion of the quality and the value of these bags? I have been watching another shopping channel today and they have had a number of hours of Madi Claire bags on. They are presented as being made of leather. The prices are reasonable; cheaper than KVZ bags, and as I said, they are made of leather according to the hosts and vendor. Just curious-I like handbags. Is this a line I should consider purchasing? Thanks.

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decbabe1311885174.6971544 PostsRegistered 1/21/2008

I do have one of her handbags..I love the bag and was int he $50.00+ price range.

They say it's real leather, however, in my opinion not the nice soft leather in other handbags..it's stiff.

For the price I do like the bag, its fashionable..but can't compare with some of the other bags..I have a 9 & Co bag, probably paid from 60 - 80 price range..but the leather is soft and supple.

For a reasonable inexpensive hand bag, the Madi Clair bags are o.k...the "leather" is a lot to be desired..as I prefer a softer more supple leather..

Stardust21311886999.183928 PostsRegistered 4/9/2006Ca.

If you go to the NBC web site and look under any of these bags it will say part leather part PVC.

rogan1311897933.212168 PostsRegistered 8/29/2007

Very nice bags & shockingly inexpensive. Nice stitching & zips. Extra nice hardware that they have made for themselves. Don't hestitate. I agree they are mostly not soft & squishy but I don't like soft & squishy myself. They are softer than they might appear and do break in nicely. They remind me exactly of that guy who sold bags on SNBC back before they relaunched as a QVC clone. Short guy, stylist to the stars. Name escapes me. Very expensive Italian leather bags look exactly like the Madi Clairs. Have several of his bags. The Madi's are in between slouchy and structured.

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Flowershop­Girl1311898146.7972920 PostsRegistered 3/30/2011OR

I debated all day but decided for that price, try it and see since the Top Value is exactly what I've been looking for in red. I watched it over and over and felt it looked very soft and I don't mind PVC combinations so I'll let you know when I get it if I like it.

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Legalasst1312306665.466 PostsRegistered 7/20/2011

I have a read Madi Claire bag from Shop NBC and I really like it. Just thought I'd give my opinion. I also saw some at Steinmart that are under a different name but are the exact purses and about the same prices, too. I live near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Don't know if you all have a Steinmart or not. It's a store with men's, women's, jewelry, purses, belts, shoes, and home products.

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